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This page contains information on the development of new tests and is intended to help manufacturers and testing houses understand future evaluations.

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Moderate overlap frontal testing 2.0

Additional information

IIHS has introduced a pressure mat as clothing to replace the cotton t-shirt for the 5th percentile female seated in the second row of the Moderate Overlap 2.0 test. Conversations with industry on the introduction of this sensor highlighted the need for information on the surface friction of this sensor’s material relative to the known standard of a cotton t-shirt. Volvo, in collaboration with IIHS and XSensor, conducted an in-depth study comparing the relative friction of the single-ply cover material used in the IIHS XSensor vest, a clothing jacket, and an off-the-shelf XSensor pressure mat (full pressure mat assembly with different cover material than the IIHS vest) to the standard cotton t-shirt normally worn by the Hybrid III dummy. The results indicate that the IIHS XSensor vest cover material had a lower coefficient of friction relative to the cotton t-shirt, but that the difference was dependent on the angle of the belt relative to the fabric. At 0°, the friction of the vest cover material was 4% lower than the Hybrid III cotton t-shirt, while at the 45° and 90° orientations the friction was 30% and 20% lower, respectively. The complete pressure mat assembly, however, had higher coefficients of friction than the cotton t-shirt, but it is unclear whether this was due to the surface coefficient of the material or bunching of the fabric layers in front of the sliding mass. Volvo has provided a detailed report on their methods and results: Report on friction of XSensor materials | June 2023 | Volvo

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