IIHS award criteria get tougher in 2024

The new requirements challenge automakers to offer better protection for back seat passengers and improve their pedestrian crash avoidance systems.

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Most new boosters earn highest rating

Most new boosters earn highest rating

Forty-seven out of 54 booster seats introduced last year earn the highest IIHS rating of Best Bet.

Steps to safety camera success

Steps to safety camera success

As many state legislatures consider expanding the use of speed and red light safety cameras, our Automated Enforcement Program Checklist can help communities make these programs work effectively.

Understanding insurance

Understanding insurance

Our new topic page explains the basics of auto insurance and how we use claims data in safety research.

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For decades, IIHS has been a leader in finding out what works and doesn't work to prevent motor vehicle crashes from happening in the first place and to minimize injuries in the crashes that still occur.