Bicycle helmet use laws

Bicycle helmets are estimated to reduce the odds of a head injury by 50%. Read more on our main pedestrians and bicyclists page.

This material has been prepared for general information purposes only. It is not guaranteed to be current and should be independently verified. Do not rely on it when considering how a law may apply to your circumstances.

May 2024

State Required to wear helmet
Alabama 15 and younger
Alaska no law
Arizona no law
Arkansas no law
California 17 and younger
Colorado no law
Connecticut 15 and younger
Delaware 17 and younger
District of Columbia 15 and younger
Florida 15 and younger
Georgia 15 and younger
Hawaii 15 and younger
Idaho no law
Illinois no law
Indiana no law
Iowa no law
Kansas no law
Kentucky no law
Louisiana 11 and younger
Maine 15 and younger
Maryland 15 and younger
Massachusetts 16 and younger
Michigan no law
Minnesota no law
Mississippi no law
Missouri no law
Montana no law
Nebraska no law
Nevada no law
New Hampshire 15 and younger
New Jersey 16 and younger
New Mexico 17 and younger
New York 13 and younger
North Carolina 15 and younger
North Dakota no law
Ohio no law
Oklahoma no law
Oregon 15 and younger
Pennsylvania 11 and younger
Rhode Island 15 and younger
South Carolina no law
South Dakota no law
Tennessee 15 and younger
Texas no law
Utah no law
Vermont no law
Virginia no law
Washington no law
West Virginia 14 and younger
Wisconsin no law
Wyoming no law

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