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Moderate overlap front: original test


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Moderate overlap front: original test

Rating applies to 2001 models

Tested vehicle: 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport

The Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country were redesigned for the 2001 model year.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has evaluated the crashworthiness of the Grand Caravan in three 40 mph moderate overlap frontal crash tests into deformable barriers. After the first test, Chrysler indicated the results were different from tests the company had conducted and requested a retest.

Results of the second test were more consistent with company test results for structural performance, but the amount and pattern of intrusion were similar. More significantly, a fuel leak occurred, revealing a weakness in the design of a circular fitting where the fuel lines exit the fuel tank. Further examination of the fitting in the van tested first showed stress fractures in the same area as the leak in the second van.

A third test was conducted after Chrysler made a design change to fix the fuel tank fitting and retrofitted a 2001 model with the redesign (all 2002 and later models include the modification). Examination of the redesigned fitting after the third test indicated no damage.

Because the 2001 models were not recalled to fix the fuel tank fitting, the structural rating is Poor, as is the overall rating, because of the potential for fuel leakage in a crash of this severity.

Overall evaluation
Structure and safety cage
Driver injury measures
Leg/foot, left
Leg/foot, right
Driver restraints and dummy kinematics

Action shot taken during the last of three frontal offset crash tests.

The driver's survival space was maintained reasonably well, as indicated by the dummy's position in relation to the steering wheel and instrument panel after the third crash test.

The dummy's head bottomed out the airbag and hit the steering wheel in the first two tests. In the second test (pictured), there also was too much upward movement of the steering wheel.

In the second test, a large amount of the fluid in the fuel system leaked from a circular fitting (green plastic) on top of the fuel tank. Leaking fluid is visible (arrow) running down the side of the black plastic fuel tank.

Technical measurements for this test

Measures of occupant compartment intrusion on driver side

Test ID CEF0102 CEF0111 CF00028
Footwell intrusion
Footrest (cm) 7 9 10
Left (cm) 14 19 24
Center (cm) 21 24 26
Right (cm) 20 22 26
Brake pedal (cm) 14 17 23
Instrument panel rearward movement
Left (cm) 0 1 4
Right (cm) 1 2 4
Steering column movement
Upward (cm) 11 9 8
Rearward (cm) -5 -2 0
A-pillar rearward movement (cm) 1 2 2

Driver injury measures

Test ID CEF0102 CEF0111 CF00028
HIC-15 602 456 587
Peak gs at hard contact 81 no contact 71
Tension (kN) 2.0 1.9 1.8
Extension bending moment (Nm) 30 19 18
Maximum Nij 0.43 0.41 0.38
Chest maximum compression (mm) 34 41 51
Femur force - left (kN) 5.2 7.7 7.2
Femur force - right (kN) 1.9 1.6 2.1
Knee displacement - left (mm) 1 0 0
Knee displacement - right (mm) 3 2 2
Maximum tibia index - left 0.60 0.48 0.68
Maximum tibia index - right 1.70 1.27 1.06
Tibia axial force - left (kN) 1.8 1.2 0.9
Tibia axial force - right (kN) 9.3 6.6 7.1
Foot acceleration (g)
Left 63 59 71
Right 142 134 273

How the moderate overlap front test is conducted

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