Child restraint durability in high-speed crashes

Meyerson, Susan L. / Lund, Adrian K.
SAE Technical Paper Series 2001-01-0123 Progress in Safety Test Methodology (SP-1596)

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety installed a variety of infant, toddler, and booster restraints in vehicles subjected to high-speed frontal offset crash tests to assess the effects of severe crashes on the structural integrity of the restraints and their associated hardware (harnesses, buckles, clips, etc.). The child restraints were inspected before and after each test, and all damage was recorded. In some of the tests, forces and accelerations were recorded on the appropriate size child dummy properly secured in the child restraint. After a single severe crash, most restraints had sustained some damage, albeit minimal. Repeated tests indicated that these child restraints could withstand the forces of an additional crash with only minor additional damage. Dummy injury results suggest that current injury risk curves overstate the risk of neck injury to most properly restrained children.

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