• Evaluation of U.S. DOT special enforcement campaigns for hand-held cellphone and texting bans December 2013

    New York and Connecticut are among the states that have laws banning the use of hand-held cellphones and texting by drivers. The federal government initiated high-visibility enforcement programs in Syracuse, New York, and Hartford, Connecticut, to see whether such campaigns were effective in changing drivers’ behavior. Four waves of intensified enforcement, accompanied by publicity campaigns, were conducted from April 2010 to April 2011. The analysis, which compared collision claims in the counties containing Syracuse and Hartford with control counties and the rest of NY and CT, did not find any reduction in claims from the programs. (Vol. 30, No. 35 | December 2013)

  • Texting laws and collision claim frequencies September 2010

    The purpose of this bulletin was to determine whether the laws banning text messaging are reducing collision claims. Insurance collision loss experience does not indicate a decline in crash risk when texting laws are enacted. Rather, there appears to have been a small increase in claims in the states enacting texting bans, compared with neighboring states. (Vol. 27, No. 11 | September 2010)

  • Hand-held cellphone laws and collision claim frequencies December 2009

    This bulletin examined state automobile collision claim frequencies to determine if the reduction in hand-held cellphone use was accompanied by changes in claim frequency after a cellphone ban. Results do not indicate a decrease in crash risk when hand-held cellphone laws are enacted. (Vol. 26, No. 17 | December 2009)