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IIHS research bibliography

IIHS has been conducting research for more than 50 years. Papers published in copyrighted publications such as books, journals and conference proceedings are available upon request, but their contents may not be redistributed or republished without consent of the publishers. Unpublished and noncopyrighted reports are available for download, and their contents may be redistributed and republished with attribution.

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  • Public opinion, traffic performance, the environment, and safety after the construction of double-lane roundabouts

    Hu, Wen; McCartt, Anne T.; Jermakian, Jessica S.; Mandavilli, Srinivas
    Transportation Research Record 2402 Truck and Bus Safety; Roundabouts

  • Crash patterns and potential engineering countermeasures at Maryland roundabouts

    Mandavilli, Srinivas; Retting, Richard A.; McCartt, Anne T.
    Traffic Injury Prevention (TIP)
    February 2009

  • Long-term trends in public opinion following construction of roundabouts

    Retting, Richard A.; Kyrychenko, Sergey Y.; McCartt, Anne T.
    Transportation Research Record

  • Roundabouts, traffic flow and public opinion

    Retting, Richard A.; Mandavilli, Srinivas; Russell, Eugene R.; McCartt, Anne T.
    Traffic Engineering & Control
    July 2006

  • Continued reliance on traffic signals: the cost of missed opportunities to improve traffic flow and safety at urban intersections

    Bergh, Casey; Retting, Richard A.; Myers, Edward
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    September 2005

  • Public opinion and traffic flow impacts of newly installed modern roundabouts in the United States

    Retting, Richard A.; Luttrell, Gregory; Russell, Eugene R.
    ITE Journal
    September 2002

  • Crash and injury reduction following installation of roundabouts in the United States

    Retting, Richard A.; Persaud, Bhagwant N.; Garder, Per E.; Lord, Dominique
    American Journal of Public Health
    April 2001

  • Safety effect of roundabout conversions in the United States: empirical Bayes observational before-after study

    Persaud, Bhagwant N.; Retting, Richard A.; Garder, Per E.; Lord, Dominique
    Transportation Research Record (TRR)


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