December 7, 2017|Volume 52, Number 9

Cover story

Higher standards 62 models meet tougher criteria to earn IIHS awards

Just 15 vehicles qualify for the Top Safety Pick+ award from IIHS after the requirements were strengthened. Another 47 vehicles earn the second-tier Top Safety Pick award.

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November 21, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 8

Meet JasperIIHS introduces new dummy for booster evaluations

IIHS is using a new, specially designed dummy for booster evaluations. Manufacturers can use this new tool in the design process to ensure boosters provide proper belt fit.

Gearshift interlocks could get more people to buckle up

Safety belt interlocks, once banned, are making a comeback and are more effective than enhanced belt reminders, an IIHS study shows.

Some teens, parents think mixing pot and driving is OK

Roughly a third of teens and a quarter of parents of teen drivers think it's legal to drive under the influence of marijuana in states where the drug is legal.

October 19, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 7

On the right side10 midsize cars earn good ratings for passenger-side protection

A new test program aims to ensure that passengers are well-protected in right-side small overlap front crashes. Ten out of 13 midsize cars earn good ratings.

Helping vehicles 'see' motorcyclists could cut crashes

Crash avoidance features on passenger vehicles could prevent or mitigate more than 8,000 crashes with motorcycles if the systems were designed to detect them.

Safety board calls speeding 'national safety issue'

Speeding is a persistent problem on U.S. roads, contributing to the loss of more than 112,500 lives in crashes from 2005 to 2014, the National Transportation Safety Board reports.

Red light cameras reduce injury crashes in Chicago

Red light cameras in Chicago have reduced injury crashes by 10 percent and angle injury crashes by 19 percent, researchers from Northwestern University have found.

August 23, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 6

Stay within the linesLane departure warning, blind spot detection help drivers avoid trouble

Lane departure warning and blind spot detection are helping to prevent the type of crashes they were designed to address, new IIHS research shows.

Automated parking system pulls drivers' attention away from road

Researchers from IIHS and MIT's AgeLab found that an automated parking system changed the focus of drivers' attention, causing them to look less at the road and more at the dashboard.

GM's rear autobrake reduces crashes

A rear automatic braking system from General Motors is reducing crashes reported to insurers.

Alerts boost teen drivers' turn-signal use

Warning systems help teen drivers improve their turn-signal use and stay in their lanes, but they don't seem to discourage tailgating.