August 3, 2017|Volume 52, Number 5

Cover story

Unbelted Adults admit they often skip belts in rear seat

Adults know children must be properly restrained, but when it comes to their own safety, many mistakenly believe safety belts are optional in the rear seat.

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June 22, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 4

High claimsLegalizing recreational marijuana is linked to increased crashes

Collision claim rates have increased 3 percent in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, after recreational marijuana use was legalized in those states.

Out of all drugs, alcohol is still the biggest threat on the roads

Nearly 7,000 deaths could have been prevented in 2015 if all drivers were below the legal limit.

Lane maintenance systems still a turnoff for many drivers

Among vehicles with crash avoidance features, lane maintenance systems are turned off nearly half the time, a new study shows.

Tesla Model S has higher insurance losses than other large luxury cars

The luxury sedan has higher claim rates and costs more to fix than gas-powered luxury cars. 

May 25, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 3

On the road againHigher driver death rate is a downside of economic recovery

The risk of dying in a crash in a late-model vehicle has gone up slightly because of the stronger economy. A new study predicts traffic deaths will fall only slightly over the coming years, given current economic forecasts.

Summer road trips mean more traffic deaths

Summer and early fall are the most dangerous times of the year on the nation's roads. Fatalities also are higher on weekends and certain holidays.

April 12, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 2

Smart picks for teen driversIIHS updates criteria for recommended used vehicles

The Institute's latest list of recommended used vehicles relies on updated criteria to help parents find safe and affordable options for the new drivers in their families.

Progress is slow on alcohol impairment among pedestrians, bicyclists

The percentage of fatally injured pedestrians and bicyclists impaired by alcohol has fallen over the decades, but not as dramatically as the percentage of impaired drivers.

Lund talks truck safety at Senate subcommittee hearing

IIHS President Adrian Lund told a Senate panel that capping truck speeds and adopting crash avoidance technologies could reduce large truck crashes.