November 17, 2016|Volume 51, Number 9

Cover story

Designs that click Booster manufacturers have mastered good belt fit

The vast majority of new booster seats earn the top rating of BEST BET from IIHS, but bad designs continue to slip through.

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November 10, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 8

Special issue: autonomous vehicles

Driver seatRobot cars won't retire crash-test dummies anytime soon

Self-driving vehicles are coming, but they won't supplant human drivers for decades to come. Automation can reduce crashes, but so can focusing on tried-and-true countermeasures.

IIHS-HLDI test drives uncover driver assistance system quirks

IIHS-HLDI staff have been taking vehicles outfitted with automated technologies on test drives. Turns out, even experts sometimes mistrust advanced features.

NHTSA says safety won't take back seat to autonomy

U.S. regulators plan to use their recall authority if issues arise with highly automated vehicles and may seek the power to approve these vehicles before they come to market.

September 1, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 7

LATCH ratings improveAutomakers make strides on child restraint installation hardware

Most of the current models evaluated for ease of use of child restraint hardware rate good or acceptable. Three models earn a good+ rating.

Head injuries rise as riders ditch helmets in Michigan

Trauma centers in Michigan are seeing more head injuries after the state rolled back its helmet law, new research shows.

Drivers who drift from lane and crash often dozing or ill

Drivers who crash as a result of drifting out of their lanes often are asleep, suffering a medical emergency, or blacked out due to drug or alcohol use.

Life-saving benefits of ESC continue to accrue

Electronic stability control saved an estimated 4,100 lives in 2010-14, an updated federal analysis has found.

June 23, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 6

Small overlap gapVehicles with good driver protection may leave passengers at risk

Vehicles that provide good protection for drivers in small overlap crashes don’t always offer the same protection to front-seat passengers, a new IIHS study shows.

Average speeds increase after Utah raises limit to 80 mph

A study of speed limit increases in Utah adds to the evidence that raising limits leads to higher travel speeds and more people exceeding the new limit.