May 12, 2015|Volume 50, Number 4

Cover story

Successes and failures: Midsize SUVs have mixed small overlap results

Three more models earn good or acceptable ratings in the small overlap front crash test, but many midsize SUVs still struggle.

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March 31, 2015 |Volume 50, Number 3

An easy win: Strong GDL laws maximize benefits

Graduated licensing is reducing fatal crashes among teen drivers, but many states could do much better if they strengthened their laws.

Distracting behaviors are common at red lights, less so at roundabouts

Drivers engage in distracting behaviors in all types of situations, but many seem to save the most demanding activities for red lights.

Bicycle crash study could guide design of bicyclist detection systems

A new study looks at the types of crashes bicyclist detection systems would need to address in order to be most effective at reducing deaths and injuries.

March 3, 2015 |Volume 50, Number 2

Say the word: Voice systems can reduce some types of distraction

Using voice commands to make calls and perform other tasks helps drivers keep their eyes on the road, but it doesn't eliminate visual distraction completely.

Decline in crash risk spurs better outlook for older drivers

The fatality rate among drivers age 75 and older has improved because they are involved in fewer crashes per mile traveled and are surviving side impacts more often.

Intersections challenge older drivers

Older drivers look but don't always see potential conflicts when they travel through intersections, especially when turning left.

January 29, 2015 |Volume 50, Number 1

Saving lives: Improved vehicle designs bring down death rates

Drivers of late-model vehicles are a third less likely to die in crashes than they were a few years ago, but the gap between the best and worst vehicles remains wide.

Home team loss boosts collision claim rates around NFL stadiums

Collision claims go up in ZIP codes around NFL stadiums on game days, especially when the home team loses.