October 19, 2017|Volume 52, Number 7

Cover story

On the right side10 midsize cars earn good ratings for passenger-side protection

A new test program aims to ensure that passengers are well-protected in right-side small overlap front crashes. Ten out of 13 midsize cars earn good ratings.

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August 23, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 6

Stay within the linesLane departure warning, blind spot detection help drivers avoid trouble

Lane departure warning and blind spot detection are helping to prevent the type of crashes they were designed to address, new IIHS research shows.

Automated parking system pulls drivers' attention away from road

Researchers from IIHS and MIT's AgeLab found that an automated parking system changed the focus of drivers' attention, causing them to look less at the road and more at the dashboard.

GM's rear autobrake reduces crashes

A rear automatic braking system from General Motors is reducing crashes reported to insurers.

Alerts boost teen drivers' turn-signal use

Warning systems help teen drivers improve their turn-signal use and stay in their lanes, but they don't seem to discourage tailgating.

August 3, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 5

UnbeltedAdults admit they often skip belts in rear seat

Adults know children must be properly restrained, but when it comes to their own safety, many mistakenly believe safety belts are optional in the rear seat.

Lap/shoulder belt better than lap belt alone in rear middle seat

Using a lap/shoulder belt in the center rear seat cuts the risk of fatal injury more than a lap belt alone, a NHTSA analysis show

Studies link legalized use of recreational marijuana with increase in crashes

Two studies on legalization of marijuana appeared to have conflicting findings, but both support the conclusion that crashes have gone up where marijuana is legal.

Noise mandate for hybrids, electrics faces NHTSA delay

A regulation requiring normally quiet hybrid and electric vehicles to make noise in order to warn pedestrians has been put on hold.

June 22, 2017 |Volume 52, Number 4

High claimsLegalizing recreational marijuana is linked to increased crashes

Collision claim rates have increased 3 percent in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, after recreational marijuana use was legalized in those states.

Out of all drugs, alcohol is still the biggest threat on the roads

Nearly 7,000 deaths could have been prevented in 2015 if all drivers were below the legal limit.

Lane maintenance systems still a turnoff for many drivers

Among vehicles with crash avoidance features, lane maintenance systems are turned off nearly half the time, a new study shows.

Tesla Model S has higher insurance losses than other large luxury cars

The luxury sedan has higher claim rates and costs more to fix than gas-powered luxury cars.