September 1, 2016|Volume 51, Number 7

Cover story

LATCH ratings improve Automakers make strides on child restraint installation hardware

Most of the current models evaluated for ease of use of child restraint hardware rate good or acceptable. Three models earn a good+ rating.

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June 23, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 6

Small overlap gapVehicles with good driver protection may leave passengers at risk

Vehicles that provide good protection for drivers in small overlap crashes don’t always offer the same protection to front-seat passengers, a new IIHS study shows.

Average speeds increase after Utah raises limit to 80 mph

A study of speed limit increases in Utah adds to the evidence that raising limits leads to higher travel speeds and more people exceeding the new limit.

May 24, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 5

Flexing muscleSports car ratings show range of performance

IIHS evaluates the Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger and Ford Mustang, and none meets the standards for Top Safety Pick.

Vehicles are packing more horsepower, and that pushes up travel speeds

High-horsepower vehicles are more likely to exceed the speed limit and have higher mean speeds than more sedate engines, IIHS researchers have found.

Interlocks cut alcohol-related crash deaths

Laws requiring alcohol interlocks for all drivers convicted of DUI have cut alcohol-involved crash deaths by 15 percent, a University of Pennsylvania study has found.

India is latest to require motorcycle ABS; U.S. lags behind

A growing number of countries are requiring antilock braking systems on motorcycles. The U.S. is absent from the list, despite clear evidence that it cuts crashes.

April 12, 2016 |Volume 51, Number 4

Tough test for pickupsFord F-150 nabs lone good rating for small overlap protection

Some 2016 model large pickups aren't as tough as they look when it comes to performance in a small overlap front crash.

Automakers compete to add standard autobrake ahead of schedule

Manufacturers who pledged to make autobrake standard by 2022 are now vying to get the crash avoidance technology into their models ahead of their competitors.

Speed limit increases cause 33,000 deaths in 20 years

Two decades of speed limit increases have nearly canceled out the safety gains from frontal airbags.