IIHS-HLDI launches new educational website for science teachers, students

June 5, 2018

A new educational website from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety applies physics and biology concepts to the real world of cars and car crashes.

IIHS-HLDI in the Classroom (classroom.iihs.org) is a free, online resource featuring hands-on science activities designed by science educator Griff Jones, Ph.D., a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. The activities, which align with Next Generation Science Standards, focus on topics such as inertia, momentum, impulse and energy.

IIHS-HLDI in the Classroom expands on the topics explored in the Institute's two popular science education films, "Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics" and "Understanding Car Crashes: When Physics Meets Biology."

IIHS collaborated with the University of Florida College of Education's Department of E-Learning, Technology and Communications Services to create the new site, which includes both films and 11 classroom activities. Each activity features content for students and password-protected teacher resources, including lesson plans and answer keys.

The website aims to reinforce important physics and biology concepts while providing students the knowledge to make safe decisions while riding in or driving a vehicle.

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