• New Hampshire mandatory on-road driving test for older drivers December 2016

    This bulletin examines the differences in insurance losses for older drivers in New Hampshire, comparing 2009–10 when the road test was required to 2012–14. Two neighboring states, Vermont and Maine served as comparison states. Results do not demonstrate statistical evidence that the road test in New Hampshire cut insurance loss risk for older drivers. (Vol. 33, No. 36 | December 2016)

  • Illinois mandatory on-road driving test for older drivers September 2016

    When drivers 75 and older renew their licenses in Illinois, they must take a driving test. The renewal period is every 4 years for drivers between ages 75–80, every 2 years for drivers 81–86 years old, and every year for those 87 and older. This study evaluated whether these procedures are affecting the insurance exposure and risk of older drivers in Illinois. Results found that the on-road driving test led to significant reductions in insurance claim frequencies. (Vol. 33, No. 20 | September 2016)

  • Estimating the effect of projected changes in the driving population on collision claim frequency September 2012

    Despite having higher claim frequencies than prime age drivers, the increasing number of older drivers is not expected to affect overall collision claim frequency. The increase in the proportion of older drivers is expected to be offset by a decrease in the proportion of the youngest drivers. While the decrease in the proportion of younger drivers is not as big as the increase in older drivers, their claim frequency is much greater than that of older drivers. (Vol. 29, No. 8 | September 2012)