April 2019

Minitrucks are sold as off-road vehicles for farms and construction sites and are far smaller than conventional small trucks sold for on-the-road use. These vehicles go by many names, including Japanese minitruck, Kei truck, microtruck, and utility transportation vehicle.  Minitrucks have the capacity to reach top speeds of 55 mph or more, but many are sold with devices that limit their speed to 25 mph.

Federal safety standards don't apply to minitrucks because they are sold as off-road vehicles, even though they are permitted on public roads in some states. Twenty-one states now allow minitrucks on specific portions of public roads. In Illinois and Missouri, minitrucks are allowed only by local ordinance. Minitrucks must comply with federal safety standards for low-speed vehicles in five states (Illinois, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire and Tennessee).

The table and map below describe state laws that specifically address the use of minitrucks on public roads. In states without those laws, there may be provisions in other state laws, such as those permitting incidental use of off-road vehicles on public roads, that allow the limited use of minitrucks on public roads.

State Initial effective date Where permitted Speed restrictions Vehicle classification under state law
Alabama 01/01/2012 any road except interstate highways 25 mph mini-truck
Alaska no state law
Arizona no state law
Arkansas 07/30/09 roads with a posted speed limit of 55 mph or less excluding interstate highways and controlled access highways if vehicle is being used exclusively for farm purposes 55 mph mini-truck
California 01/01/07 located on a natural island with an area in excess of 20,000 acres and that is within a county having a population in excess of 4,000,000 no autoette
Colorado no state law
Connecticut no state law
Delaware no state law
District of Columbia no law
Florida 06/16/09 roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less 35 mph mini truck
Georgia no state law
Hawaii no state law
Idaho 01/01/09 local option; roads designated by the Idaho Transportation Board no utility type vehicle (UTV)
Illinois 08/31/07 roads with a posted speed limit of less than 35 mph if allowed by local ordinance 25 mph neighborhood vehicle
Indiana 01/01/16 any road except interstate highways no mini-truck
Iowa no state law
Kansas 07/01/08 public roads except interstate, federal or state highways; within corporate city limits if allowed under local ordinance no micro utility truck
Kentucky 6/24/13 local option no mini-truck
Louisiana 08/15/08 roads with a posted speed limit of 55 mph or less except interstate highways, controlled access highways, or multi-lane divided highways with partial or no control of access no mini-truck
Maine est. 9/09 roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less 25 mph low-speed vehicle
Maryland no state law
Massachusetts no state law
Michigan no state law
Minnesota 08/01/09 local option local option mini truck
Mississippi no state law
Missouri 08/14/08 local option 45 mph utility vehicle
Montana no state law
Nebraska 01/01/11 any road except interstate highways, freeways or expressways no minitruck
Nevada no state law
New Hampshire 9/11/10 roads with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less located within 25 miles of the registrant's home or place of business no low-speed utility vehicle
New Jersey no state law
New Mexico no state law
New York no state law
North Carolina no state law
North Dakota 08/01/07 any paved road except highways with a posted speed of more than 65 mph 55 mph off-highway vehicle
Ohio 01/01/17 roads with a posted speed limit of less than 35 mph if allowed by local ordinance 35 mph mini-truck
Oklahoma 11/01/08 any road except interstate highways no mini-truck
Oregon no state law
Pennsylvania no state law
Rhode Island no state law
South Carolina no state law
South Dakota no state law
Tennessee 07/01/08 streets where the posted speed limit is less than 40 mph; a county or municipality may prohibit the operation of medium-speed vehicles on any road under its jurisdiction if the governing body of the county or municipality determines that such a prohibition is necessary in the interest of safety 35 mph mini-truck
Texas no state law
Utah 10/01/08 any road except interstate highways and roads in counties of the first class that are near a grade separated portion of highway and posted higher than 50 mph (effective 05/14/19) 50 mph off-highway vehicle or street-legal all-terrain vehicle
Vermont no state law
Virginia no state law
Washington no state law
West Virginia no state law
Wisconsin no state law
Wyoming 01/01/08 any road except interstate highways if a multipurpose vehicle is incapable of achieving the maximum speed allowed on the specific highway, it shall be operated on the extreme right hand edge of the roadway multipurpose vehicle