To get a learners permit you must
Have a minimum age of 161
Before getting an intermediate or restricted license you must
Have your permit for 6 months1 (4 months with driver education)
Complete minimum supervised driving of 40 hours1
Have a minimum age of 16, 4 months1
Restrictions during intermediate or restricted license stage
Nighttime restriction 11 p.m. - 5 a.m.
Passenger limit (family members excepted unless otherwise noted) first 6 months—no passengers other than parents or a driving instructor; second 6 months—no passengers other than parents, driving instructor or members of the immediate family
Minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted
Nighttime restriction until age 18 (min. age: 18)
Passenger restriction 12 months or until age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 17, 4 mos.)

1In Connecticut, either driver education or home training is required for license applicants younger than 18. Permit holders may not carry any passengers aside from the person providing instruction, parents or guardians. Time spent practice driving with a professional instructor counts toward the 40-hour certification requirement. Before an applicant who under 18 may take the driver’s test, parents or guardians must attend two hours of instruction regarding teen driving laws and related issues with such applicant. Anyone 18 years of age or older must hold an adult learner’s permit for three months before obtaining a driver's license.