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IIHS research bibliography

IIHS has been conducting research for more than 50 years. Papers published in copyrighted publications such as books, journals and conference proceedings are available upon request, but their contents may not be redistributed or republished without consent of the publishers. Unpublished and noncopyrighted reports are available for download, and their contents may be redistributed and republished with attribution.

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  • System attributes that influence reported improvement in drivers' experiences with adaptive cruise control and active lane keeping after daily use in five production vehicles

    Kidd, David G.; Reagan, Ian J.
    International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction
    December 2018

  • Exploring relationships between observed activation rates and functional attributes of lane departure prevention

    Reagan, Ian J.; Cicchino, Jessica B.; Montalbano, Carl J.
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    July 2018

  • Revising the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to Address the Issues Related to Automated Driving Technology

    Zuby, David S.
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    March 6, 2018


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