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More choices for buyers as automakers adopt systems

Subaru Eyesight system

Manufacturers are making good progress in adding crash avoidance systems to their fleets to help mitigate frontal crashes. Technologies that began as options on luxury models now are in more mainstream cars and SUVs. HLDI research shows that forward collision avoidance systems are reducing crashes. Forward collision warning alerts a driver when the vehicle is getting too close to the one in front. Systems with autonomous braking can independently slow the car if its driver doesn't brake or steer out of the way. Some autonomous braking systems can prevent some crashes while other systems can only lessen the impact.

Most automakers offer forward collision warning on some models. Twenty-nine percent of 2013 models have optional forward collision warning. Of these, 12 percent have autonomous braking. Forward collision warning is standard on the Acura ZDX, BMW 760i, Honda Crosstour 4-wheel drive, Hyundai Equus and Toyota Land Cruiser. Mercedes' forward collision avoidance system is standard on the G-Class, and Volvo's City Safety is standard on the S60, S80, XC60 and XC70. Subaru's Eyesight system is optional on the Legacy and Outback. See our crash avoidance features lookup for animated videos of the technology and available features by make and model.

Volvo City Safety is reducing crashes

Volvo's low-speed crash avoidance system is helping drivers avoid fender-benders and minor injuries on congested roads.

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