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Forward collision warning systems available by manufacturer

Many automakers offer models with systems to help mitigate frontal crashes at highway speeds. Forward collision warning alerts a driver when the vehicle is getting too close to one in front. Some systems (indicated in bold below) automatically brake if a driver doesn't stop or steer out of the way. Below is a list of forward collision warning systems by vehicle make for 2011 models. Some systems meet the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's criteria for recognition as an advanced safety technology feature (see safercar.gov).

Acura Collision mitigation brake system
Audi Braking guard, Braking guard w/Pre Sense
BMW Collision warning system
Cadillac Forward collision alert
Chrysler Forward collision warning
Dodge Forward collision warning
Ford Collision warning with brake support
Hyundai Pre-collision warning
Infiniti Forward collision warning
Jaguar Forward alert
Jeep Forward collision warning
Land Rover Forward alert
Lexus Pre-collision system, advanced pre-collision
Lincoln Collision warning with brake support
Mercedes Distronic, Distronic Plus
Porsche Forward collision warning
Rolls Royce Forward collision warning
Toyota Pre-collision system
Volvo Collision warning with auto brake
Volvo's City Safety cuts insurance costs

A new HLDI study indicates that Volvo SUVs with a low-speed forward collision avoidance system get into fewer crashes than comparable vehicles without the feature.

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