December 5, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 10

Road rage gets lots of attention these days but, far from new, it has been around as long as cars

Office of Motor Carriers transfer to NHTSA is blocked when industry lobbies Congressional leaders

Cameras to deter red light runners prove effective in Fairfax, Virginia

Photo radar is effective in Canada but not widely used in the United States

October 10, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 9

Advanced airbags are the focus of new NHTSA rulemaking

Patterns of highway fatalities didn't differ much in 1997 from previous years

Gender gap is beginning to narrow as more women die in motor vehicle crashes; meantime, male deaths decline

Side airbags for people's heads are facilitated by new NHTSA rule

September 12, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 8

Special issue: truck safety

Pressure on FHWA to allow truckers more driving hours at a stretch

Satellite data could track hours, but FHWA backs away

Three promising truck safety proposals from FHWA

July 11, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 7

Cab drivers in the District of Columbia use belts, cite points as the reason

Red light runners profiled in a new Institute study

Insurance theft losses worst for SUVs, HLDI reports

Advanced airbags mandated in new federal funding law

Worker deaths more likely from crashes than any other cause

June 6, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 6

Sixteen-year-old drivers' death rates rising at an alarming rate

Cars driven by teens are often picked for price instead of safety

Teens still not buckling up as often as other drivers and passengers

High center-mounted brake lights are reducing rear-end collisions

Small pickups' crashworthiness performance is disappointing

May 9, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 5

VW Beetle gets a style and safety update, outperforming other small cars

Automakers focus on vehicle performance in offset crash tests

New Beetle bumpers ace Institute low-speed tests

Higher speed limits associated with more highway deaths

May 2, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 4

Special issue: urban crashes

Beep, smash, thud: traffic engineering methods to reduce urban crashes

Studies on which this report is based

April 4, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 3

Motorcycle helmet laws in danger of repeal in many states

Helmet saves rider's life

Helmets prevent rider deaths and serious brain injuries

Pickup bumpers perform poorly in Institute low-speed tests

Airbag switches sought by people who transport kids in front

Graduated licensing's key components standardized

March 7, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 2

New Sienna and Passat ace offset frontal crash tests predecessors flunked

N.C. belt use peaks at 84 percent; state seeks further gains

Red light cameras a success in Oxnard, California

Truck drivers say they drive while drowsy

February 14, 1998 |Volume 33, Number 1

Special issue: crash compatibility

Crash compatibility: how vehicle type, weight affect outcomes

Pickups and SUVs have high property damage liability losses

Heavy SUV registrations rise as heavy car popularity falls

Roles of weight, stiffness, and geometry in crash compatibility

Brian O'Neill, Institute president, on the crash compatibility issue