December 2, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 10

Redesigned Taurus for 1996 wins top honors for crashworthiness

Crashworthiness evaluations of popular midsize four-door cars

Two new NHTSA standards, one to protect people's heads and the other to extend latch standards to rear doors

Autobahns do have speed limits, despite widespread myth, and death rates aren't lower than on U.S. interstates

Buckle-up signs increase belt use in two North Carolina communities

Red light cameras attract public support, Institute surveys reveal

Airbag injuries to children: warnings come from two federal agencies

October 14, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 9

Special issue: death rates by vehicle make, series

Vehicle by vehicle death rate comparisons; Volvo 240 and Saab 9000 rate best among 178

Best and worst: 1990-93 Volvo and 1991-93 Tracker

September 16, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 8

Special issue: whiplash injuries

Saving our necks in car crashes

Usual activity is recommended for whiplash injuries in most cases

Head restraints with good geometry can reduce neck injuries; restraints in most cars don't have good geometry, wouldn't protect most people in rear-enders

Good versus poor: crash tests show the difference

How bad are they? Best head restraints are in Volvo models, restraints in 117 of 164 cars rated poor

Whiplash may be fraud or may be real; it's hard to tell the difference

Differences between males and females

More than 20 years have elapsed since NHTSA proposed better head restraints

Toward an improved head restraint in the future

August 12, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 7

Fatality facts show a slight increase in 1994 motor vehicle deaths compared with 1993

European Union moves ahead on frontal and side impact standards with dynamic testing

Put onboard recorders in trucks, Institute and others tell FHWA again

Truck conspicuity rule would cover tractors under NHTSA plan

Dynamic side impact requirements for cars are extended to other kinds of passenger vehicles

July 1, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 6

Belt use in United States isn't keeping up with official goals or with use rates achieved in Canadian provinces

Stronger safety belt laws would help achieve higher use rates

Laws governing licensing ages differ widely among states

Intelligent transportation systems revisited: Greyhound drops VORAD even as government still touts it

Double jeopardy gets lots of attention but isn't real threat to administrative license suspension laws

June 3, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 5

'Booze It & Lose It' reduces driving while impaired by alcohol

False IDs, other methods make it easy for teenagers to get alcohol

Drinkers emerging from Israeli pubs say they plan to drive

Latest theft results from HLDI

Change new antilock rule, trucking group tells NHTSA

Photo radar is effective in Ontario

Center brake light works but crash reduction is small

Risky drivers are different, have more violations on their records

May 6, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 4

Regulatory reform threatens antilock standard, other safely rules

Antilocks are finally required for big trucks and buses

Safety belt use is up in California under primary law

A pair of federal court decisions gets thumbs up from the Institute, other safety groups

Sun visors in cars sold in U.S. come up short compared with many in cars sold in Australia

Daytime running lights reduce crashes involving two vehicles

March 18, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 3

Special issue: airbag effectiveness

Airbags save lives; nearly 50,000,000 vehicles confirm effectiveness

Airbag injuries are mostly minor but a handful are serious, even fatal

Reducing abrasions: Honda makes changes

Tiny proportion of safety recalls involves airbags

Airbags getting smarter, safer too

Side impact airbags: they're on the way, in one '95 model now

From case files: airbags save lives

Institute researchers use crash tests to recreate a famous airbag collision

Study supports dual airbag thresholds for belted, unbelted

Automatic solutions to reduce injuries from airbags among smallest, youngest

Insurance losses for vehicle damage aren't greater for cars with two bags compared with one

Airbags lag in Europe, but demand picks up

Aftermarket airbag reduces head injuries

February 25, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 2

Best, worst 1995 four-door midsize cars in low-speed crash tests

More winners and losers among 1995 four-door midsize cars

Costs to repair damage after a series of four impacts at 5 mph

Some automakers try to improve their cars when it comes to bumpers

Antllock brakes aren't reducing crashes or crash costs

Economist misses mark on effect of airbags and withholds report on which faulty conclusions are based

January 14, 1995 |Volume 30, Number 1

New Car Assessment Program needs a lot more than tinkering

NCAP's star rating system oversimplifies complex information

Fewer motorcycle deaths under California helmet use law

Motorists who run red lights share identifiable characteristics

NHTSA's fiscal 1995 budget calls for ax to fall on NCAP but not all Intelligent Transportation Systems

Insurance claims for hard-to-verify sprains and strains increase