December 28, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 15

Fleet buyers get latest facts and figures

Study of states shows raising of drinking age reduces fatal crashes

Scientists warn drivers their medication may impair driving ability

About air bags -- an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety film

Despite state law, seat belt use in Illinois declines

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear two multipiece wheel cases

December 7, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 14

Auto industry tools up for air bags

Resolution calls for automatic protection

Elmira, NY, campaign increases seat belt use to 77 percent

The British experience -- deaths and injuries decline 25 percent

Projected mortality toll: eight million deaths

Those eye-catching high mounted lights, motorists are beginning to notice

Alcohol and crashes: the numbers used to illustrate magnitude of alcohol involvement in crashes often distorted, warns Institute president

November 23, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 13

Adults favor curfew laws and 21 minimum drinking age

Trucking industry urges better training and higher standards

Ford gives the public the opportunity to buy cars with air bags

National conference for corporate risk managers, insurance industry executives, and fleet administrators will emphasize benefits of automatic crash protection

Secretary Dole seeks increase for motor carrier safety program

Barbara Mandrell honorary chairman of All-American Buckle Up week

HLDI reports best and worst '85 models for collision repair costs

Vehicles that cannot hold child safety seats in from passenger position must be equipped with lap belt anchorage holes, says NHTSA

President Regan signs minimum drinking age act, 13 states enact to raise purchase age to 21

NHTSA outlines proposal on how it will enforce drinking age law

Drinking age laws

NHTSA attributes decline in drunk driver deaths to several factors

DOT plans Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Week

November 2, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 12

Seat belt use declines in New York and New Jersey

Auto deaths decline under New York seat belt law

California takes its own approach to seat belt use laws

Listing of state seat belt laws

Drinking drivers tend to disdain seat belts

Teenage drivers: how they respond to seat belt use laws

Belt use: where less is more - dangerous

DOT sets minimum criteria for seat belt standard compliance

Tale of nine cities reveals belt use among motorists ranging 39 to 50 percent

October 5, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 11

Air bag in 1973 Impala works just like new

British study links seat belt use to drop in injuries

Air bags in all Mercedes

GM wants new brake light to double as hazard warning signal

Parts and paint triple original price tag

Suit seeks to reopen Ford investigation

What happens at 35 mph, videotape underscores role of air bag

AAA to double death benefits for those wearing seat belt

Car makers granted one-year delay to meet belt standard

NHTSA agrees to credits for cars equipped with air bags

Traffic deaths up first 7 months of 1985

September 14, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 10

NHTSA reconsiders controversial ruling on driver register

Collision, injury claims vary greatly among 1982-84 automobiles

John Cook is named senior vice president

Suddenly, a bag whooshed out and saved him, a Georgia driver discovers a lifesaving surprise

Commission warns parents on three-wheel vehicles

NHTSA administrators shifted to new posts

Federal rule requiring lap belts in school buses is not warranted, NHTSA report says

National Driver Register will identify records where adverse information about an applicant may be contained

Board attacks proposal to drop shoulder belts in convertibles

August 10, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 9

Successful air bag programs spark automakers' interest

Crash tests do show how belted drivers will fare in actual collisions

Allan Williams is named Institute vice president

Institute backs improved seat belts for trucks

Minimum drinking age: 14 states now comply with Uniform Minimum Drinking Age Act

Quoted without comment: Senate disappointment in NHTSA for not ruling on already passed stated laws

Dole puts certification of belt use laws on hold until court decides case

For pilots and crews, alcohol levels should be zero, Institute says

Institute supports FAA breath tests for pilots and flight crews

Higher speed test proposed for tethered child safety seats

July 6, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 8

Brian O'Neill is named president of IIHS and HLDI

Tempo air bag saves driver from serious injury in collision

NHTSA announces proposed rule changes on auto safety standard

Institute urges NHTSA to grant Ford request on restraint rule

Institute: air bags can be easily fitted into convertible design

Institute supports Hybrid III with added injury criteria

Survey identifies head injury patients

Alaska reports 20 deaths and 583 injuries in 3-wheel vehicle crashes

Daytime headlights improve the odds for motorcyclists

Study of seating patterns may help bus designers

NHTSA may modify truck air brake rule

June 15, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 7

Survey shows teenagers want drivers licenses early, but expect controls New sensor gives police effective device for catching drunken drivers Medical society refuses to endorse guidelines for seat belt exemption NHTSA releases results of 16 crash tests of '85 models Mandatory penalties impose heavy demands on courts and jails Scandinavian sentencing--liberalization of laws does not significantly increase highway fatalities, study shows Traffic deaths increase in first quarter

May 25, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 6

Poll shows majority of Americans favor air bags and seat belt use laws

Injury: the last major plague of U.S. youth

Despite allegations, 55 mph speed limit saves many lives

NHTSA's report card: mixed reviews

Air bags + seat belt use laws = double benefits

Windshield rules credited with saving 112 lives each year

Windshields in some German cars separate more often in crashes

Bills introduced in U.S. Senate to require air bags, better bumpers

Bill would encourage states to have seat belts installed in school buses

Willy Whistle gets across his message to youngsters

When teenagers drive--an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety film

GAO investigates handling of Ford's 'park to reverse' case

May 11, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 5

Special issue: school buses and seat belts

School buses and lap belts

School bus statistics: it's safer inside

Canadian crash tests — will lap belts do more harm than good?

Railroad crossings: NTSB wants school districts to establish and enforce rules for bus drivers to stop at rail crossings

Retrofitting school buses with lap belts? Handle with care

Two Texas studies probe illegal passing of school buses

New school bus safety standards

Safety board studies crashes to evaluate large bus protection

April 6, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 4

Claim frequencies jump for GM cars with weaker bumpers

Dodge Colt exceeds NHTSA's safety standards in 35 mph barrier crash

DOT's seat belt program sharply attacked in House, Senate hearings

Appeals court holds multipiece wheel makers can be tried jointly

Judges hear arguments on controversial ruling on automatic restraints

Survey shows majority favor air bags and seat belt use laws

March 16, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 3

Early New York results show belt use varies from 43 to 80 percent

Dr. William Haddon, Jr.: Highway safety pioneer

Appeals court petitioned on weaker bumper ruling

Senator critical of seat belt use laws that sacrifice air bags

Hearing told bumper performances vary greatly

Drinking age bills advance in Georgia and Virginia

Wyoming will be the 50th state to require child restraints

February 16, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 2

American cars fare better than imports

Breed air bag system passes NHTSA tests

Travelers Insurance takes delivery of first of 600 air bag equipped Ford Tempos

Misuse of child restraints reduces protection for infants and toddlers

Child restraint guidelines being developed by NTSB to increase proper use

Fatal rollovers linked to inadequate banking on grades and curves

Coalition urges ban on beer and wine ads on radio and television

Ford delivers first air bag equipped cars to transportation department

Traffic deaths increase in 1984

January 19, 1985 |Volume 20, Number 1

Institute again urges NHTSA to review multipiece wheel hazard

European imports have worst theft record

Booklet: ‘Myths and facts about air cushions’ now available from Institute

Court approves NHTSA's decision to weaken car bumper standard

REPRINT: ‘The Trapdoor’ by William Haddon, Jr. from the Baltimore Sun

Subcommittee criticizes FHWA for inconsistencies in handling program Brian O'Neill appointed executive vice president of IIHS board of directors

FHWA reinstates record-keeping rules for truck drivers

Carrier drivers to be suspended for use or possession of drugs

Seat belt use bill passes in Illinois

Seat belts and air bags demanded from auto makers by physicians

Judge denies trial in suit over failure to install air bags

GM research refutes theory that driving risk is constant despite safety improvements

'21' law enacted in Massachusetts, making it illegal to purchase alcohol under the age of 21