December 22, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 19

DOT tells court it's too early to review 208 ruling

Petitioners urge court to deny Dole's request for postponing review

Low cost air bags

Dole gives Congress spending outline for seat belt program

NHTSA will use moving barrier in new car test program

New York sues DOT for creating 'perverse hobson's choice'

Errors in securing child restraints can minimize protection

New officers named for IIHS, HLDI boards

Nationwide, NAII join Institute in bid to deny waiver for NY belt law

Council recommends Congress retain 55 mph limit

November 24, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 18

Teenagers admit illegal driving and other traffic violations

HLDI study finds GM models have lower injury frequency

Savings of 2.5 mph bumper standard rollback hugely overestimated

More automakers improve bumpers to meet 5 mph standard

A California seat belt law

New Jersey becomes second state to enact seat belt use law

Crashes cause two-thirds of all hospitalizations for heart, liver injuries

The Injury Fact Book, an unrivaled source of information for identifying those who are susceptible to serious injury

Traffic deaths increase in September

Cuomo urges Dole to reconsider restraint ruling

Public meeting on car theft scheduled

November 3, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 17

Petition would deny waiver for New York's seat belt use law

Link shown between crash test results and actual traffic deaths

Study finds 81 percent of male drivers killed in crashes took drugs

NHTSA outlines plan for new automated national driver register

Legislation enacted to fight the nation's auto theft 'industry'

Study on fractures: 4.6 million visit ER due to fractures, study says

Bill gives DOT power to limit bigger trucks on interstate system

In preliminary step, FHWA seeks views on auto transporters

Selected bibliography 1984

Report criticizes truck safety agency

'Down payment' made on DOT's seat belt education program

Many repeat offenders among drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes

Moped law: California to require helmets for young drivers

October 13, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 16

Technology is available to make U.S. trucks safer, review shows

Budget for DOT's buckle-up campaign jumps to $160 million

Consortium challenges DOT's latest ruling on automatic restraints

'Withdrawing protection for one-third of the nation'

Years of life lost: premature death examined

Patient's intoxication can falsely magnify the degree of brain injury

Air bags: new booklet available

Bumpers report now available from Institute

Study dispels opinion that belted motorists take more risks

Right-turn-on-red intersections: a turn for the worse

Center seeks stricter requirements for new Hybrid III test dummy

September 22, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 15

Ford to offer air bag on Tempo and Topaz

HLDI reports small cars and imports have worst damage records

Crash injuries reported by police fall far short of hospital figures

Brake light data fact sheet available

Study confirms high rollover rate for utility vehicles

High risk drivers can be identified, but only as a group

NHTSA completes its crash testing program of 1984 car models

Update: Two more states enact law child restraint law

NHTSA seeks bids to equip 10,000 cars with daytime running lights

Child restraints: NHTSA issues rule that allows car and plane child restraints to be approved simultaneously

Lime yellow proves to be 'safer' than red for fire engines

BMCS charged with lack of leadership

September 8, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 14

Special issue: seat belt use laws

Canadian laws increase belt use; mixed results in reducing deaths

Other evaluations yield similar findings

30 countries have seat belt laws

Enforcement key to seat belt law effectiveness

IIHS's decade of support for seat belt laws

Summary of facts about seat belt use laws

Belt use rates vary widely in Canadian cities

Seat belt laws successful in Great Britain and Australia

DOT report underscores importance of vigorous enforcement

Without enforcement, U.S. belt laws fail to increase use

Outlook for seat belt laws in the U.S.

July 28, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 13

Dole sets deadline for all new cars to have automatic restraints

Rule could 'hasten day' Americans benefit from automatic protection

New York drivers to get discount on air bags

Appeal notices filed following Dole's ruling on automatic restraints

Secretary Dole settles some technical issues, but others remain

Final rule draws mixed reaction from legislators and insurers

Quoted without comment

Mercedes-Benz taps sizable market with air bag equipped cars

NY's safety belt law won't eliminate need for air bag devices

Reagan signs '21' bill

Gallup finds americans favor air bag law by a margin of 2 to 1

FHWA seeks comments on skid resistance

Cost of crash parts more than triples price of '84 model

July 14, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 12

GM's proposal for lower test standard called 'step backward'

Federal law links states' funds to 21 purchase age

Insurance data show weaker bumpers are costing more for repairs

GM to install extra brake light a year before deadline

Intersections with poor timing have more vehicle crashes

Daytime running lights cut vehicle crash rates substantially, study shows


Sports, specialty models have worst collision loss results for '84 cars

New York becomes first state to enact mandatory belt law

June 23, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 11

Belt use in Britain impressive but falls short of expectations

Institute urges Dole to end delays on automatic restraints

Insurers press Dole to require automatic seat belts or air bags

Fire claim frequency for 1981 Renault far exceeds other models

Baseball tests show HIC levels of 1,000 can produce serious injury

Woman sues major automakers for failure to install air bags

Luxury, sports models have worst theft record

Reagan backs bill linking states' funds to drinking age of 21

No increase seen in seat belt use

Small utility vehicles to be required to display warning labels

Minimum standards set up for drivers of tractor trailers

FHWA withdraws plan to allow fewer bridge inspections

NHTSA loosens requirements for extra brake light

June 9, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 10

Special issue: teen views on driving restrictions

Restricted driving reduces crash deaths: majority of teenagers do not oppose restrictions

Facts from earlier IIHS research about teenagers and automobiles

May 26, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 9

Dole issues another notice seeking data on automatic restraints Quoted without comment Study shows insurance incentive does not increase seat-belt use Motor vehicle crashes are a major cause of emergency room visits Study seeks ways to eliminate deaths in pole crashes House bill links highway funds to restraint programs NHTSA releases more results of crash tests on 1984 models

May 12, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 8

Defensive driving courses fail to trim crash rates

Tests show low levels of alcohol consumption impair driving skills

Administration is criticized for delay on automatic restraints

Two more states enact child restraint laws

Securiflex passes windshield test by clear margin

Amendment to restore 5 mph bumpers added to car theft bill

National commission to carry on work of presidential team

State Farm defines 'public acceptability' on automatic restraints

April 27, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 7

Special issue: highlights from the injury fact book

Motor vehicle crashes leading cause of death to age 45

April 14, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 6

X-car owners file billion dollar lawsuit against General Motors

IIHS releases results of 5 mph crash tests on 9 new model cars

Automatic seat belts lower injury claims

Long-promised tests for bumpers still not ready, NHTSA admits

Steed outlines budget and harmonization plans

Center sues DOT over structurally poor bridges in 32 states

Truck compromise for interstate access sought in U.S. Senate

Quoted without comment

Parents warned about improperly installed child safety seats

Doctors, crash victims gather at White House in support of air bags

Virginia sets up first medical registry for head injury victims

Poll shows Americans think driving is risky, but many don't buckle up

Traffic schools 'fail' with drunk drivers; suspension works better

March 24, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 5

Hearing told USAA will buy 150 Tempos equipped with air bags

Breed gets contract with NHTSA to develop new air bag design

Study on car mass and restraint use measures driver risk

Dole campaigns for proposals to improve truck safety rules

Videotape on injury book

DOT outlines merger proposal

AAA urges 31 states to set the minimum drinking age at 21

March 3, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 4

Federal agency to buy 5,000 Tempos equipped with air bags

Child restraint proposal lauded; new bill offered on alcohol purchase age

Quoted without comment

Roadblocks heighten awareness of efforts to stop drunken driving

Canada delays decision on 2.5 mph bumper until suit is resolved

Government releases results of crash tests on 1984 models

Information Institute launches national air bag campaign

February 18, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 3

Teenagers, males are more involved in fatal crashes

NHTSA official named

Center sues FHWA to keep big trucks off narrow roads

'Car book' is expanded in latest edition

Risk behind the wheel is no greater for heart attack victims

California bill would require state to buy cars with air bags in 1986

Pressure mounts for better safety rules for trucks and buses

House committee report is strongly critical of carrier safety bureau

January 27, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 2

Institute challenges NHTSA's estimate of air bag effectiveness

Automatic protection benefits would exceed costs, economist says

U.S. Court of Appeals upholds Mississippi's ban on liquor ads

Quoted without comment

Teamsters urge NHTSA to require wider axle on new tractor trailers

GSA chief says agency still wants new fleet equipped with air bags

Brain injuries: 'a new epidemic'

Expanded edition of automobile design liability now available

January 10, 1984 |Volume 19, Number 1

First comprehensive U.S. injury statistics to be completed soon

Traffic crashes are leading cause of brain injury

HLDI reports collision losses

Facing almost certain defeat, seat belt bill is shelved until February

States urged to make 21 the minimum age for buying alcohol

Losses up sharply for 1983 Hondas, weaker bumpers cited

Child restraints: GEICO expands safe rider program

More new cars now being made with weaker bumpers

Breath-testing equipment problems found illusory

Higher licensing age in New Jersey lowers fatalities for 16- year-olds

Auto forced into ravine, driver emerges 'without a scratch'

REPRINT: 'Bumped' from the Washington Post