December 21, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 20

HLDI data confirm bumper crash test findings

National driver register to survive another year

Crash rating labels proposed for new cars

Hearing set for tax incentive air bag bill

'Car book' republished privately

NHTSA official says multipiece rim study being cancelled

'The air bag lives -- abroad', a report from a Long Island, NY newspaper on developments in Europe

Drunk driving task force recommends drinking age be raised to 21

December 9, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 19

Insurers move to save automatic restraints

Makers agree to warn Jeep owners of hazards

More groups join in court test of decision

Tax incentives proposed for air bag installation

Quoted without comment: Advantages of replacing multipiece rims

European bumper standard a poor model, Institute warns

Study recommends car seats to protect young air travelers

November 24, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 18

Hearings completed on bumper rollback

Buyers voice approval of current bumpers

Tests show weaker bumpers are costly

Lower standard could raise insurance premiums

Quoted without comment

November 5, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 17

Agency to rely on belt use education

NHTSA sees thousands more dying on highways

Mercedes was ready to use air bags in U.S. cars

Doctors concerned over flaws in New York law

Congressman calls for extra brake light rule

Institute supports simple crashworthiness ratings system

Speaking personally

October 20, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 16

Jeep CJ-5 has highest rollover crash rate

NHTSA survey shows car ratings in demand

Jeep CJ-5 has highest injury claim frequency results

Escort wagon is a leader in collision coverage experience

Budget cuts scuttle parts-return program

Intermediate models have best personal injury experience

Crash rating results reviewed

NTSB urges passengers be barred from cargo areas

October 6, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 15

NHTSA offers nine weaker bumper rules

The bumper alternatives listed

Improved bumper technology affirmed by NHTSA

NHTSA's 25 questions about bumpers

Institute low-speed crash test show benefits of better bumpers

EXCERPT: 'The little bumper that can't'

September 23, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 14

Special issue: teens and autos: a deadly combination

Fact sheet highlighting the Institute research into the combination of teen and motor vehicles

Teenaged drivers have a high rate of fatal crashes, deaths per licensed driver peak at 18

Teen passenger toll is heavy, starting at 13

Curfew, licensing delay seen as options

Raising drinking age reduces fatal crashes

High school driver ed promoting early licensure

Teens found least likely to obey belt-use law

September 4, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 13

Seat belt promotion delayed

British adopt seat belt, child restraint laws

Motorcycle maker asks NHTSA to permit use of modulated headlights

Small car trend increases severity of spinal injuries

Studies argue continuing hazards of multipiece wheels

HLDI reports on 1981 model collision coverages, shows less frequent but larger claims

FAA proposes stiffer drunken-flying restrictions

Highly demanded guide to car buying, "The Car book", won't be reprinted

August 21, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 12

Vehicle standards pay off in fewer deaths, study shows

Automatic protection needed as small car deaths rise

No shift in auto recall policy, NHTSA head says

DOT library services are curtailed as result of budget cuts

Highway design criteria, statistical reporting on Administration's 'hitlist'

NHTSA rejects windshield deregulation petition

August 5, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 11

Corporate campaigns to promote seat belt use among employees fail, study shows

House chairman warns against safety trade-off of lives for deregulation

Canadians find seat belt use declining

North Carolina adopts child restraint bill

New bumper docket found at NHTSA; produces confusion among rulemaking gatekeepers

Safety appropriations reported to House, NHTSA budget would stay at 1981 level

DOT curbs distribution of safety publications

Child restraint TV messages win honors

July 15, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 10

DOT seeks to kill national driver register

Raising drinking age reduces fatal crashes

NHTSA schedules another hearing on restraints

Four more states vote for child restraint laws

Update: Fields of direct view standards revoked

Highway safety advisory committee says budget cuts excessive


June 24, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 9

Safety belt campaigns of past reviewed as federal officials indicate new efforts


Highway Loss Data Institute findings and methods of operation subject of new Institute publication

Discussion of injury control written by Haddon and Baker is chapter in new book

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reviews year's work

Fog, trucks, and small cars a lethal mix; NTSB recommends corrective measures to prevent chain-reaction collisions

Automatic restraint delay challenged by Center for Auto Safety

June 10, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 8

Policy options to reduce crash injuries identified and discussed in Institute paper

IIHS poses key questions on occupant protection

Automatic restraint delay would cost $2.4 billion annually

Air bag manufacturer representatives discloses air bag cost figures to consumer

Exploding rims continue to inflict death, injury

Pass/fail approach in crashworthiness seen as too rigid for crash

Low levels of restraint use continue

May 13, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 7

Automatic restraint delays would cost lives, says Rep. Wirth during House hearing

Extra brake light reduces rear-end collisions

Theft loss high for vans, pickups, and utility vehicles; higher than for passenger cars

Book documents huge societal costs of motor vehicle injuries

Safety board criticizes hazardous material rule enforcement

Few crash reports reach state driver records

HLDI redefines car size groups and takes more detailed look at small car record


Status Report index available

April 27, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 6

Two more states vote for child restraint laws, one closes law loophole

IIHS urges speedy steps to allow new windshield

Deregulation actions affect wide range of vehicle rules

New chairman of Senate transportation subcommittee unwilling to abandon automatic safety rule

HLDI finds wide variations in car theft loss experience

Summaries of two HLDI reports available

Seat-belted drivers found taking less risk, GM researchers say

Risk taking behavior study wins AAAM award

Sharp cutbacks for state highway safety programs seen in DOT budget analysis

Age ceiling for license applicants most likely not legal, IIHS general counsel explains

Quoted without comment: Japanese auto executive tells of plans for quick improvement to safety

April 16, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 5

Special issue: drinking-driving laws: what works?

Survey finds limited effect of drinking-driving laws

U.S. drinking-driving laws close to Scandinavian-type

French law evaluated

Review of deterrence programs indicates new approaches needed

An alternative approach needed

March 17, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 4

Proposed NHTSA budget cut nearly in half

Study determines incidence of severe facial injuries come from vehicle crashes

IIHS opposes restraint rule delay unless small cars are first to be covered

Escort proves best in bumper tests; Tercel worst

Vehicle occupants killed in falls and jumps from vehicle studied

National driver register reforms to make system more response sought in bills filed in Congress

February 25, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 3

Transportation Secretary Lewis asks for delay until 1983 model year in automatic restraints

Deep budget cut asked in highway safety program, jeopardizing funds for speed limit enforcement and other programs

Rep. Dingell studies two-year delay in automatic restraints

New underride guard rule for heavy trucks proposed

Agency agrees to consider tougher crash test rule

Almost half of under-18 motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes improperly licensed

Quoted without comment: GM spokesman see some positive aspects of air bags, in guidance for high school debaters

NHTSA's five-year rulemaking plans revised

February 9, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 2

Studies find certain roadway factors linked to rollovers

High, center-mounted brake lights proposed by NHTSA

A Presidential regulatory freeze order said not to affect recent NHTSA actions

Pediatricians can influence use of infant restraints, research shows

Rhode Island child restraint law shows modest positive effect, IIHS study reports

Design standards for RRR highway projects would be developed by states, under new FHWA proposal

Appointees for top NHTSA, FHWA posts named

Automatic restraint rule a question of 'timing,' says Transportation Secretary Lewis

Commerce committee eliminates consumer subcommittee charged with NHTSA oversight

New windshield that promises to reduce lacerations in crashes to be considered by NHTSA

Crash rating program proposed by NHTSA

Update: NHTSA drops further investigation of Toyota fuel tanks

Regulatory roundup: A number of NHTSA rulemaking actions proposed before the change of administration

January 19, 1981 |Volume 16, Number 1

New Regan Administration urged to curtail motor vehicle safety programs

NHTSA proposes anchorages for child restraints

Panel urges action to reduce highway deaths of children

'Saving a Child's Life' child restraint public service announcement available from Institute

Ford owners to get automatic transmission label warnings on dashboards

Ford world car, Chrysler K-cars rated for crashworthiness

Vehicle crashes leading cause of job-related deaths

Huge demand found for 'The Car Book,' a consumer's guide to car purchasing

Highway sign posts cause small-car rollovers, government tests indicate

New chairman named for Institute directors

FAA proposes rules for child restraints in commercial airplanes

NHTSA should devise uniform approach to driver licensing, revocation, an advisory group urges

Survey finds motorcyclist crash victims largest users of hospital services