December 26, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 23

Citing bad economy, DOT may delay truck brake rule but brake suppliers say delay would hurt not help

Congress passes legislation allowing heavier trucks on the road

New research on truck crash and death data disclosed

NHTSA again finds air bag better than belts

Holtz elected IIHS board chairman

NHTSA to drop emphasis on eight items from state's priority list

House, Senate vote yes for NTSB independence

Bufe named NHTSA deputy

Center for Auto Safety says federal highway program flawed with conflict of interest

Canadian upgraded car seat rule brings child seat shortage

U.S. transportation secretary submits resignation

December 10, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 22

IIHS completes major bicycle study, study reveals cyclists responsible for 78 percent of crashes with motor vehicles

Loss reduction strategies applied to bicycle injuries

Federal agencies invite comment on fuel efficiency plan

Auto makers, AAA attack NHTSA air bag study

Another study details benefits of safety belts

Advisory council divided on passive restraint delay

Auto makers oppose increased passive protection proposal

DOT introduces safety belt reminder systems

Center for Auto Safety files suit against DOT, says allowing states to regulate highway programs will further deteriorate roadways

Sanctions: reprieves for Maryland and Puerto Rico

November 20, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 21

Consumer groups sue U.S. transportation secretary to enforce highway standards

Congressional leaders urge NHTSA resist moratorium requests from auto makers

Belt law passed in Sweden, pushed in U.K.

New consumer information rule proposed

Public denied access to defect information

NHTSA halts auto makers destruction of defect data

Senate committee chairman says NHTSA dragging feet on child restraints

NHTSA proposes bicycle use standards

New federal fire program established

November 11, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 20

Federal Highway Administration sets modest hazard removal goal

DOT annual report sent to Congress

Transportation Secretary orders new look at bumper costs

EPA, DOT, auto makers meet again to discuss report

NHTSA eases rules for small cycles

Benefit-cost analysis only not enough to determine highway safety measures

NHTSA revokes interlocks, proposes alternatives

NTSB urges easier vehicle rear exit measures

Congress cuts $62 million from highway, motor vehicle safety funds

Senate wants NTSB as independent watchdog

Paper explores product labeling and consumer information needs

October 29, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 19

DOT moves to enforce highway rules, state funding cuts proposed

Crashes found greatest cause of quadriplegia

Habitual offenders are 'small piece of the problem,' study shows

Misused cost-analysis methods endanger highways safety progress, say researchers

Auto makers attack NHTSA 'no damage' proposal

Volvo backs better bumpers

Congress passes major safety bill that includes new rules on recalls and fuel system integrity

NHTSA crash recorder program getting help from companies

October 11, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 18

House and Senate representatives combine proposals and ban interlocks but allow passive restraints

Experts deflate Detroit's estimates on air bag consumer costs

Effort to get heavier trucks on the road gets bogged down this Congressional session

Despite revision, NHTSA bus proposal still flawed

HLDI study links auto density, claim frequency

Research indicates license loss not always 'hardship' as claimed

Driver attitudes toward interlocks studied

NTSB urges bridge railing standards

Range of safety risks depend on make and model

Belts urged for children


September 27, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 17

FHWA bureauracy hinders hazard removal

FHWA relaxes road supervision role

CAS, Georgia differ on state's 'maturity'

Senate votes 64 to 21 against interlocks

NHTSA reopens Ford control arm investigation

Child restraint proposal draws strong reaction


September 9, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 16

Special issue: interlocks and passive restraints

With varying opinions, Congress faces decision on airbag and interlock legislation

Sidetracking air bags: A chronology of ignition interlocks

AMC withdraws fuel system suit

Allstate advertises air bags with true story of lifesaving inflation

Safety groups criticize Wyman amendment outlawing interlocks and passive restraints

Costs, benefits favor air bags, NHTSA says

Reprint: Strategy in preventive medicine-Passive vs. active approaches to reducing human wastage

What is an air bag? -- air bags defined

NHTSA, GM air bag tests with humans successful

August 16, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 15

Tests show steering assembly standard needs to be upgraded, say multiple studies

House bill would make passive restraints a consumer option not a federal standard

GAO questions validity of cost-benefit analysis methods at NHTSA

Bumper cylinder test report examining high temperature conditions now available

Auto maker and federal leaders agree, highway losses down since passage of 1966 safety act

U.K. belt use law defeated

New Zealand reports high belt use and lowering crash fatatlities since mandatory belt law

NHTSA chided for control arm case silence

Reflectorized plates found ineffective in reducing nighttime crashes

1973 Status Report index available

July 26, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 14

DOT's unbalanced incentive plan for highway fatality reduction favors small states

Puerto Rico's belt law brings belt use up to 18 percent, about the same as in states with no law

Congress may mandate passive restraints if NHTSA doesn't

NHTSA may drop 'no damage' test from bumper rule

Studies examine vehicle size and weight effects in crashes

NHTSA advocate dead at 37

Progress update: current status fo DOT Cost Savings Act implementation

NHTSA undergoes reorganization

Traffic safety programs

Motor vehicle programs

Research and development Institute

Center for Auto Safety petitions NHTSA to require safety belts on buses

Volvo calls for uniform cost-effectiveness data system

DOT urges feasibility study for consumer hot line

NHTSA, Ford differ on safety belt length and ability to fit some drivers

July 8, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 13

Vehicle fires more than 10 percent of all U.S. firefighting costs last year, study shows

IIHS study shows NHTSA alcohol safety program costly, ineffective and falsly touted

HLDI compares 1972 and 1973 model claims, says fewer claims in '73 but more costly

IIHS pilot project, TAG, shows potential to help law enforcement catch unlawful drivers

Institute research confirms safety belt buzzers ineffective as Congress considers legislation to revive it

Nationwide refuses to pay for road hazard replacements

If many fail, it's defective, court rules

Deficient state safety plans get one-year approval

House cuts funds for belt law incentives

June 18, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 12

Auto makers continue to balk at passive restraint implementation

Senator praises insurance industry passive restraint support

Air bag effectiveness: GM claims unrestrained drivers fare just as well

DOT moves closer to penalty showdown with states that fail to enact federal standards

Reagan once supported helmet laws

NHTSA fuel system rule meets stiff opposition, agency faces court challenge and petitions from auto makers

Army reports 'dramatic success' in curbing fire deaths in helicopters equipped with a crashworthy fuel system

Congress considering first major revision of Safety Act including mandatory recalls, fuel system requirements and a curb on interlocks

Motorcycle injury costs 'absolutely staggering', reports naval safety journal

NHTSA responds to auto makers with delay to hood ruling

VIN program evaluation planned in response to GM and Chrysler petition request

Deadly bus crash prompts NTSB recommendation for improved bridges, buses

Puerto Rico gets safety belt law incentive grant


May 23, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 11

Insurers supporting passive restraints

Guide to NHTSA rulemaking

Michigan study backs fuel tank rule

May 15, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 10

Multiple injuries common in motorcycle crashes, study shows

NHTSA expanded fatality reduction program but pilot project deemed ineffective

Sub compacts lead '74's in claim frequency, claim size

Passive restraint comment deadline extended

Michigan reports success with crash cushions

NHTSA warns of using wet waxed windshields

May 1, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 9

DOT faces showdown, three states refuse to comply and may lose safety funding

Helmet law constitutionality well established

Australian study finds helmets reduce head injuries

NHTSA proposes to ease compliance requirements for small cycles such as mopeds

Study shows safety standards effective, newer model cars significantly safer

Congress considers making NTSB a independent organization no longer under DOT

NHTSA urges states to adopt mandatory child restraint laws but offers funding incentives for laws aimed at adults

NHTSA proposes pulsating, tri-color taillight option

Bus makers say they already met NHTSAs newly proposed standards, request delay in further ruling pending latest bus crashworthy tests

April 16, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 8

NHTSA issues new fuel system rule

More delays proposed for truck brake standard

NHTSA proposal would heighten seat backs for trucks, buses and other multiuse vehicles

GM loses suit on hazardous head restraint design

NHTSA evokes rule for manufactures to provide VINs of recalled, unrepaired vehicles

April 9, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 7

Restraint development may outpace rulemaking

Lowered drinking age brings increased highway deaths

Injury severity scoring system developed to help evaluate medical care

N.C. data debunks driver crash prediction theories, past records poor predictor

Crash test results on 1974 imports reported, low-speed crashes still costly

Transportation secretary rejects underride protection plea

NTSB warns heat use during truck maintenance can contribute to failure of parts


March 26, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 6

NHTSA issues passive restraint proposal

NHTSA tells employees of small car hazards but not public

DOT must declare Ford lower control arm defective, say independent researchers

Crash damage for 1973 cars reported, sub compact cars yield more claims

IIHS finds increased belt use in new cars

March 5, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 5

NHTSA scraps plans to revise highway standards program citing state and federal lack of support

Small children should wear belts, researcher says

NHTSA proposes child seat revisions

NHTSA seeks opinions for speedometer limit rule

Nader calls for NHTSA defect hotline

Even with extra time on the road considered, race driver still compare poorly to average drivers, research shows

Nixon requests $482 million for safety programs

Long-term effect of British safety act effectiveness under study

Nationwide urges passive restraint decision

February 21, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 4

Special issue: special issue: active and passive restraints

DOT still indecisive on passive restraint standard as manufacturers begin to develop systems

A chronology of air bags: years of deployment and delay

EDITORIAL REPRINT: Strategy in preventive medicine: passive vs. active approaches to reducing human wastage

Limited effectiveness of safety belts cited for urgent need to implement air bag rule

NHTSA controversial air bag paper withdrawn for presentation at conference

Australian research shows spinal cord injuries decline since implementation of safety belt law

Safety group seeks safety belt accessibility in taxis

Ford, GM report new car belt use up among drivers and passengers

NHTSA criticized on varying test criteria for restraints

February 6, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 3

A new bill requires DOT to 'speedup' its work on fuel system standards

FHA allows states to spend $157 million for hazard projects, but don't require it

Congress denies funding for NHTSA crash recorder program

Exploding auto batteries prompt doctor warning about proper use of jumper cables

IIHS films receive major awards


NHTSA suspends three defect probes citing insufficient information available

January 28, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 2

Some 1974 models more damage-prone than its 1973 version, study shows

NHTSA reassures: better bumpers pose no hazard

New studies show small car hazards, high risk to occupants

January 15, 1974 |Volume 9, Number 1

Congressional act boosts emergency medical funds

The Emergency Medical Services System Act and its effects: an analysis

Christmas, new year deaths analyzed

2,000,000 deaths laid to motor vehicles

Caution urged on highway predictions during energy crisis

NHTSA's auto damage study takes 'prudent' path as funding is reduced

Siegfried re-elected chairman of IIHS board