December 18, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 23

No clear victory in air bag verdict, restraint rule back to NHTSA for revision

President cabinet changes reach of DOT

Automotive News REPRINT: AAA air bag stance called as one-sided as NHTSA's

Court overthrows NHTSA's ban on retreaded tire citing failure to prove safety hazard

Advisory panel urges DOT to sharpen approach on fixing roadside hazards

CO safety group says state is free of roadside hazards

IIHS Smith to manage distribution services

November 27, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 22

NHTSA latest program plans show extensive delays in rule implementation

NHTSA proposes that auto makers supply VINs of defect vehicles

NHTSA investigating 63 possible defects

Washington Post REPRINT: Seat belts: 'they're so bad people don't use them'

N.Y. traffic adjudication program found unconstitutional

DOT requires federal agencies to comply with highway rules

Williams joins Institute

November 13, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 21

Researchers find much information goes unreported in motorcycle crash study

NHTSA finds motorcycle helmets substandard

Bumper bill signed into law despite DOT's reluctant endorsement

NTSB urges action on hazards associated with nonmoving vehicles

Slick, new Australian magazine tackles highway safety

CA Supreme Court says state liable for outdated highway design

Federal government sued for inadequate highway design

Neck study progress reports available

October 31, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 20

Wide differences found in car-by-car cost data analysis

Congress passes vehicle safety funds

Congress expands NHTSA's authority to exempt manufacturers from safety standards

Highway bill dies in House after passing Senate

Automobile Manufacturers Association (AMA) has new name, now MVMA

October 16, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 19

DOT lacks vigorous roadside hazard removal program

CHART: cost effectiveness of highway safety improvement

New film documents roadside hazard menace

"Boobytrap!" documentary on an environmental crisis

Funds to correct roadside hazard die in House-Senate dispute

DOT given limited power on vehicle damage regulation responsibilities

Hackel joins Institute

October 2, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 18

NTSB, NHTSA differ on urgency to correct school bus hazards

NHTSA says inadvertent gear shift OK during low speed test

Canada bans 26 child seat models, some models for sale in US

Physicians offer new child seat buying guide

Congress cuts highway safety program budget

NHTSA motor vehicle funds held up in Congress

IIHS findings of ineffective belt reminders 'no surprise' to NHTSA head, however Ford study says they work

September 18, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 17

IIHS study shows federally required belt reminder system has same success as no system

Federal belt reminder standard implemented with 'inept science', say researchers

NHTSA proposes standards to prevent vehicle hood intrusion of windshields during crashes

Federal action slow on speed control rule

NHTSA sends 1971 activities report to Congress

Defective vehicle ID numbers may be made public by NHTSA to help notify owners

Safety board says it's time to record recreational vehicle data

EXCERPT: Emergency medical service 'weakest link' in health care chain

September 5, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 16

A Texas car dealer won't sell small cars - buys TV air time to shows why

Chrysler official agrees its difficult to protect passengers in small cars

Jury awards crash victim due to evidence of defects in 1968 Ford

NTSB expands windshield rule to truck and buses- not yet for vans

DOT revives plan to lift mini-car exemption from motor vehicle standards

Federal advisory about fume leaks to pre-1963 VW owners

Safety belt use during pregnancy urged

August 21, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 15

Lack of oversight leads Feds to fudge on own safety rules

DOT has its own 'compliance gap' with Coast Guard not up to date

Air bag fleet test program faltering, automakers not providing vehicles

DOT seeks two-year 'phase-in' of motor vehicle standards

NHTSA issues warning on steering lock-up for some GM models but does not issue recall

Advertising Age magazine says uncomfortable belts discourage belt use

August 7, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 14

NHTSA seeks highway safety rule changes that consolidates 15 standards into 8 and includes a safety belt requirement

NHTSA amends Vermont's safety score after state complaints

FHWA official says NHTSA graded states on promises, not actions

Pennsylvania tallies underride deaths, shows concern for NHTSA decision to drop truck underride investigations

Second DOT council member resigns in protest over safety award to GM president

July 17, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 13

Air bag test conducted with obsolete parts, test failure publicity could hinder further development

Public interest group attacks NHTSA's pace of defect probes

Center for Auto Safety demands Ford, GM recalls

NHTSA closes seven defect probes, opens ten since March

Listing of current NHTSA safety-related defect investigations

NHTSA seeks better defect alerts, more data

Insurer sees role in supporting NHTSA defect notification

GM's president receives national award for auto safety

DOT appoints new members to safety committee

Fulmer joins Institute

July 3, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 12

GAO says Congress must step in to fix roadside hazards

GAO examples of 'fragmented approach' to highway hazard correction

NHTSA warns public of VW wiper hazards

Transportation Secretary Volpe to seek mandatory belt laws

June 12, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 11

Safety belt ads have 'no effect', research shows

Australian vehicle occupant deaths drop significantly during application of safety belt law

In brief: the six safety belt commercials in test project

Following the success in Australia, auto makers, government officials, safety councils and others support safety belt mandate

Twelve states consider, take no action, on belt laws

May 22, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 10

'Crackdown' on drunks found ineffective, says study

NHTSA staff warned on VW wiper failure but not public

NHTSA finds army Jeep too hazardous for public sale

Feud develops over new pupil transportation and accident investigation highway safety standards

'Brake fade' blamed as only definite cause in bus crash killing nine

Safety center urges small cars not be exempt from federal safety standards

House passes 'bumper bill'

May 8, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 9

500 deaths a year laid to exhaust leaks

House gets bill for bumper standards with slightly smaller scope

Congress asked to double state safety funds

Major TV networks refuse to broadcast warnings on Chevrolet engine mounts

House panel to investigate highway safety hazards

Michigan replacing roadside hazards by replacing metal supports with breakaway wood

April 24, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 8

Special issue: dot state highway safety evaluations

24 states fail segments of DOT 'report card'

April 10, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 7

DOT backs down on requesting recall powers and leaves Congress to decide

NHTSA maintains Ford control arm defect can be found by sight inspection despite its earlier reports, Ford denies any defect

Random alcohol screenings combined with unreliable results leads to excessive false arrests, study shows

Use tri-color taillight systems urged in Congress

DOT sends safety 'report cards' to state governors, grades remain secret

March 28, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 6

Salesmen show safety belts easily disconnected

NHTSA asked to investigate lower control arm safety defect in small Fords

NHTSA gives new data on defect investigations

Current NHTSA safety-related defect investigations

House panel reconsidering authorization of setting federal damageability standards for autos

March 13, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 5

Passive restraints: the state of debate

Passive restraint requirements, options

Air bags: 2 decades of development and debate

Possible Chevrolet steering hazard uncovered

House panel dents 'bumper bill'

Miller named Institute vice president

February 28, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 4

Marihuana detection test developed

Marihuana may impair drivers, report says

Year-old study debunks NHTSA control arm failure claim

NHTSA cost benefit analysis' show dollar value of life varies widely

NHTSA urged to move faster on improved child seats

Transportation and Commerce Departments differ on federal recall powers, DOT says yes, DOC says no

Four new members appointed to advisory council

Liepina joins Institute

February 14, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 3

9.4 million vehicles recalled in 1971, an increase from 1.52 million last year

Current auto models under NHTSA safety-related defect investigations

GM, DOT dispute data on back bumper claims

January 31, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 2

NTSB renews call for underride protection

NHTSA report says car structure raises or lowers severity of pedestrian injury in a crash

Congress says 'no' to NHTSA 's proposed standards on pupil transportation and accident investigation reporting

Budget increase sought for safety programs

January 17, 1972 |Volume 7, Number 1

IIHS crash tests 'improved' bumpers that meet DOT bumper standard

Low speed crash test results for improved 1972 models

Independent test show Ford control arm failure due to corrosion, not 'severe impact' as claimed

'Small cars and crashes': film on small car dangers released

Federal Trade Commission says 'counter advertising' best way to inform public on social concerns, agency singles out highway safety

MacKay re-elected chairman of Institute board