December 15, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 22

Auto makers contest passive restraint rule, calling it "impracticable"

Class action suit filed against Ford for defective lower control arms

NHSB proposes 95 mph speed control plan, ignoring own study

DOT's bumper rule would leave room for state laws

Nader pushes to toughen NHSB consumer information program

NHSB staff use of "test cars" prompts Senate query

Manufacturers' warranty cuts may undercut defect notifications

Study shows roadside obstacles responsible for a third or more Vermont highway fatalities

Oral surgeons' survey shows children suffer preventable injuries due to lack of safety belts and other simple safety measures

Bus operators association wants exemption from tire spray protectors rule

NHSB alcohol campaign to combat drinking and driving available

December 1, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 21

NHSB bumper standard would result in minimal safety protection and no significant reduction in property damage

Law student group SMASH calls NHSB proposal "totally inadequate"

Researchers see need for improved hospital care of crash victims

Germany and Japan to develop prototype safety vehicles under DOT agreement

Toughened brake criteria proposed by NHSB

Nader urges Senate to restore House cuts in NHSB budget

NHSB requires manufacturers to maintain purchase records on tire sales in case of recall

November 17, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 20

Passive restraint requirement extended, protection due July 1, 1973

New minimum side door strength rule issued

DOT authority power puts bumper bill in doubt

NHSB seeks court penalty against GM in wheel case

Federal ruling against GM marks turning point in auto safety

GM school bus operators warned of brake hazard

EG&G to conduct Institute crash tests

NHSB publishes comparison guides for consumers

Uniform code subcommittee approves stiffer alcohol laws

Institute film "...In the crash" now available for rent

NHSB proposes broadened steering column rule

October 30, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 19

Expansive interview with NHSB Director Toms: no 'magic' in 1973 passive restraint deadline, also covers the following:

Ford lower control arms

Consumer complaints

Reducing property damage

Governors' representatives

Highway safety standards

Resignation reports

The Bureau's role

IIHS chairman named to NHSB advisory committee

October 15, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 18

NHSB steps backward on occupant protection standards, airbags not a must

Rules proposed for seats, accelerators, brake fluid

DOT alerts Ford owners of control arm hazard but does not fully inform them

Consumer group first to petition NHSB, requests "zero-burn rate" standard for vehicles

Volkswagen developing experimental car designed to prevent injury in a 50mph head-on collision

GM to be investigated for "black book" policy, offering reduced cost for auto repairs to insistent customers. Critics feel policy could be in lieu of disclosure of safety issues.

October 1, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 17

Far reaching House bill to use Highway Trust Fund for state and local demonstration projects and more

New Chairman for public works may bring aggressive highway safety measures

Interview: AK and GA state highway safety reps discuss funding, standards, NHSB policies, and other issues

Nader urges DOT to reopen Ford control arm case, Sec. Volpe requests analysis

NHSB investigation shows higher number of Ford control arm contacts than reported earlier

GM denies NHSB claim and says truck wheels safe but offers no new data

NHSB mobile inspection van ready for rural car inspections

September 15, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 16

DOT broadens scope on 'passive restraint' rule, air bags are not the only answer

Passive restraint paper submissions at NATO-sponsored conference available

Bill seeks low speed crash-cost rating of cars

Without federal rules or laws Detroit automakers will not improve bumper performance

California bumper legislation efforts die

Ford lower control arm recall stirs questions about why only for police cars, not all

NTSB chairman discusses agency role and issues

DOT probing Nader's rollover and heating charges against GM

A 'Status Report' editorial: Consumer information requirement needs improvement

September 1, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 15

Ford control arm recall for police cars only

NHSB docket case: citizen reports control arm failure

Pennsylvania bus crash spurs federal action

NTSB warning: school buses badly built

Four bills authorize trust fund money for highway safety

August 17, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 14

'Air bags': state of the argument


An 18-year chronology

DOT officials

State officials

Third parties

Hartman's slot emerges as number two at NHSB

DOT makes $67.1 million available for State safety

Small cars found not so 'economical' in crashes

NHSB proposes trailer hitch standards

A new film: '1970 low speed crash costs'

DOT insurance study--'a shift in focus and priorities'

August 3, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 13

NHSB drafts four year plan for vehicle safety standards on:

crash loss reduction

tires, wheels

crash causation

used vehicles

Florida 'bumper law' lacks penalty provisions

NHSB now requires power windows be unusable when vehicles are not running

NHSB proposes tire industry keep records to aid defect notifications

Board urges safety feature rating system

Washington Post Op-ed on slow NHSB response to safety issues

July 21, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 12

DOT agency says $820 million needed to remove interstate hazards

Bumper bill becomes bumper law in FL

Court tells NHSB to reopen truck tire defect case

BMCS passes safety belts law for truck and bus drivers

Greyhound takes court decision to Supreme Court

Texas gets emergency medical assistance from US Army helicopters

Probe on effects of truck weight and size limits urged

Alcohol testing bills have trouble in Michigan

"Professionals for Auto Safety" pushing air bag requirements

July 7, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 11

DOT signs contracts to build safety vehicles

Toms to leave NHSB

ESV: how much to repair?

NHSB launches drunk driving countermeasures

Government asked to buy cars with air bags

Truckers against safety belts for their drivers

NHSB budget cut by House

California safety group questions auto quality control standards

Excerpt from Science Magazine on priorities of social policy

June 16, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 10

Insurance industry studies crash-cost reduction strategies

IIHS 1970 crash tests made public

Bumper bills introduced in the House and Senate

Low-speed safety hazards

IIHS previews crash tests on ''Today" show

IIHS identifies severe failures in probe of Ford lower control arms

Legal action urged against unsafe automobiles

Recommendations on auto safety and improvement for industry insurers

May 20, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 9

Proposed 1970 highway act calls for fund changes

NSAC urges alcohol pre-arrest test demonstration project

Auto manufacturers and DOT at odds on passive restraint (air bag) availability deadline

California joins Florida in considering better bumper bills

May 4, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 8

National Safety Council urging better bumpers

Florida may legislate bumper standards

Regional safety R & T centers proposed

Passive restraint conference set

DOT balks at Nader suit, says exemption position "unreviewable"

Broadcasters' code acts on 16 TV ads

Associations launch "Booby Trapped Highways" campaign to identify roadside hazards

NHSB proposes standard to strengthen side doors

Dr. Robert Kaye named BMCS director

Study says systems upgrade needed to keep suspended drivers off the road

April 17, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 7

House-Senate conference comes to NHSB funding bill and changes in Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966

Michigan considering U.K. "breath test" alcohol law

Chrysler endorses bumper standardization at NHSB meeting

Nader fights standard compliance exemptions

Child seats required beginning Jan. 1, 1971

April 2, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 6

Crash-related loss data showing heavy cars are much safer than small cars passed to Senate

Volpe signs NHSB transfer order, NHSB to be independent

INSERT: On-the-Spot Drunk Driving Tests

NTSB urges minimum safety standards for all interstates

Conference set on H.R. 10105, bill granting NHSB authorizations

Police officials denounce "Dodge Safety Sheriff" commercials

Speno to chair National Motor Vehicle Safety Advisory Council

Program guides focusing on highway loss reduction measures scheduled for publication

NHSB proposing safety belt standard changes

"60 Minutes" bumper film available

March 16, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 5

National Highway Advisory urges safety conferences and issues 'priorities' report

NHSB to hear comments on proposed bumper standards

NHSB completes dealer info survey, results show improvement

Mini-cars might face NHSB standards

Standards for retread tires to be effective mid-1971

Road loss films realized

Smoking on buses "hazardous"

Do government requirements "hamper competition and increase prices"?

Engineer Jackson Wong joins IIHS

Rail-highway deaths at 1,505

March 3, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 4

State safety reps forecast gloomy prospects with feds 'new money' spending plan

"Hot cars" cooling off? Muscle cars on the way out

Nader's 'Face the Nation' comments about the insurance industry

NHSB sets meeting on bumper effectiveness

Transportation Secretary OK with R&T facility funding limit

NHSB releases manual to assist local governments in grant qualification

DOT to investigate Ford frame complaints

February 17, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 3

NHSB reorganization delayed

Senator Kennedy questions DOT on school bus safety

NH turnpike crash hearing records to be made available

New DOT test facility won't be for safety

MI Senator sends DOT 2000 more repair complaints, requests analysis

For nation's capital, no implied consent rule

New DOT appointee

Newly proposed hazardous materials regulations

February 2, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 2

House committees disagree on DOT funding formulas

DOT checks auto dealers for consumer info compliance

Evaluation of safety programs needed to save more lives

Nader questions DOT policies

Nat'l Association of Motor Bus Owners challenges tire regrooving, other rules

Nixon appoints NHSAC members

DOT considers new vehicle safety standards

Low-speed VW crash costs described

NTSB against size-weight bill

New DOT officials announced

January 15, 1970 |Volume 5, Number 1

Auto dealers spot checked on new consumer info rule

Highway safety funds for fiscal '70 finalized

State role in vehicle safety regulation upheld

All state safety programs ok'd by DOT

NTSB to hold first hearing on NJ Turnpike highway crash

O'Neill joins IIHS