December 18, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 89

New leadership and research direction offers NHSB new future

FTC challenges Firestone tire ads and safety claims

Lawmaker questions NHSB tire test validity

DOT approves more state safety programs

DOT Secretary Volpe chides 'overly hesitant' auto industry on safety items

NTSB announces standards subscription service

NTSB releases more test data

DOT releases consumer safety data available

This episode of 'The Advocates' discusses drunk driving

Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinances code publications available

Rear view mirrors cited as inadequate

November 25, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 88

Senate committee approves safety amendments

House cuts highway safety funds

NHSB compliance test data available

Naming of NHSB director imminent?

Pre-arrest breath test law passed

State reps mull NHSB policies, problems

More tire violations? FHA questions 4 tire companies

DOT approves "weak" Texas safety program

Safety features included in '70 car price rise

Accident-fire data issued

Wider use of breakaway signs

IIHS submits bumper height-effectiveness data for consideration

Hood latch amendment proposed

November 5, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 87

Highway safety task force named by White House

DOT evaluating state safety programs, this issue TN

Public to get facts on car tests

New-car shoppers to receive comparison performance data

Congress urges carmakers, insurers cooperation

Defense Secretary urges helicopters for speedy emergency care

Report on Alcohol and Highway Safety pinpoints alcoholic offenders

DOT establishes hazardous materials task force

Safety organizations urge Congress to fund highway safety programs

October 2, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 85

"Cost" of highway losses within DOT jurisdiction?

Truck size-weight bill pending

Acting Director Brenner defends NHSB program and research approach

NTSB Report to Congress: Accident rate "unacceptable"

FHA considering numerous future vehicle safety standards

DOT announces highway safety grants

Rail crossing safety

September 16, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 84

Safety doldrums ending? Douglas W.Toms slated to be NHSB chief

Nixon may name safety task force

Douglas William Toms' bio

House passes vehicle safety funding authorizations

NHSB state highway safety program assessments inspected

FHA requests delay in size-weight bill's start-up

DOT releases S.T.A.T.E.S. crash study

Car manufacturers say more tests need before "air bag" start date

FHWA regional offices to manage state and local grant activities

August 13, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 83

NHSB future status uncertain

NHSB reports says high speeds major cause of death an severe injury in highway crashes

FTC probes "deceptive" tire advertising

National highway safety standards guides available

Dems rap administration consumer policy on highway safety

Federal highway, safety jobs remain unfilled or are changing hands

D.C. ambulance corps proposed

Rear underride protection comments delayed

Electronic passing aid test approved

Trailer glass exempt from Glazing Material Standard for now

DOT size-weight study prolonged

DOT announces highway safety grants for six states

August 1, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 82

AAA leaders rebuke federal safety research trends

NHSB Research grant update

NHSB fiscal year closing brings research grants, see grant activity

Buyer information jurisdiction: who's got it?

Highway safety rules for railroads?

Snow tire rules proposed

Federal vehicle safety and research bills stalled

Speech mistakenly understimates highway deaths

DOT grants "teach-test" licensing program

DOT amends vehicle certification regulations

July 15, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 81

NTSB urges safety standards be compatible with real-world driving

"Air bag" may be required soon

Safety belt requirement for commercial vehicles supported

Truck and bus "size-weight" hearings start

Federal grants made for 96 projects

Sen. Nelson questions highway death toll numbers

Transportation secretary issues new funding recommendations

FHWA administrator encourages spot improvements

July 7, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 80

Divergent safety views aired at congressional hearings

Highway safety committee urges DOT to upgrade safety activities

Vehicle authorization bill sent to House for action

Safety programs temporarily fundless, await congressional action

Bill allowing larger and heavier trucks on roadways introduced

Tire regulations issued by FHA

Charles Krouse of IIHS resigns

June 11, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 79

House hearings reveal dissatisfaction with DOT

Safety 'trust fund' urged

NTSB concerned about safety above and below federal highways

FHA proposes changes in commercial driver qualifications

FHWA resists making state safety assessments public

More safety bills filed but only two slated for consideration by Congress

Congress must develop new formula to distribute safety funds

Study says car repairs are inadequate

FHA mandates car safety information for consumers

Reed named chairman of NTSB

Deadline for child seating proposal comments extended

DOT given power to include motorcycle helmet provision

Council on vehicle safety opens meetings to press and public

Bureau reports on roadside truck safety checks

Bill introduced to create separate vehicle safety agency

May 19, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 78

Subcommittee hears testimony on dangers of inconsistent traffic signs and signals

DOT reports to Congress on national highway safety program

DOT announces 18 highway safety grants

New bill would make grants for motor carrier safety

Table shows Nixon administration funding requests in millions for safety programs

Bill to provide alcohol education programs would benefit highway safety

Senate hearings to thoroughly examine highway safety programs

New scholarly journals devoted to highway safety

April 25, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 77

Nixon proposes cutback in highway safety appropriations

Senators criticize NHSB effectiveness and unrealized potential at hearings

NHSB film on small cars highlight safety issue

IIHS President makes nine suggestions for national safety program

NTSB urges coordination in alcohol programming for all modes of transport

Transportation Secretary asks committee advice on highway safety programs

Indiana police will retrieve traffic records information on the road due to grant funding

Ohio to receive driving simulators for driver education programs

NHSB issues school bus safety alert state governors

John Holloway leaves federal government, joins IIHS

Creation of two safety bureaus recommended to DOT Secretary

Interstate reported safer

Congressional hearings on implementation of Highway Safety Act set

Safety bureau call for better truck driver background check

State studies show alcohol and emotional distress a large cause of fatalities

April 4, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 76

Congressional testimonies air vehicle safety administration's problems

More demonstration projects planned including emergency rescue demonstration in various cities

Bids sought on five vehicle safety contracts

A congressman's woes: hearings reveal troubles on the road

'Underride' proposal sparks new standard for truck heights

Chairman urges national goals for vehicle safety

Study says spot improvement program quality varies widely

Senate hearings to renew National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act set

Access to accident reports for public to remain

March 14, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 75

Subcommittee to examine vehicle safety program for reauthorization

Senate confirms Turner as highway administrator

Ribicoff urges changes in safety program

Bureau delegates authority to regions

Safety grants pass $41 million

Bartelsmeyer nominated as Chief of public roads bureau

Kelley joins IIHS as VP of Communications

Giamo bill encourages licensing of auto mechanics

More vehicle safety bills surfacing in Congress

DOT gets tough on states that repeal or weaken inspection laws

Regulations for tires, child restraints delayed

February 27, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 74

Dr. Haddon named president of IIHS

Vehicle recalls pass 10-million mark

FHWA asks press help in tire recall

Nixon picks Turner for FHWA spot

FHA gives states and regional offices program evaluation guidance

Railroad-grade crossings remain major hazard

February 14, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 73

Haddon resigns as chief of safety bureau

Bureau to award 48 research contracts

NHSB defends OK motor vehicle inspection program

Gore bill would enlarge interstate by 25,000 miles

Mini-bike ruling: vehicles must comply with safety standards

New standard for front end lighting on vehicles

FTC new car warranty hearings

Nixon nominates three for top level support to Transportation Secretary

January 31, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 72

Safety increases sought in federal budget

NHSB releases highway safety manual series

Report 'documents' highway safety deficiencies

FHWA issues several vehicle safety measures

Update: Haddon and his role with highway safety program

Highway safety priorities unclear

Wisconsin, Delaware first approved highway safety programs

TOPICS program receives new guidelines

Nixon encourages volunteers in safety efforts

FHA memo takes strong stance on spot inspection programs

Nelson continues crusade for safer tires

New Hampshire court rules in favor of inspection of headlights

Regulation revoked, accident reports to be made public

New IIHS safety research series

January 14, 1969 |Volume 4, Number 71

Largest funding goes to driver education

Report criticizes safety information from media and safety organizations

Subcommittee seeks insurance data on auto repairs

States submit comprehensive plans in compliance with highway safety act

FHA gives more time for comment on safety performance information

NTSB cites bus failures in bus crash report

Nader charges regulatory offices do not regulate but serve industry

Nader named to vehicle safety council

Hearings on car warranty system off to heated start

Supreme Court refuses motorcycle helmet law case