December 19, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 9

Challenge accepted57 models clinch 2019 IIHS safety awards

Thirty models earn Top Safety Pick+, thanks to good passenger-side protection and good headlights. Another 27 qualify for Top Safety Pick without the "plus."

Early, gentle input may make lane departure prevention more accepted

Researchers looked at lane departure prevention systems from four manufacturers to see why some are used more readily than others.

IIHS prepares to test pedestrian detection systems

A new ratings program will look at how well vehicles detect and brake for pedestrians.

November 29, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 8

Night visionHeadlights improve, but base models leave drivers in the dark

Just over half of 2018 model vehicles have headlights that adequately light up the road at night and limit glare, but most good-rated headlights are optional.

NHTSA opens door to adaptive-driving-beam headlights

More advanced headlights could be on the way under a proposed change to federal safety standards.

Minor crashes can result in big headlight repair bills

Low-profile hoods and bumpers look sleek but leave headlights vulnerable to damage in fender-benders. One headlight often costs more than $1,000 to replace.

November 1, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 7

No small decisionIIHS used car lists help families choose safer, larger vehicles

A pair of IIHS crash tests shows why teen drivers should be steered away from minicars and small cars. Updated used vehicle recommendations help families find alternatives.

Retrofit collision warning system gives older vehicles a safety boost

An aftermarket collision warning system encourages safer driving habits to help fight distraction and fatigue, a new IIHS study shows.

October 18, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 6

Legal potCrashes are up in states with retail sales

Crashes are up as much as 6 percent in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, compared with neighboring states that haven't legalized recreational marijuana, new research shows.

Cannabis users who drive with children don’t always view it as a safety risk

Research suggests some drivers don't view using marijuana as risky for driving as alcohol. Those attitudes extend to cannabis users who drive with children.

August 16, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 5

Family matters2 of 3 minivans earn acceptable or good rating in passenger-side test

The Chrysler Pacifica and the Honda Odyssey outperform the Toyota Sienna in the passenger-side small overlap front test. LATCH ratings for these family haulers are mixed too.

Risk of noncrash fires drops after recalls

A study of noncrash fires shows that recalls reduce the risk. Still, elevated claim rates persist even after recall campaigns, probably because some vehicles are never repaired.

August 7, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 4

Special issue: autonomous vehicles

Evaluating autonomyIIHS examines driver assistance features in road, track tests

On-road and track tests of adaptive cruise control and active lane-keeping show performance can be inconsistent in typical driving situations.

Fatal Tesla crash highlights risk of partial automation

A deadly crash of a Tesla Model X demonstrates the operational limits of advanced driver assistance systems and the dangers of putting too much trust in them.

Fewer physical damage, injury liability claims for Model S with advanced features

The combined crash avoidance features on the Tesla Model S are reducing property damage and injury liability claims. Adding "Autopilot," meanwhile, cuts collision claims.

Fatal Uber crash shows risks of testing on public roads

In the fatal crash of an experimental Uber vehicle, the company had disabled the SUV's pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking systems.

Why good headlights matter

Some of the sensors used by the Uber vehicle that struck and killed a pedestrian rely on ambient light, just like human eyes.

Lax U.S. oversight of industry jeopardizes public safety

The current, pro-technology approach to regulating the testing and eventual deployment of autonomous vehicles in the U.S. lacks adequate safeguards.

May 8, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 3

On foot, at riskStudy highlights rising pedestrian deaths, points toward solutions

Pedestrian deaths have jumped 46 percent since 2009. The increase has been mostly in cities and suburbs, away from intersections, on arterial roads and in the dark.

Subaru crash avoidance system cuts pedestrian crashes

Subaru's dual-camera crash avoidance system has cut the rate of likely pedestrian-related insurance claims by 35 percent, HLDI found.

Insurance payouts still rising for motorcyclist injuries under Michigan's weak helmet law

The average claim payment for injuries to motorcyclists has risen 40 percent since Michigan weakened its helmet law six years ago.

March 29, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 2

Locking out impaired drivingLaws that require interlocks for all DUI offenders save lives

Two new IIHS studies bolster the case for expanded use of alcohol interlocks.

Roadside survey finds changes in pot use, attitudes after legalization

Drivers surveyed during the daytime in Washington were more likely to test positive after the state legalized recreational sales of marijuana than before.

February 22, 2018 |Volume 53, Number 1

Back stopRear crash prevention ratings aim to cut parking lot collisions

The first round of rear autobrake tests yields two superior and four advanced ratings.

Park assist helps drivers avoid backing crashes

Rear autobrake bundled with rear parking sensors and a rearview camera can cut backing crash rates by more than 75 percent, new IIHS research shows.

Panoramic roofs contribute to higher glass claims

More glass leads to more frequent and more expensive glass claims. Glass losses under comprehensive insurance are higher for vehicles that have panoramic roofs, HLDI has found.