December 7, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 10

Remedying airbag injuries is goal of new NHTSA proposals

Antilock brakes increase fatal single-vehicle crashes

Passenger airbags are reducing deaths in frontal crashes

Most parents know kids are safest in back, survey finds

Australian belt use rates continue to climb

November 9, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 9

Bumpers on passenger vans vary widely in how well they resist damage in low-speed impacts

Driver death rates are published for 1990-94 models during the calendar period 1991-95

Michigan's graduated licensing law includes a night curfew provision for young beginners

NHTSA's new budget includes funds for side impact testing and direction to harmonize with European test

September 28, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 8

Special issue: side impact

Side impact protection standards in United States and Europe go in different directions

Head protection isn't addressed in either U.S. or European rule

Three dummies in use, and a fourth is proposed

Different car designs may result from different side impact standards

Adding side tests to NCAP

Results of real crashes show why side impact protection is so important

Others following U.S., Europe

Occupants on side opposite impacts are at considerable risk, too

August 10, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 7

Graduated licensing attracts support in a number of states

Connecticut parents support graduated licensing, including a night driving curfew, Institute survey reveals

Fatality Facts show third year in a row of increasing motor vehicle fatalities, with deaths up in virtually every category

Pedestrian conflicts with motor vehicles are reduced by warning signs and pavement markings

July 6, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 6

Consumer information about vehicle safety now is widely available outside the United States

Publications available outside the United States to help car buyers shop for vehicles with safety in mind

Consumers pay attention to safety information but don't seek it out, new survey indicates

Insurers join automakers in push to increase and improve restraint use

Getting the most from restraints is the focus of new Institute videotape

June 1, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 5

Proper child restraint use increases in North Carolina after pilot program focuses on this issue

Kids and air bags are the subject of a new Institute publication

Belt use is up to 83 percent statewide in North Carolina

Child, teen deaths are caused by vehicles more than anything else

Fatal truck-car crashes are commonly head-on collisions

Internet sites for Institute, HLDI

May 4, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 4

Side-impact airbags first in Volvos and soon in many more models

Summary of automakers' plans for side airbags

Minimum purchasing age laws aren't a high priority for enforcement

Zero tolerance, graduated licensing get support, survey shows

Belt use increases among teens but still isn't as high as among older drivers

Speeds jump on roads where higher speed limits have been posted

April 20, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 3

Sobriety checkpoints are effective but could be even more so, new Institute research finds

Improved passive alcohol sensor can help officers catch more drivers impaired by alcohol

Beer cans litter roadside, angered man surveying problem in Maryland

National Advanced Driving Simulator goes forward

NHTSA's budget in fiscal 1996 is down $6 million from fiscal 1995

March 2, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 2

Utility vehicles perform poorly in 5 mph crash tests

Damage repair costs for six 1996 midsize four-door utility vehicles

Mounting spare tire on back adds considerably to repair costs

New underride standard finally on the books at NHTSA

43 years since last underride rule

Short-term changes in crash deaths are related to the economy

New Institute video shows common-sense approaches to reducing the hazards along our roadsides

February 3, 1996 |Volume 31, Number 1

Airbag side effects are subject of comments to NHTSA

Hazards to children from airbags are of special concern

National maximum speed limit killed by Congress

Incentives to enact helmet laws also killed by Congress

Many parents know of danger to infants from passenger airbags

Passenger airbags get high marks from motorists in crashes