December 19, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 15

Cars more crashworthy -- crash tests play key role in improvement

Crash tests: what's required?

Car companies take crash testing beyond -- in some cases well beyond -- what's required

Offset crash tests, deformable barriers considered in Europe

Tests supply shoppers with comparative car safety information

Crash test dummy development -- front and side impact dummies of the present, future

November 21, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 14

Denver "sting" curbs alcohol sales to minors

Strong public support for administrative license suspension

Laws in many states allow children to ride unrestrained

Child restraint recalls include Century and Fisher Price models

New study applies crash, medical data to ankle injury problem

Safety belt use and direction of impact affect leg injuries

NHTSA schedules decisions for rules on rollover crashes

$270 million for NHTSA in fiscal 1993 -- up just 3.5 percent

British findings similar: leg injuries are common among crash survivors who use their safety belts

October 31, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 13

Investigations: Researchers look at crashes close up to gather data and gain new insights

Researchers scrutinize air bag crashes in the seven-county database

October 3, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 12

Airbags reduce driver deaths by 29 percent in frontal crashes

NHTSA automatic restraint study is the subject of Institute comment

NTSB studies truck brakes and calls for improvements

Antilock brakes for trucks perform well in NHTSA studies

FHWA vision waiver draws objection from the Institute

Quoted without comment: a trucking industry editorial on antilocks

School bus recall underway to correct fuel leaks

New publications summarize insurance losses and list cars with airbags to help consumers shop for safety

September 5, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 11

Special issue: crashes, fatal crashes per mile

Crash problem on a per mile basis

August 1, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 10

Fatality Facts focuses on 1991 motor vehicle deaths

First collision results for 1992 model cars released by HLDI

Side impact dummy alternatives debated by NHTSA, automakers, others

Stick to one dummy for NCAP tests, Institute advises to NHTSA

New book focuses on alcohol-impaired driving and what it takes to reduce it

Belt use will appear to go up as NHTSA switches to new national estimates

Latest Canadian belt use rates much higher than those in U.S.

City curfews found successful in reducing teenage crash deaths

Hospitalization for for crash injuries cost $16.5 billion in 1990

July 11, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 9

Underride death count may be too low, new Institute research indicates

Differing views of NHTSA's proposal to reduce underride deaths and injuries

Record response to FHWA's proposed ban on radar detector use in commercial vehicles

Lanes too narrow to safely accommodate today's wide rigs

New hours-of-service regulation would allow more hours behind the wheel and could compromise truck safety

Speed limiters on trucks and buses in the European Community

Ways to reduce tractor-trailer occupant deaths

June 20, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 8

Special issue: bumpers

Bumpers: they're even worse on cars sold outside the U.S. and Canada

Game is political

May 23, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 7

Institute survey of new car buyers shows many want all the safety they can get

Survey respondents rate personal driving skills higher than average

Evidence proves it - sobriety checkpoints really are effective

Prior DWI conviction? Odds go up of being in a fatal crash, as explained in new Institute film

Truck guards could be improved to reduce underride


Theft varies widely among car models - Volkswagens worst

May 2, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 6

Death rates alarmingly high; Ford Bronco II worst

Crash facts 1990

National research council downsizes fuel economy estimates, says CAFE has defects

Allstate demonstrates for Congress how thieves take only a few minutes to chop up cars for parts

Elderly drivers don't pose special traffic safety problems, Canadian study reports

April 18, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 5

Recap of NCAP in its 15th year of testing

DOT says benefits of federal programs far outweigh costs

Technology-promoting vehicle safety standards aid American industry

U.S. appeals court issues ruling on safety versus fuel economy

EPA drops plan for vapor recovery devices

March 14, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 4

NHTSA research is hard to come by

Nebraska motorcycle deaths and injuries decrease

California helmet use is way up

Illinois and California: fewer cyclist injuries

Maryland is 25th state with universal helmet law

Responding to five driver fatalities in cars with air bags

NHTSA reports effects of impaired driving laws in California

Police ranks fail to keep up with growing demands of traffic

February 29, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 3

Detroit took 30-plus years to sell safety

50 year saga getting safety belts in cars

FHWA not inclined to exempt drivers from licensing rule

Two critiques find fault with GAO car size analysis

Safety belt study isn't even good enough to be wrong

Window tinting rule needs to be revised, NHTSA says

Antilock brake kits appear to worsen braking performance

17 percent increase in NHTSA budget sought for 1993

Is a simulator needed?

February 8, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 2

Trucking violations: new Institute study reveals the majority of truckers disregard work hour rules

Radar detection ban for trucks and buses is proposed by DOT

Rear crash guards get second look at NHTSA

Rollover crashes: NTHSA ponders a new standard to reduce the deaths and injuries in rollovers

Built-in child seats are under review by NHTSA

Belt use remains high for drivers with airbags, says new Institute study

Recall rate for all child safety seats must improve, NHTSA says

Child dummy: criteria are set for a new dummy that will simulate a six-year old child

Chrysler's child seats generate strong demand

Safety seat recalls: Kolcraft, Century Product, and Evenflo recall some child seat models

Electric cars may require new safety standards

Unsafe helmets go on sale and prompt a warning fom NHTSA

Around the world: suspending the licenses of drinking drivers works in Ontario; and more

January 25, 1992 |Volume 27, Number 1

Special issue: 1992 low-speed crash test results

Bump, crumple, $3,864

Bumpers: are all alike... or are they?