December 31, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 11

Highway safety programs revamped for 21st century

Traffic safety grants give aid and direction to states, communities

Truckers who cheat with unsafe rigs face stiff penalties

Transportation law gives road safety projects a big boost

Congress orders DOT to set up new formula to monitor speeding

Flawed survey method accounts for state's unlikely results

Child seat warning

'Vast majority' warns of risks with onboard vapor recovery devices

Reflective patterns proposed for trucks

Minimum drinking age benefits young adults as well as youths

Alcohol server education: effects positive but small

GM and Chrysler passenger vans perform well in HLDI's new insurance collision report

Reported hazardous materials incidents, by state, in 1990

Childhood injuries: 'an epidemic that we can control'

November 30, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 10

Living examples of people with air bags

Air bags, finally

NHTSA: dealers should provide car buyers with HLDI brochure

California's bumper law is major victory

Parking lots: hazard zone for fender-benders

Safety board warns of risks with onboard vapor recovery devices

GAO is 'just plain wrong' on small car risks

Teens: more than double injury claim frequencies of adults

Data on restraint systems should be included in VINs

Caprice: fewest injury claims in recent models

Mature driver course fails to lower crash involvement

NHTSA moves to allow daytime running lights

Daytime running lights reduce two-vehicle crashes in Canadian study

U.S. strongly supports efforts to combat drinking and driving

Around the world

For patrol officers, alcohol sensors are helpful screening tool

Roadside speedometers can slow drivers at hazardous locations

Institute rebuts 'absurd' paper on 65 mph speed limit

Congress gives NHTSA increase for research

National belt use campaign clicks across the country

October 19, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 9

Institute to build vehicle safety research center

Injuries 'impose greater burden than any disease'

Car buyers find air bags are more available in '92 models

Random drug testing

Four companies warn about problems with child restraint seats

Onboard recovery systems too risky

Belt use rises, drinking declines in checkpoint program

FHWA should disavow report on speed limits by its officials

Around the world

Senior research/engineering staff needed for research center

1991 sports, luxury models top collision insurance claims

1991 sports, luxury models top collision insurance claims

September 14, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 8

Why high speed matters

Third year in a row: rural interstate deaths higher than before 65

Death rates higher in U.S. than Germany only since 1987

Which drivers speed most? How fast are cars traveling? Is speed variation, not speed itself, the real problem?

Innovative technology is helping police enforce speed limits across the nation

Speeding is significant traffic safety problem, NHTSA tells Congress

High speed matters

Promoting high speed is no joke, Institute's president tells Subaru

August 3, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 7

Bare-bones budget crimps NHTSA's full-plate agenda

Boon or boondoggle? NHTSA weighs plan for driving simulator

Scholarship award

Driving simulators: exposing the illusion

Chrysler recall

When better bumper takes a back seat to design, it's expensive

Side door standard will make vans and light trucks safer

Universal helmet laws reduce fatalities

New Hampshire belt use rates: education alone is not enough

NHTSA cancels its rulemaking plans on the Hybrid III

Youth and alcohol: blur of labels makes a bad mix worse

Fact sheets available

Air bags available for passenger side on '90 and '91 Lincolns

Commercial drivers: April 1 deadline is nothing to fool with

Child restraints

June 15, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 6

Driver data: what's crucial is often off the record

California passes helmet use law

'Safe road to fuel economy' is more a flight of fancy

Buyers' families make built-in child seats 'an obvious choice' for Chrysler's minivans

Senate bill keeps larger trucks from extending their range

Antilock brakes take to the road and most truckers take to them

The next generation

Helmet laws: whose freedom?

Bumper bill

NHTSA ponders decision on school bus flammability

Senate measure would give NHTSA $81.3 million and a number of safety items to spend it on

Bumper height petition denied

Fuel conservation: start by stopping the performance race

New safety rules

Performance cars have worse insurance losses for damage

NHTSA to require stop signal arm for school buses

Institute study

Around the world

Child restraints

May 4, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 5

Canada takes a giant step forward with its seat belt use campaign

NHTSA is going all out to get motorists buckled in by '92

Payoff for high seat belt use is worth the effort

New belt law

Regional campaigns show the way to motivate motorists

How highway patrol meets the challenge of a secondary law

What you can do

Study shows how Virginia could raise its belt use rates

From model to model, automobile theft varies enormously

Curry will not oppose bill to mandate air bags

Institute urges use of new dummy in side impact testing

NHTSA extends automatic crash protection to light trucks, utility vehicles, and vans

Researchers spot over half the tractor trailers operating radar detectors on Ohio highways

Bicycle helmets

April 13, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 4

Death rates vary among cars by more than 800 percent Lowest death rates Highest death rates Many cars perform better (or worse) than predicted

March 16, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 3

Underage youths easily buy beer and their traffic deaths go up

Johnston fuel economy plan makes occupant safety part of the equation

Bill calls for air bags as standard equipment

Automakers warn of downsizing cars to meet CAFE standard

Comparison shows downsizing plays a dramatic role in occupant death rates

Study of motorcycle death rates in states proves the value of helmet use laws

Why Honda is not in accord with one plan for big fuel savings

Safety panel: to solve traffic problems down the road, there's no time like the present

NHTSA won't require height-adjustable belts

February 16, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 2

Special issue: 1991 low-speed crash test results

Bumpers that don't bump

1991 crash test results

Honda shows how

Short history of auto bumpers

What is a 5 mph bumper?

Why some bumpers perform better, or worse, than others

January 26, 1991 |Volume 26, Number 1

Insulin-treated commercial drivers would put themselves and others at risk

Institute supports GM's petition to require Hybrid III

Vantage, Chrysler

Majority of truckers steer clear of agency's required crash reports

Nissan 300zx has highest insurance theft losses

Added tinting for car windows? Tests spotlight hazards

Alcohol and curves factors in motorists' deaths by drowning

Heavy drinkers fare no better in drinking and driving tests

Petition denied

Employers should be required to establish seat belt policies

Vehicle damage varies; Detroit models fare better