December 31, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 12

Many side impact deaths could be averted

For underage drinkers buying beer is no problem - fatalities are

Odds against drinking drivers getting caught can be as high as 1,000 to one in the U.S.

New South Wales' campaign against drinking drivers trims traffic fatalities 20 percent

Retting joins IIHS

Pedestrian injuries: tests show more can be averted

New directors for Institute and HLDI

NHTSA chief urges manufacturers to consider pedestrian head injury reduction when designing vehicles

GM seeks clearance to install daytime running lights

Hoyt honored

Injury protection: a top priority in buying a car

Detached attitude?: the Institute again finds auto manufacturers advertising their new cars with "automatic" belts disconnected

December 15, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 11

Majority of truckers now rolling along with radar detectors

Japan's automakers reveal air bag plans for U.S., home markets

Britain's Advertising Standards Authority again objects to a print ad by Nissan emphasizing speed

Breed air bag deploys successfully in California crash

70 percent of adults say cars should have strong 5 mph bumpers

NHTSA closes case on Jeep CJ-5 and CJ-7, but alerts drivers to the risk of rollovers

Fisher-Price asks consumers to check child restraints for possible problems

November 17, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 10

Car advertising: under the safety hood, you can still hear vrooooom, vrooooom

Oregon buckles up

Side impact standard will reduce deaths

Some countries keep close tabs on speed in car advertising

GM shares guidelines, but others remain silent on ads issue

Safety: top choice for Progressive Corp. when choosing cars for employees

Nissan TV ad drew so much criticism that 'Advertising Age' lists it in its 'What's Out' column

'An important first step, but only the beginning'

California evaluates ignition interlocks for DUI offenders

Nearly 30 percent of Missouri speeders using radar detectors

Trucking firm fined for drug violations

Car theft varies widely among 30 U.S. cities

Automakers recall cars to correct air bag defect

Air bag design supported by Institute

Detachable 3-point automatic belts found ineffective

DOT sued for failing to provide consumer insurance information

Studies find drivers more likely to wear shoulder belts that are not easily detached

Police have trouble with automatic belts in Chevrolet Caprice

Vince and Larry hit the road to tell folks about air bags

Americans favor alcohol tax to fight drinking and driving

October 6, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 9

Automakers are rapidly expanding the number of models with air bags

Downsizing: big issue in fuel economy debate

Deployed air bags pose no injury risk to emergency teams


Automakers, Institute cautious on brake light proposal


Petition spurs FHWA to quick action on radar detector ban

States oppose bigger trucks

Injury and vehicle damage claims vary

9 percent rise seen in average loss payment per claim

Uniform standards for crash records could provide essential data on auto collisions

Child restraints: Evenflo defect reported

NHTSA warns dealers to buckle up seat belts in showrooms

September 8, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 8

Special issue: fuel economy and safety

Congress looking at fuel economy changes

Where is safety in the fuel economy debate?

Bigger is safer but costs fuel

Technology to meet tougher fuel economy requirements

Federal safety standards vs. fuel economy . . .

. . . And safety-compatible fuel economy alternatives

Downsizing cars means more deaths

August 11, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 7

Large percentage of big trucks are using radar detectors

8 groups urge ban on radar detectors in commercial vehicles

Radar detector ban in New York

Lowdown on radar detector slowdown: it doesn't last long

Despite real-world evidence, NHTSA denies petition for stronger automobile bumpers

Jeep petition: Three groups petition to reopen CJ5 rollover crash investigations

DOT receives recommendations to make roads safer

Towaway crash study shows vehicle door latches often fail in collisions

Higher speed limits: deaths up 32 percent on rural interstates

Hartford exhibit teaches public about buying safer cars

Nationwide and USAA donate alcohol sensors to police

Two Supreme Court decisions help police efforts to curb drinking drivers

Aetna contributes 590 video cameras to police departments

Labor Secretary Dole praised for action to protect workers from top job hazard

Legislation would ban radar detector use by truckers

Institute recommends that NHTSA adopt a test dummy of 9- month-old child

Child restraints: defects found in both Kofcraft and FBS Renolux child safety seats

June 30, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 6

New car dealers say quality and safety are top considerations with customers

Radar detectors linked to excessive speeds

'Auto safety: assessing America's performance'

Surveys show driver belt use does not drop in cars equipped with air bags

None for the road: Sweden passes a law that sharply lowers the BAC at which it is an offense to drive

Study shows 65 mph speed limit increases injuries significantly

Child restraints: Fisher-Price says as many as 20,000 of its 1990 child restraints may be defective

A new device allows researchers to identify vehicles using radar detectors

Unmanned radar transmitters may slow speeders

Commercial drivers face testing delays in many states

Majority of truckers view driver fatigue as safety issue

FHWA proposes stiff fines for motor carriers and drivers who ignore safety regulations

Air bags delayed: Ford reports passenger side air bags will not be available for 1990 Lincoln Town Cars and Lincoln Continentals

Study evaluates crashworthiness of small school buses

School bus seating: NHTSA is considering amending the standard to assure safer seating of physically disabled students

NHTSA unveils three year program for highway safety

School bus safety

Helmet law favored in Texas

Theft loss results of different cars vary enormously

Total loss rate for small cars triple that of large autos

Committee proposes fuel credit for air bags in small cars

May 19, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 5

Special issue: antilock brakes

Antilock brakes on trucks: they deliver the goods

NHTSA study of 200 tractor trailers with antilock brakes shifts into high gear

Antilock brakes: what are the choices?

Japan becomes the latest nation to adopt antilock braking systems

Antilock brakes: 21-year battle is still alive

April 7, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 4

Texas law triggers a dramatic jump in helmet use

Nissan ad 'will not run again'

Safety award

Relationship found between motorcycle crashes and operator licensure

IIHS backs side impact protection for pickups, vans, and utility vehicles

Citing fatigue factor, NTSB urges onboard recording devices

Automatic crash protection urged for light trucks

Discounts for automatic restraints

High speed drivers most likely to have radar detectors

Lawmakers asked for stronger commitment to highway safety

Noncrash fire loss experience

Parts marking: HLDI compares car theft losses

Theft loss experience by claim size

'Stricter CAFE rule could have adverse impact on car safety'

High court rejects nevada lawsuit on national speed limit

Child safety seats

March 3, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 3

Nissan 300ZX ads promote high speed, ignore safety concerns

Caveat emptor is still the watchword for automobile bumper performance

Lack of restraints, safety seat misuse is a problem for children


Radar ruling: GEICO cannot refuse to insure radar detector owners

Side impact rule extension proposed for light trucks

Scholarship awards

Washington, D.C. area car dealers still ignore belt display rule

ZX unbelted

Deadline proposed for automatic restraints in light trucks and vans

School bus safety: lessening the hazards to child pedestrians

February 3, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 2

Travel speeds in three more states

Lower speed limits for trucks than cars

Speed limits and motor vehicle deaths: the two are connected, research shows

Despite pressures, officials in eight states elect to retain 55 mph speed limits

January 27, 1990 |Volume 25, Number 1

Seat belt use law lowers crash injuries

Actually, prohibition was a success

New DUI law in California permits administrative license suspension

Curfew laws reduce traffic injuries to teenagers 23 percent

Allstate award: Chrysler Corporation receives the first Allstate safety leadership award

Students: a high risk group gets low marks in seat belt survey

'Air bags now', a new film available from the Institute

Hazardous waste: Congress urged to gain better control

Institute petitions FHWA to require onboard recorders

Drug testing: DOT will meet with employers to help implement drug test programs for transportation employees

U.S. Supreme Court to review legality of sobriety checkpoints

Andrew Hricko retires; Stephen Oesch is named Institute General Counsel

Where photo radar is used, majority of residents approve