December 31, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 12

Truck crashes and congestion: a growing concern across the U.S.

'Gearing up for safety': a warning to Congress

Institute offices move to Arlington, VA

Growing traffic volume increases the danger on U.S. highways

Even without serious injury a truck crash can be very costly

Highways designed for cars - not big rigs

Driver fatigue

Los Angeles mayor plans to trim truck traffic during rush hours

Nissan's first air bag offering in US marketplace

Congressional steps to help shippers

December 3, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 11

Many motorists admit driving faster when they use a 'fuzz buster'

Automakers gear up to produce millions of air-bag-equipped cars

Scholarship award

Radar detectors

Congress approves motor carrier bill

Seat belt laws

States get legislative incentive to curb alcohol-impaired drivers

Child boosters: tests reveal questionable performance

Antilock brakes

School buses: NHTSA takes a look at stricter requirements

Protecting employees

Bicycle helmet use campaign in Australia reduces head injuries

October 15, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 10

Flaws cast doubt on conclusion of drunk driving study

Alcohol-related fatalities continue to drop in New South Wales

California study of countermeasures shows problem driver program reduces collisions

Injury claim costs outpace savings from rising seat belt use

Discounts for automatic restraints

Lap belt tests

Michigan residents support tax hike on alcoholic beverages

Suzuki Samurai petitions: defect investigation into rollover propensity urged

NHTSA agrees to initiate rulemaking on stability standard

NHTSA seeks ways to reduce ejections in auto collisions

Tractor trailers more hazardous to occupants

September 17, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 9

Institute urges action to improve child restraint use

Nine out of ten NY Thruway drivers buckle up during belt use program

Serious spine injuries seen in off-road vehicle crashes

Motor voters asks buyers to drop Peugeot, shop for air bags in new car models

1988 new car crash test results tallied

Ambiguous results for injury insurance losses in states with belt laws

Driver belt use edges higher

As a group, problem drivers continue to be at greater risk

Window shade devices for seat belts should be banned, NHTSA told

August 13, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 8

65 mph limit is taking its toll

Two studies question value of motorcycle licensing program

Freedman joins Institute

Court upholds NHTSA ruling to encourage air bag development

GM offers air bags

DOT ends special zone exemptions for truck, bus drivers

NHTSA rules the improvement is not significant enough to mandate splash and spay devices

Lautenberg dangles a carrot to gain stronger DWI laws

Five national organizations form a coalition to oppose radar detectors

Even one drink for a commercial driver is one too many

BAC limit

Steed ordered to turn over all papers on rollover petition

Cyclists' injuries: families and society pay a high price

Institute urges NHTSA to reverse decision on daytime running lights

July 9, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 7

Where speed limits were hiked to 65 mph, deaths up 20 percent

Lincoln's new air bag system gives Ford a technological lead

Survey on users of radar detectors is seriously flawed

GEICO appeals Maryland Insurance Commission decision that the company cannot deny insurance to drives with radar detectors

Five groups urge ban on radar detectors in commercial vehicles

NHTSA turns down petition seeking stability ruling


Insurance claims: losses rise dramatically

Study shows gaps in belt use laws limit potential effectiveness

Burnley: 'stricter standards proper for truck, bus operators'

Lap belts in rear seats saved 100 lives in 87

NHTSA seeks comments on NCAP tests and real-world crashes

June 4, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 6

Special issue: making traffic laws work

Canada credits high belt use rates to publicity, enforcement

A tale of two cities: strategies for DWI deterrence

Publicity, increased enforcement reduce crashes at night

In the Netherlands, a seat belt campaign is highly successful

Ontario discovers strong law alone has weak impact

New South Wales campaign trims fatal crashes 21 percent

French motorists: still drinking and driving

Putting on the blitz: bringing down DUI crashes down under

From '70 to '86, DUI arrest rate jumped 127%

May 7, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 5

Agencies declare motorcycle safety a national priority

Air bag tests

On hold in the U.S., antilock brakes get green light in Europe

NHTSA amends standard for motorcycle helmets to include all helment sizes

Purging violations for traffic offenders distorts the record

Senate unanimously adopts measure to improve truck safety

NHTSA unveils light truck plans

Driver exemptions: FHWA says it may expempt farmers, firefighters, and others from unifrom test and license procedures

NHTSA estimates over 8,000 lives saved by seat belts since 1983

Transportation Secretary asks Congress to repeal motor vehicle fuel economy requirements

Study shows big rigs get the message when standard radar is used

Onboard recorders proposed for use by FHWA

Researchers say police reports underestimate bicycle injuries

Wyoming makes it official: national drinking age is 21

Agency rules that standard includes remote retractors

Traffic posts should break away on impact

April 16, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 4

MADD campaign will use new study

USAA makes air bags a tempting option for new car buyers

State Farm discount

'A hodgepodge of speed limits'

Five billion miles: Mercedes-Benz reports air bags working well

Helmet use law

Seat belts: solid protection if they are worn correctly

States pass belt laws but shy away from primary enforcement

March 14, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 3

New laws to curb drinking drivers save many lives

New safety office

Burnley advised to wait for changes on 55 mph penalties

Institute warns truck driving is too risky for diabetics

Don't change the rule prohibiting diabetics who require insulin from operating commercial vehicles the American Trucking Associations tell FHWA

More female drivers in fatal crashes

Institute urges NHTSA to adopt simplified classification system

High speed drivers: 'more likely to be involved in crashes'

Consent decrees fail to stem protests over sales of ATVs

Efforts to get the DOT to apply sanctions to states who don't comply with the 55 mph speed limit has moved forward

February 20, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 2

Burnley proposes new side impact standard for better protection

Ford Escort EXP performs best in 5 mph crash tests

Head injuries: 47 percent of the nearly 8,000 persons killed in side impacts each year die as as a result of head injuries

Researchers analyze 25,000 fatal crashes involving big trucks

Institute says NHTSA ignored evidence on weaker bumpers

Survey indicates many more claim to use belts than actually do

AIRAC survey: consumers favor extending safety standards to include minivans and pickup trucks

Institute files motion to participate in a lawsuit files against NHTSA by Public Citizen

January 30, 1988 |Volume 23, Number 1

Buckle retainer may trigger recall

Motor vehicle crashes cost the nation $74.2 billion in 1986

Honda may remarket ATVs if they meet federal standards

Congress appropriates $92.8 million for NHTSA operations and research

Senate may eliminate certain 'commercial zone exemptions'

Testing and licensing standards proposed for commercial drivers

Congressional hearings planned on 'whole speed limit situation'

NHTSA denies petition on rollover standard

Study identifies drivers least likely to buckle up

Some groups challenge federal decision on air bags