December 30, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 20

Special issue: small car hazards

Small-car deaths, injuries worst; models vary greatly

December 22, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 19

2.5 mph bumper rule benefits are found to be 'fictions'

NHTSA rejects petition to reconsider rollback

Air bag trial is set for U.S. auto fleet

Ford executives sought Nixon help against standards

Congressmen question propriety of joint research program

Side-door standard is judged to reduce ejections

Institute cautions that flashing lights can pose problem

Lack of support kills Michigan belt-use law

Safety board urges governors to seek child restraint laws

Institute makes available some used film prints

Commission urges drinking age of 21

December 6, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 18

Special issue: drinking/driving deterrence

nternational symposium focuses on problem of the drinking driver

Little long-term effect seen for alcohol crackdowns

Public perceptions key to effective deterrence

Tools to estimate drinker's capacity may be misleading

Civil rights & effective detection, balance urged

Something can be done, speakers tell alcohol symposium

Changing public opinion a long-term assignment

Sustained effort key, lawmakers tell group

Criteria proposed for funds to combat drunken driving

Scandinavian drinking/driving laws surveyed

November 19, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 17

Honda exhibits air-bag equipped Accord

Commission told of IIHS alcohol studies

Headlight standard changes under study

Safety council urges 21-year drinking age

High court to rule on automatic protection case

Heavy trucks found to play big role in fatal crashes

Decision 'soon' on bumper rollback

November 5, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 16

NHTSA discloses automatic restraint lead-time analysis

Another delay granted on bumper appeal

Alcohol bill sponsor sees vehicle design equally important

Test of retrofitted air bags planned

NHTSA eyes 2 fleet tests of air bags

Automatic restraint benefits 'enormous' in preventing injuries

California strengthens child restraint law

FHWA to review trucker licensing

October 21, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 15

Courts consider questions on restraint requirements

Insurers and health groups seek to block Supreme Court review

Allstate study confirms 5 mph bumper benefits

Congress approves anti-drunk driving incentives for states

Institute film receives award

Temporary highway funding measures adopted

NHTSA authorizations bill clears Congress

Delta 88 has best collision experience

DOT to let states judge breath-testing devices

Court review sought on FHWA decision to drop RRR design rules

October 5, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 14

Curfews reduce crashes of 16-year-olds

Claybrook charges 'deliberate crippling' of NHTSA programs

Swedish belt use declines

NHTSA plans to switch VIN rule to a regulation

Right-turn-on-red law effects summarized in new IIHS research

Injury claim frequency lower for domestic cars

NTSB criticizes dropping of anti-skid rulemaking

Allstate criticizes NHTSA for lack of belt testing

September 15, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 13

Young male drivers are found most responsible for fatal auto crashes

DOT joins auto makers in challenging court ruling on restraints

Congressman asks study of 'military jeep' safety

Committee recommends cut in NHTSA funds

REPRINT: 'The Airbag Cometh' from The New York Times

September 2, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 12

Court delays bumper review to give NHTSA time to reconsider

Auto makers appeal restraints decision

Senate tries to block NHTSA funds to fight court restraints order

New marijuana test procedure developed

Reflectors reduce night crashes on curves

Society urges NHTSA expedite rulemaking for new windshields

Four more states enact child restraint laws

Industry findings erode bumper rollback decision

NHTSA ends rulemaking on side-door strength

NHTSA's safety recall procedures criticized

Vehicle-related deaths in workplace 'appalling,' says Senator

August 12, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 11

'84 cars must have automatic restraints

Vehicle operators face higher risk of injury while working, research shows

Legal maneuvers still available in restraint battle

Safety board urges states raise minimum drinking age to 21

Alcohol symposium planned

NAII plans campaign against drunk driving

IIHS reviews surveys on crash protection

Right-turn-on-red laws raise intersection toll

Senators question NHTSA commitment to highway safety

Repair parts total nearly four times car cost

July 22, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 10

Delay on restraints seen as unacceptable, groups say in court

Court review asked for bumper decision

Comments filed on the NHTSA proposal

IIHS finds flaws in bumper analysis

Quoted without comment: Congressional authority at risk in air bag controversy

Average collision loss payments up for 1982 models

AIA endorses Institute bumper petition

States to set own criteria for federal-aid road work

Recreational vehicle problems reviewed

July 1, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 9

Survey confirms demand for 5 mph bumpers

Congressman files 5 mph standard bill

NAII supports Institute petition for reconsideration of bumper rollback

Few high school drivers found using seat belts

IIHS official sees encouraging trends in marketplace

Cars meeting brake standard perform better in test

Lasers found promising for crash warning systems

Child restraint legislative guidelines offered

Quoted without comment: NY official urges approval of new windshield technology

June 9, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 8

Court rejects NHTSA action to rescind automatic restraint requirements

NHTSA has 30 days to chart action

Air bags only approach should have been considered by NHTSA, court says

A new book on deterring drinking and driving

Senators host press conference for authors

Foreword summarizes history of drunk-driving research

States move to change drinking-driving laws

Abandoning automatic restraints due to fear of detachable belts was not justified, court says

May 24, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 7

Bumper standard rolled back

IIHS film featured at World's Fair

Teenaged drivers and alcohol use

Researcher examines incidence of facial injuries

New associate administrator for safety named

Connecticut raises legal drinking age

IIHS research chief tells NAII: Safety will sell

Senate votes Danforth plan to curb drunk driving

Four-year highway safety authorization recommended

IIHS film featured at World's Fair

Status Report index available

April 27, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 6

Three states adopt child restraint laws

Congressmen introduce drunken driving bill

Drunk driving, belt-use campaigns announced in White House ceremony

NHTSA estimates cost of auto safety regulations

Senate takes the lead on highway spending bill

Six highway safety programs given federal priority

Illinois educators urge end to driver ed mandate

State Farm cites NHTSA study on automatic belt use

Quoted without comment: Air bags urged

April 1, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 5

Child restraint law adopted in Virginia

Maryland raises legal drinking age

Energy-absorbing steering columns failing in crashes

Volvo tops crash rating scores

NHTSA revokes speedometer/odometer requirements

Pavement skid resistance rulemaking dropped

Higher NHTSA budget sought

Quoted without comment: Explanation of reluctance to approve NHTSA request for seat belt program

March 15, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 4

Driver-age crash data analyzed

Report questions effectiveness 'tough' DWI laws

NHTSA cancels multipiece wheel rulemaking

$1.8 million verdict awarded in multipiece rim suit

Court panel hears automatic restraint arguments

Consumers endorse 5 mph bumpers

Sen. Danforth opens attack on alcohol-impaired drivers

Quoted without comment: Transportation Secretary Lewis cites domestic car safety

NHTSA finds head restraints have been effective

Federal departments oppose air bag tax incentive

Update: Seat belt comfort and convenience rules delayed; NHTSA engineers report on truck rear underride guard tests


February 17, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 3

Reward programs raise belt use; fall-off seen later

Institute film opens in D.C., Boston theatres

Safety found a major concern of auto shoppers

NHTSA contract produces promotion group

FTC urged to sharpen warnings on Jeep CJ-5s

Tax incentives for air bags draw support

Auto ad exploiting high performance features raises concern of Massachusetts official

REPRINT: 'Tough Bumpers' from the New York Times

Georgia finds 55 mph limit is saving lives

HSRC study confirms motorcycle lights-on law benefits

January 27, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 2

New York task force urges governor for alcohol law 'revolution'

AAA urges NHTSA to retain 5 mph bumper standard

General Electric announces new plastic bumper

Massachusetts adopts child-restraint law

General Motors ad uses HLDI claims data

Escort wagon has best collision loss experience

New directors join IIHS and HLDI boards

HLDI studies total loss insurance claims

January 5, 1982 |Volume 17, Number 1

Special issue: motor vehicle fatalities are related to car size and manufacturer

Car size, deaths linked; small imports found worst

Number of deaths highest in smallest cars

Domestics outperform Japanese models in crashworthiness

Indications Japan may upgrade crashworthiness of vehicles

State police files show further hazards of small cars

Deaths in small cars can be reduced

Large cars, domestics have lower insurance injury claim frequencies