December 31, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 20

Automatic restraint, bumper rules intact after months of Congressional wrangling

Rep. Eckhardt, defeated in reelection, fights final battle for consumers on House floor

HLDI finds larger domestic cars have better loss record

Utility vehicles show worst collision loss record, HDLI reports

Michigan legislators spurn child protection but fail to repeal helmet law

OMB finds safety costs a small part of regulatory total

December 22, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 19

Serious rollover problems found in jeep CJ-5 utility vehicles

Jeep CJ-5 rollover tendencies demonstrated

How the jeep CJ-5s were tested

The J-turn in photo illustration

NHTSA's '73 rollover rulemaking was dropped and never completed

Photo illustration of avoiding an obstacle

CJ-5's have higher fatality rate than motorcycles

Newspaper headlines from around the country report growing crash toll for occupants in utility vehicles

HLDI reports heavy insurance claims for CJ-5

NHTSA gets films and test results on CJ-5 from Institute, court case list

December 9, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 18

Right-turn-on-red laws raise intersection toll

Motor vehicle injury costs found second only to cancer

Claybrook urges voluntary safety action by auto makers

November 21, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 17

GAO questions effectiveness of highway safety grant program

NHTSA issues revised moped guidelines

Patterns of teenager crash involvement are studied

Safety board urges 'comprehensive' skid-reduction program as wet-pavement crashes take increasing toll

Chevrolet dealers use ads highlighting safety advantage

Strategies to reduce damage from environmental hazards

NHTSA research studies mandatory belt laws abroad

November 5, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 16

Injury claims highest for subcompact imports

Volvo plans air bags in 4,000 1982 cars

Parents rate infant restraints on convenience features

Child restraint legislation enacted in California

Institute focuses on children in motor vehicle crashes in new publication 'Children in Crashes'

Child restraint announcements available for TV

RSV technology is seen ready for the marketplace

Study indicates informed car buyers interested in safety

Mercedes-Benz strongly endorses air bags as lifesaving devices in recent ads in West German papers

Automatic crash protection in frontal crashes at 50 mph urged

Mandatory performance standards urged for traffic barriers

Executives say small cars worth the risk; public disagrees

October 9, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 15

Air bag and bumper decisions stalled

Jogger-motor vehicle collisions studied

Imported subcompacts dominate collision losses

Congress rejects ban on automatic restraint funds

REPRINT: 'On lobbies, liberty, and the public good' from the American Journal of Public Health

Most auto crash injuries occur within 30 miles of home

September 17, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 14

Speedy access urged for driver register

Crash tests emphasize small car hazards

Vehicle standard criteria used

More deaths, injuries attributed to multipiece rims

Research underscores steering assembly shortcomings

House votes to cut NHTSA appropriation

Appeals court upholds high-speed tire failure judgments

REPRINT: 'Warning on small cars' by Ben Kelley, IIHS senior vice president from the Philadelphia Inquirer

FHWA acts to reduce hazards of rural mailboxes


Ford struggles against park-to-reverse transmission defect finding

August 14, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 13

NHTSA pushes mandatory cyclist education

Child restraints found effective in actual crashes

Side-impact protection needed

New European windshield promises improved protection but needs acceptance by NHTSA

Alcohol, other drugs found in most Ontario traffic deaths

August 6, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 12

Air bag protection in some cars offered under plan agreed on by House-Senate committee members

Conference proposes bumper rule rollback through '82

Consumer survey finds strong support for air bags

Auto dealers reject air bags

Mandatory belt use opposed

Automatic restraint provision limiting DOT funds adopted by House

GM offers commitment to DOT to produce as many as 3 million cars with air bags in 1983-85

Rep. Stockman says his goal in weakened restraint standard was "consumer choice"

Safety group urges car and highway standard compatibility


July 21, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 11

Auto makers use current industry problems to request standards rollback

Driver behavior at intersections studied

Coffee, tea may help alcohol-impaired driver

Financial assistance missing in NHTSA plan to help involve consumers in rulemaking

South Carolina weakens motorcycle helmet law, only riders under 21 must comply

Institute urges two defect investigations involving '74 AMC Ambassador and a '74 Honda motorcycle CB360

Ontario study identifies alcohol-impaired drivers

Update: NHTSA hearing on Ford transmission defects delayed

June 25, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 10

GM and the air bag: a decade of delay

IIHS renews plea for Toyota defect investigation

Theft experience varies greatly among different cars, HLDI report shows

NTSB sees delay in highway construction standard rulemaking, pending impact assessment

X-body cars show improved collision coverage results

Small cars dominate 1980-model collision loss data

Specific standards on skid resistance are long over due, Institute says

NHTSA makes initial finding of Ford transmission defects

NHTSA alerted to transmission problems four years ago

Tennessee law brings some gains in child restraint use

Longer working hours for truckers opposed

NHTSA amends truck rule to require brakes on all wheels

June 10, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 9

GM cancels air bags in 1982 models

Rep. Stockman insists he doesn't want to outlaw air bags

Rep. Eckhardt seeks proof of auto maker inspired interlock deal

Dropping driver ed cuts teen licensing, crashing

Few campus pub goers found legally drunk, but many admit to smoking marijuana

Coloradans try petition to re-enact helmet use law

DOT official emphasizes that as more small cars take to road, vehicle safety standards become more vital

NHTSA pushes twofold plan to cut truck crash toll

An extra brake light cuts rear-end collisions in half

Directory offers auto defects information

FAA criticized for delay in adopting child restraints

May 20, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 8

12 cars undamaged in 5 mph barrier test, crashes underscore standard benefits

Wet pavement found to multiply fatal crash risks, NTSB reports

Skid-resistant guidelines proposed in new rulemaking program, FHWA announces

Rhode Island adopts child restraint law

Longer life for hydraulic brake systems seen possible, research study reports

May 6, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 7

Utility vehicles found to have high roll-over and ejection rates

Transportation Secretary Goldschmidt says safety programs won't be cut

Safety board says rulemaking process has improved, but still needs significant improvement, NTSB reports

Helmetless motorcyclists 3x more likely to have fatal head injury that those wearing helmets

Unhelmeted motorcyclists are taxpayers' burden

Committee agrees no one program will bring safety belt use

NTSB warns of farm vehicle hazards on highways, urges new safety requirements

Quoted without comment

Mandatory tire registration essential to recall efforts, NHTSA says as it opposes change

Review of "Options for Prevention of Motor Vehicle Crash Injury" now available

Child restraint standard delayed six months

Lack of child restraints may be charged as parental neglect

Tot drowning blamed on faulty Ford transmission


April 15, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 6

NHTSA strongly defends 5mph bumper data

Built-in speed ceilings urged for hazardous cargo carriers

Manufacturers reject voluntary recall of multipiece rims

Highway construction standard amendments proposed; FHWA seeks comments

REPRINT: 'That Reasoning is Like Condemning Penicillin . . . because It Doesn't Cure Cancer' by Joan Claybrook from the Reader's Digest

HLDI examines van, pickup and utility vehicle insurance losses

Optional tests granted for side-door strength standard

Driver fatigue blamed for commercial truck highway shoulder collisions

Seat belt use continues to decline

Study suggests unbelted drivers take greater risks

Chevette no longer has automatic belt interlock system

Status report index available

March 26, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 5

No air bags planned for most future GM cars, company tells NHTSA

Despite ads, automatic belts-equipped Chevettes are very hard to find, IIHS survey reveals

Mercedes plans air bags in all 1982 US cars

Quoted without comment: From 'World Health Statistics Quarterly'

Protruding knob turns a collision into a tragedy

Institute supports NHTSA's side-impact proposal, stresses ejection problem

Institute urges changes in restraint evaluation plan

NHTSA calls for comment on long-term truck braking goals

Drug-driving programs would be premature, NHTSA tells Congress

Mayo Clinic research finds crashes main cause of head injuries

Highway death toll rises despite travel restrictions

Update: NHSTA conference delayed


March 5, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 4

HLDI data indicates bumper standard's effect very beneficial

Administrative rulemaking rather than legislative action on bumpers is urged by Council on Wage and Price Stability

More sites added to motorcycle crash investigation list

Update: The Percy commercial truck safety bill adopted by Senate, awaits House approval

NHTSA standards benefits found far outweighing the costs, NHTA report finds

Most '79 cars fail NHTSA crashworthiness test, highlighting variable degree of protection

Truck driver employers should have access to National Driver Register, NTSB recommends

REPRINT: 'Automatic Restraints and Products Liability Law' by Joan Claybrook, from TRAIL magazine

The case of the 'T. J. Hooper' is recalled in connection with products liability discussion

Deputy administrator named for NHTSA

February 19, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 3

Mailboxes pose a roadside threat

Moving utility poles few feet away from traffic reduces death and injury crashes into them

Hugh Dehaven, pioneer in occupant crash protection, dies at 85

Puzzling letters from wage, price council cast doubt on bumper benefits

Trailways changes speed control methods

Safety training for highway maintenance workers urged following fatal crash

NHTSA holds research symposium on side crash protection

Update: NHTSA grants Institute petition requiring motorcycle, moped lights remain on during operation

January 25, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 2

NHTSA reaffirms 5mph bumper standard saves consumers money in new study

Interagency group representing 5 federal agencies to study car repair problems

X-body cars show better collision coverage results than compact models

Survey find air bags would outsell automatic belts even at greater price

Motorcyclist head injuries on rise in Maryland since repeal of helmet law

REPRINT: "Death of a son a grim lesson" from the Record Searchlight

Inside rear-view mirrors required for trucks, vans with rear windows

Quoted without comment: From 'Running on Empty, The Future of the Automobile in an Oil-Short World'

January 11, 1980 |Volume 15, Number 1

The Stockman amendment emerges as possible threat to automatic restraint standard

News reports on adoption of Stockman amendment have circulated misguided information

House votes for legislative veto power of NHTSA standards

Safety belt comfort and convenience of use rule proposed

Infant crash death rate found disproportionately high

IIHS letter urges FHWA to offer specific proposals and action

Traffic schools: a refuge for repeat offenders?

New pavement skid tests rejected as impractical by NTSB

Safety standards on such things as steering assemblies and interior padding extended to light trucks & vans

Update: A federal court has upheld the revised VIN standard; NHTSA has issued specifications for child test dummies