December 21, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 18

Congressman charges air bag data favoring air bags 'suppressed' by GM

GM's unreleased information

In summary

GM reveals 'considerable progress' on air bags

Child protection discussed in national conference

Ways to protect children in crashes from IIHS president

New rule requires dynamic testing for child restraints

More state legislatures consider child restraint bills, none yet adopted

Update: FMVSS 208 evaluation [automatic restraints]

HLDI finds consistency in 'best' and 'worst' rankings

NHTSA claims success for Alcohol Safety Action Projects programs

Quoted without comment

Cars' interior hazards threaten both children, adults

Improved protection for occupants in side impacts is proposed in NHTSA new rulemaking

NHTSA proposes light truck, van braking requirements

NHTSA seeks clarification from Chrysler on request for standard exemption


November 28, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 17

IIHS presses for Toyota gas tank investigation

NHTSA reveals plan to evaluate automatic restraints

National policies to eliminate roadside hazards on non-interstate highways are being developed by FHWA

British study suggests door latches that meet strength requirements may fail on car body

Visible traffic surveillance has continuing effect on drivers, a Swedish study suggests

Update: Brake rule proposed

October 29, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 16

House study supports 5 mph bumper standard

New cars tested for crashworthiness ratings

Program funds may be cut

Study predicts accelerating crash toll of moped riders

GM pays record fine in Chevette fuel tank case

FHMA moves to end construction zone hazards by barring two-way traffic on one side of roadways

Child protection meetings scheduled in Washington

October 9, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 15

Task force to study issues as DOT stand firm on automatic protection plans

Air bag suppliers pledge improved protection

NHTSA Administrator Joan Claybrook's press statement in response to GM's announcement on delay of optional air bag

Quoted without comment

Helmet law repeals linked to increased fatalities

Michigan study tests ways to make motorcyclists more visible to others on the road

Truck makers, owners, drivers discuss safety concerns in meeting sponsored by NHTSA

Small imports dominate 'worst car' list

HLDI lists 1979 'best' and 'worst' cars in collision experience

Some steering columns that meet test standards show poor performance in real-world crashes, a study indicates

NTSB proposes reforms in hazardous materials shipping

Insurer group urges states that have repealed motorcycle helmet laws to reconsider

September 7, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 14

The human costs of air bag delay are calculated in Institute analysis

Air bags prove effectiveness in study of real-world crashes

IIHS favors change in side door strength standard

Institute asks speed limit on cruise control devices

Report examines role of suspended drivers in crashes


REPRINT: 'The Boston Globe' Onward to the tinfoil car

August 21, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 13

Special issue: air bags

Critical votes coming soon in House could determine air bag's future

Courts, Congress repeatedly back DOT authority to issue rules

Future of air bag industry threatened by delay of automatic protection rule

What the automatic protection standard requires

Quoted without comment: Government leaders and prominent citizens join in endorsement of the air bag

Some saved from death or serious injury give thanks for air bag protection

The myths and realities of air bags

REPRINT: 'Beehive, United Technologies magazine' Sensible Sensor

Public consistently favors automatic crash protection

Sources of information

August 8, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 12

Public meeting called on heavy truck safety

Surgeon-General warns of drug-alcohol interaction

Two new reports gauge impact of increased moped use

Consumer product safety commission staff members recommend cautionary labels minibikes

REPRINT: 'Pediatrics' of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Modern Motor Milestones [child-size motor vehicles should not be manufactured]

Auto warranty bill to provide relief for 'lemon' owners

Automatic, manual belts compared in claims data from HLDI

DOT units propose central safety agency in each state

IIHS points out barriers to full use of National Driver Register

Quick action predicted for truck safety bills

Quoted without comment

July 13, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 11

Crash tests at speeds above standard requirements by NHTSA indicate a step toward ratings

Research urged into speed limiting devices

NHTSA studies proposal for plastic fuel tanks

Collision loss payments climb for 1979 models

Senate votes to reduce auto bumper test requirement to 2.5 mph

GAO criticizes electric vehicle program

Advanced subcompact electric car unveiled by Dept. of Energy

Former CA Congressman heads crash protection committee

Claybrook responds to the air bag critics

Update: Automatic restraint delay rejected

June 21, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 10

Belt use laws result in higher belt use rate but have limited impact on death rate, IIHS researchers report

NHTSA challenges GM air bag price estimates

California study probes causes of motorcycle crashes

Eggs are unbroken, but car damaged in parking lot collision between shopping cart and car

Institute urges no delay in multipiece rim rulemaking

Studies dispel myths about sodium azide, chemical used in air bag inflators

Organization includes air bag makers

Insurance commissioners reaffirm automatic protection support

National driver register scrutinized by NHTSA and NTSB

Use of tranquilizers linked to increased crash risks

NHTSA studies possible defects in hatchbacks

Auto repair costs continue to skyrocket

Update: Long hours and truckers

June 6, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 9

Consumer savings greater with 5 mph bumpers that with 2.5 mph bumpers, NHTSA determines after analysis

Trend to lower drinking ages is reversing, 8 states now have increased age requirement

Benefits of regulation cited in speech by member of Consumer Product Safety Commission

Safety board warns against hazards of customized interiors of vans

Gas cans can be 'dynamite' in the trunk


House committee endorses automatic restraints

Congressmen renew protest over unannounced GAO inquiry

Safety board urges speed limits for ambulances

Update: Helmet law repeal

REPRINT: 'The Washington Post' Crime waves on the roadways

Surprise truck check in Midwest reveals widespread safety violations

Virginians favor automatic restraints

NHTSA withdraws Maverick, Comet defect finding

May 17, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 8

IIHS study shows 5, 7.5 mph bumper benefits

Institute petitions for motorcycle lighting rule in which lights shine whenever ignition is on

Institute urges action for child protection at Congressional hearing

Claybrook to push for action on FMVSS 201, standard regarding child occupants

Crash-test photos: mother with infant in lap, children in station wagon

'Human cargo' needs packaging, too, Institute president says at hearing

Vehicle occupant ejection seen as greatest hazard, reports NHTSA study

FARS data identifies motorcycles, light trucks, and vans, and heavy trucks as most responsible for recent surge of crash deaths

Quoted without comment

HLDI reports on 1979 model collision loss experience

Ford Maverick, Comet crash fire hazards found

Occupant restraint terms changing; now 'manual' and 'automatic' rather than 'active' and 'passive'

Failure to use driver register could make states and officials liable for some driver's actions, states advised

April 30, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 7

Effects of federal safety program indicated in highway fatality statistics developed by IIHS

NHTSA says car makers have committed to offer optional air bags

Motorcycle, truck safety highlighted in NHTSA's revised 5-year plan

Five-year plan for highway safety research, development, and demonstration programs proposed

Motorcycle helmet law repealed again and is under attack in 6 other states

Comments invited on motorcycle helmet issue

REPRINT: 'Washington Star' Helmetless, or headless, motorcyclists?

OSHA proposes multipiece rim servicing rules to protect tire workers

Supreme Court restricts police random vehicle checks for license and registration

NHTSA evaluation plans for passive restraints called 'unorganized', NTSB observes

Update: Designated seating positions

Institute films with highway safety message viewed by nearly 20 million nationwide

NHTSA releases 9 "issue papers" detailing the agency's position on critical highway safety matters

Study indicates contoured concrete median barriers reduce crashes

April 9, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 6

Congress urged to avoid bumper rule change until reliable data is available

Potential closing of WV steel bumper plant collapses as argument for change in bumper standard

New technologies show promise of bumper improvements as witnesses testify before Congress

IIHS calls bumper studies 'fatally flawed'

1978 Status Report index available

IIHS reports more multipiece wheel mishaps to NHTSA

Drunk-driving programs fail to significantly reduce alcohol-related crash deaths, two new studies report

Institute study shows helmet laws increase use rates

NHTSA receives critical comments on moped recommendations

Traffic lights switched to flashing cycle at night may lead to more crashes, research indicates

Final VIN rule issued by NHTSA

Type of vehicle and information in VIN

NTSB recommends emergency vehicle driver training after high-speed ambulance crash in New Hampshire

Safety board urges improvements in highway concrete median barriers

Update: Speed ceiling comments sought

March 19, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 5

Special issue: children in crashes

NHTSA sponsors regional restraint workshops

Child restraint rule changes expected this summer

Growing number of states study child-restrain bills

Hearing to reconsider bumper standards

Institute view of child protection issues

Restraints for handicapped children ineffective, research shows

Research tests indicate hazards of on-lap travel

School bus flammability to be reviewed

REPRINT: ‘Parents Magazine’ Unsafe at any age? Children and car safety

Study reveals high risk for infant riders in cars

Australian child restraint laws have not produced the benefits of adult laws, study reports

Free fall study misinterpreted, IIHS tells NHTSA

March 8, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 4

NHTSA opens bumper rule review

Rulemaking begins in effort to curb multipiece rim hazards

NHTSA issues questions for comment on bumper standard

IIHS president urges built-in vehicle speed ceilings

NHTSA to study built-in vehicle speed ceilings

Quoted without comment

NHTSA prepares new truck braking standard

New leadership of highway advisory committee appointed

Update: Delayed upgrading of standard criticized, visibility rulemaking extended

Points of concern on multipiece rims listed as NHSTA solicits rulemaking comments

February 15, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 3

U.S. court upholds passive restraints ruling

School bus inspections reveal carbon monoxide dangers to children

Poll finds public wants faster auto safety pace

HLDI studies van, pickup, utility vehicle losses

Despite law, few Puerto Ricans use belts

Analysis of 1980 budget shows DOT spending remains close to 1979 levels

NHTSA five-year plan to be revised with emphasis on heavy truck safety

DOT survey finds approval for passive restraint and state belt-use laws

Safety review team reports roadside hazards and widely varying improvement practices among states

Two federal agencies plan rear underride rules requiring guards on heavy trucks

Iowa legislature urged to reconsider helmet law

January 25, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 2

Proposed RRR standards are opposed by National Highway Safety Advisory committee and National Transportation Board

NHTSA opens campaign for motorcycle helmet laws

Longer caution light may reduce traffic conflicts

NHTSA aims for multipiece wheel rule in 1980

Update: Passive restraint attack, VIN plan challenged

Sweden finds high rate of auto defects, nearly 2 out of every 3

January 9, 1979 |Volume 14, Number 1

Congressmen protest unannounced review of passive restraint ruling

HLDI ranks best and worst ’78 models on collision loss record

Two federal agencies study multipiece wheel problems, indicate coming action

Seat belt use declines 14 percent; discomfort and inconvenience cited

Safety and property damage standards cost $5.75 per car in ‘79

Large response to proposed child restraint upgrading

Federal agencies reach agreement on emergency medical services

New members join Institute board

Motorcycle crash deaths far more frequent among unhelmeted riders, says North Dakota study

Auto makers protest seating position rule as NHTSA seeks to redefine meaning and ensure belts for all passengers

Update: VIN revision supported by IIHS