December 14, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 18

Governors see little hope in passage of belt-use laws

Reactions/comments from state executives

High-speed police chases can be dealt with by limiting speed capability

Bumper standard is a fraud, Institute says

Chairman of House Consumer Protection subcommittee calls lack of bumper improvement ‘absolutely shocking’

Claybrook declares real bumper improvement will come next year in response to Institute testimony

Update: Toyota fire case, child restraint standard

November 30, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 17

Belt use laws have limited effect for children, Institute research shows

Small car drivers run twice the risk of death or injury in crashes as drivers of large cars

NHTSA amends passive belt requirements in hopes to make them more convenient and less likely disconnected

Missouri judge blocks state contract breath test

Detroit ice cream truck ordinance reduces injury among child pedestrians, NHTSA study shows

Update: multipiece wheel petition, Construction zone safety, Certification Acceptance

November 17, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 16

Institute urges stronger child restraint standards

Bridge, rail-crossing programs a highlight in funds bill

New vehicle visibility standards proposed by NHTSA

NHTSA proposes fixed format in response to VIN rule protests

Study supplies fresh evidence of helmet effectiveness

Occupant protection standards to be extended to trucks, vans

GM recalls Chevettes for fuel-tank modifications

NHTSA conducts additional fuel-tank tests

Quoted without comment

Ford asks for dismissal of Pinto fire criminal charges

IIHS sees only modest effort to curb crash damage

Update: Multipiece wheels, Belt law effects drop

October 30, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 15

Lowered design standards for RRR highway projects proposed again, this time by a FHWA task force

IIHS protests adoption of special standards for highway restoration projects

New HLDI reports show relationship of injury claims to vehicle size and body

NHTSA proposes moped regulations to states in light of increased use

Very young drivers are operating mopeds legally due to lax state laws

Firestone agrees to record tire recall

Child restraints effective in crashes, study shows

Long-distance truckers studied in Australia

Update: Multi-piece wheel warning

New VIN rule vigorously protested by state officials, truck and trailer manufacturers, and insurers

NHTSA interprets court rule, trucks and bus brakes must comply with all but 2 points of standard 121

Air bag restriction voted by Congress applies only to retrofitting restraints not original equipment

Michigan motorcyclists favor helmet use

Quoted without comment

October 11, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 14

Multi-piece wheel hazards are documented in Institute tests as NHSTA is asked for rule to ban wheels from road

The 10 best and works 1978 model car as defined by HLDI

A young mechanic’s death touched off events that have publicized multi-piece wheel hazards and brought demands for action

NHTSA to reopen multi-piece wheel defect investigations

‘Underride’, a new Institute film, wins a Golden Eagle award from international film council

Shrinking truck cabs that result from tractor-trailer length limits pose a safety threat and legislative problem

Truck Safety Act gets hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee

Air bag innovators are presented awards of excellence by Transportation Secretary

Update: Truck underride standard, Headlamp change refused, antilock ruling upheld

Child restraint effectiveness is demonstrated in new film from Physicians for Automotive Safety

September 20, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 13

Surveys show consumers prefer air bag protection when informed

Air bags are preferred to automatic belts, even when costing more, says DOT study

NHTSA warns of Ford transmission problems, could lead to largest vehicle recall in history

A simple way for Ford owners to identify if their vehicles may be affected by recall

Quoted without comment

States urged to consider mandatory belt use laws

States fail to upgrade crash-damaged protective devices on the highway

Federal Highway Administration studies uniform rail grade-crossing traffic controls

GAO recommends curbs on urban use of trucks carrying liquefied gases

Congressional subcommittee urges Firestone tire recall

REPRINT: ‘Columbia Journalism Review’ The Pinto Story: The Press in Low Gear

Update: New RRR standards, Pinto fuel tanks

August 21, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 12

NHTSA chooses VIN formula; IIHS protests

The VIN ‘check digit’ process, the policeman’s calculation

GA driver ed project flawed, IIHS warns

NHTSA advisory committee members question research and development priorities

Runaway truck crashes bring bout NTSB safety recommendations

Escape ramp use indicates frequent truck brake failure

Quoted without comment

Deaths, injuries mount in helmet law repeal areas, studies show

NHTSA draws fire researchers, labor groups for lack of heavy truck safety goals

Institute protests delay in underride standard

Regulation spurring auto industry renaissance, says government safety official

Claybrook cites NHTSA’s need for medical specialists

Update: Antilock brake appeal, Brighter headlamps, Results of regulation

August 3, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 11

NHTSA expands study of fuel tank defects

Institute president urges aggressive competition in the best spirit among auto makers for better auto safety

Danish researchers urge passive restraint protection

Quoted without comment

Tires to be graded on performance

NHTSA charges some firestone radials defective

GAO criticizes delay in light truck, van safety

Massachusetts motorcycle helmet law repeal vetoed by Gov. Dukakis

July 14, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 10

Insurance commissioners criticize vehicle design for needles human and property damage

Major bus company urges speed controls for trucks, buses

GAO finds national driver register not properly identifying drivers with dangerous records

Air bag funds limited, but research is approved at Congressional conference

Seat belt use found low among drinking drivers

Weak impact of Norway’s drink-drive laws analyzed

Update: Omni/Horizon handling found safe

Manufacturers held liable for high-speed tire failure

Motorist wins damages for injuries inflicted by guardrail

Ford found negligent for lack of rear seat protection


June 29, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 9

Institute urges recall of multi-piece wheels and rims

NTSB urges review of driver licensing rules, emphasizing “one man, one license” policy

Collision coverage losses up substantially for first half of 1978 passenger cars

DOT report rebuts automaker charges of costly, burdensome regulations

New DOT film highlights emergency medical services

NHSTA says VW Rabbits with passive systems have a lower death rate than those without

‘Consumer Reports’ finds Dodge Omni/Horizon ‘not acceptable’

New publication summarizes Institute programs

GM argues Chevette tests investigating the threat of fire by NHTSA were flawed

Update: AASHTO’s role, Antilock brakes

June 15, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 8

Private-plane safety measures found lagging

US General Accounting Office critical of Congress and DOT on road safety programs, urges national rail crossing standards

Manufacturers to answer for front seating for 3 but safety belts for 2

Under federal pressure, Ford recalls Pintos, Bobcats for gas tank problems

Update: Chevette hearing postponed

New Institute film shows the hazards of underride crashes

House hearing explores options to increase belt use

House votes to limit occupant protection fund, curbing DOT enforcement of restraint rules

Maryland helmet repeal law vetoed

REPRINT: ‘The Evening Sun’ Mudercycles?


May 31, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 7

Tennessee’s child restraint law for kids under 4 only has limited effect, Institute researcher says

NHTSA proposes child restraints meet crash test standards

NHTSA to set standards for child test dummies

Proposed anti-theft rules aimed at ‘joyriders,’ and stolen vehicles, which are more likely to be involved in a crash

Federal spending on vehicle standard programs get only about 4 percent of total federal traffic safety budget

Update: Bumper damage, Crash parts

On-board mini-computers in police cars help identify people driving with suspended or revoked licenses

NHTSA’s close watch on air-bag ejections very accurate

DOT finds fire hazards in 3 subcompact fuel systems, leading to initial steps to recalls


May 8, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 6

NHTSA head, Joan Claybrook, publicly criticizes auto, motorcycle makers for working against government regulation and endorsing unsafe practices


Court reverses NHTSA truck brake rule in San Francisco

Association of Trial Lawyers of America urges Ford to recall models with defective fuel tanks, especially Pinto models

Cooperation between local group and government identifies, removes roadside hazards in New Hampshire

Safety program unveils large research safety vehicle

Auto front end redesigns could reduce some pedestrian injuries by 25 percent, study says

Update: IIHS petition granted

April 12, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 5

Most of the injured in crashes aren't the vehicle purchasers

Crash tests show costly vehicle design defects

Holding children on laps during auto travel risky

Burn injuries significant public health problem

Institute urges NIMA to change proposed VIN rule

NHTSA proposal would double headlight brightness

Canada's alcohol-linked traffic deaths studied

Virginia reports success with highway 'crash cushions'

Update: Antilock brakes

March 23, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 4

Traffic safety information found ineffective in changing driver habits

NHTSA announces five-year rulemaking priorities, side impacts take priority

'No damage' allowed for filler panels in bumper systems

NHTSA proposes to drop some rulemaking actions

Human impact tolerances to injury studied

March 2, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 3

Air bag-equipped cars in demand for 1980 models, raising possibility of meeting standard 2 years early

Large fleet operators show interest

Quoted without comment

Eye-level brake lights cut rear-end collisions in half

Pennsylvania researchers claim cab safety belts missing

General motors plans automatic belt option

Cars show sharp contrasts in loss experience, HLDI report analyzed

Transportation secretary backs airbrakes for trucks -- not for trailers

Update: parkway barriers, passive restraint order

February 7, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 2

FHWA rejects lowered design standards

IIHS discovery of leaky fuel tanks leads to Omni, Horizon recall

NHTSA proposes new form of VIN

Update: Automatic restraints

GAO resists 'optional' state vehicle inspection program

Swedish inspectors report on auto defects unlike US

New air bag system designed for compact cars

January 16, 1978 |Volume 13, Number 1

Collision claims fewer, but cost is up, reports HLDI

Study corroborates small-car crash involvement

HLDI announces new "collision loss bulletin"

Court of appeals reverses 'Evans rule,' auto makers have liability in defective design

License penalties found effective in DUI cases

Study analyzes effect of strict Finnish drunk driving laws

British 'breathalyzer blitz' boosts drunk-driving arrests

GAO study calls out highway construction zone hazards

NHTSA refuses further delay of bus brake standard

FHWA evaluating skid accident reduction program

Summary of driver education findings available

New members join Institute boards