December 23, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 18

Small cars increase injury risk, repair costs

DOT rejects protests to restraints ruling

NHTSA finds low usage of safety belts after nationwide survey

Government survey disputes safety belt gains

Institute president Haddon urges FHWA to reject lowered design standards

Hearings review truck brake antilock problems

NHTSA is urged to upgrade crashworthiness standards

REPRINT: 'Trailer/Body Builders' Crash Heard Around the World of Safety

Center for Auto Safety petitions for better side door strength standard

November 30, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 17

Driver education increases teen drivers and fatal crashes

NHTSA prepares 'master plan' for rulemaking

NHTSA expands defective parts return program

FHWA officials condemn agencies own proposed standards to lower highway design requirements

Questions are raised about state highway organization role in FHWA policy development

Quoted without comment

REPRINT: 'The New York Times' Paving the Way for Accidents

Court orders 'reconsideration' of certification acceptance application

Pennsylvania study endorses helmet law

Studies measure drug, alcohol effects on driving

American Public Health Association applauds action on passive restraints

Update: Moped standards

In a crash, moped hazards same as motorcycles'

November 8, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 16

NHTSA rejects delay efforts of bumper standard

Institute argues bumper components should comply with no damage standard

Congress rejects passive restraint attacks

Quotes from Capitol Hill

Quoted without comment

NTSB opposes lowered highway design standards

Haddon objects to federal highway task force recommendations

DOT plans renewed speed limit campaign

States adopt weakened moped laws, now categorized as motor-assisted bicycles

'Safety is not a game'


Update : Truck and bus wheel lock, rear underride protection

October 13, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 15

DOT moves to degrade highway design standards

Congressional committees reject restraints veto

Lowered standards stir critical comments

Efforts to boost proper use of infant restraints fail

Detroit belt use push not working

Fact sheet summarizes belt use research

Safety board urges change in parkway barriers

Truck cabs more hazardous than car interiors

DOT urges safety standards for electrics

DOT plans rear underride standards

Auto crash victims sue state officials for damages

Citizen groups support passive restraint decision

More states repeal helmet laws

Governors veto helmet repeal bills

Quoted without comment

September 26, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 14

Hearings explore passive restraint record

President Carter backs Transportation Secretary's decision to require passive restraints

Institute analyzes studies being cited by opponents of restraint standards

Center, Nader ask for quicker restraint standard implementation

Foundation asks court review of Adams' ruling

Auto makers plan passive protection options

The air bag at work: 'a soft pillow'

Quoted without comment

August 15, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 13

Auto industry push fails to boost belt use

Quoted without comment

Institute president Haddon comments on passive restraints criticism

Auto makers ask reconsideration of restraint ruling

New background manual on passive protection available

Gallup poll: public approves of air bags

NHTSA estimates air bag cost at $112

Safety of material used to inflate air bags discussed

NHTSA hears opposing opinions over bumper standard delay

Consumer information: an active approach

Update: Rear underride protection

Medical council endorses restraints ruling

REPRINT: 'The New York Times' Don't Deflate the Air bag

Quoted without comment

July 26, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 12

DOT mandates passive restraints

Members of congress immediately introduce repeal measures to passive restraint decision; pro-passive coalition forms

Popular car models affected by rule

AAA supports passive rule

How Congress is reviewing the rule

REPRINT: 'The Washington Post' The Freedom to Choose Safety

Editorial reaction to DOT decision from around the nation

Air bag suppliers ready to go

Auto maker reaction to passage of passive restraint rule

Passive belts lower frequency of injury claims

Haddon: electric vehicles must be safe too

Claybrook asks auto makers for new 'spirit' of social responsibility

FHWA releases new barrier standard

Quoted without comment

June 29, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 11

NHTSA considers bumper standard changes

Property damage reduction bumper requirements

New car losses continue to climb, HLDI report says

Quoted without comment

Research safety vehicle program may lead to upgraded standards

REPRINT: 'The New York Times' To Save Fuel and Lives: Big lightweights

GAO: truck safety program ineffective

Institute president replies to auto magazine's air bag challenge

IIHS low-speed crash test results

Update: Trucks and mpv protection standard

DOT reports on Indian reservation highway safety needs

June 16, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 10

Adams given passive restraint evidence, excerpts from IIHS submissions

Issue: DOT's past failure to promote public understanding of

passive restraints, compared with its $1,000,000 promotion

of belt use

Issue: air bag reliability in high mileage and older vehicles

Issue: air bag performance in a range of weather conditions

Issue: 'inadvertent' (non-crash) air bag deployments

Issue: Tennessee child restraint use law

Issue: unfounded GM claim that air bags may not offer

additional protection to the unrestrained driver

Issue: comparison of front seat occupant injuries in head-on

crashes of air bag equipped vehicles with other vehicles

NHTSA sets electric vehicle safety meeting

Wage and price panel supports passive performance standard

DOT told air bags decrease liability risk

Maryland commission urges passive protection

May 31, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 9

Testimony at congressional hearing shows how auto makers deride bumper law

Quoted without comment

NHTSA denies pleas to overturn property damage bumper rule but allows damage in low-speed impacts

Update: Mopeds

Replacing all parts of a car costs 4 times buying a new car, insurance company says

Researchers link alcohol and motorcycle crashes


NHTSA asked to release 'confidential' crash data

Institute films available from new distributor

State official questions 'traditional' approaches to unsafe drivers

Panel recommends FHWA maintain full-time state safety coordinators

Subcommittee supports air brake standard

NHTSA provides staff meeting summaries

Center for Auto Safety: NHTSA defect program flawed

May 17, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 8

Special report: pending NHTSA rules, new NHTSA administrator vows to resolve pending matters

Pending NHTSA Actions:

Precrash proposals- hydraulic brakes, lights, visibility, theft

protection, VINS, power windows, air brakes, tires, carbon

monoxide, hitches, speed capability

Crash proposals- interior impact protection, head restraints,

steering assemblies, doors, seats, occupant restraints,

property damage bumpers, underride protection,

protrusions, motorcyclist protection

Postcrash proposals- fire protection

Miscellaneous proposals- load rating, defects, cost reporting,

jacks, radiators, mopeds

NHTSA rulemaking steps

Further action needed for school buses

NHTSA administrators

May 9, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 7

Transportation Secretary Adams hears passive restraint testimony, questions witnesses about development delay

IIHS president Haddon tells Adams: 'stop the carnage'

Air bags endorsed by those in crashes

Effects of belt use laws examined at international conference, evidence shows a 10-20 percent reduction in vehicle deaths

REPRINT: 'The Washington Post' Driving without restraint

Claybrook outlines goals for NHTSA

Belt use laws effectiveness varies due to compliance and enforcement, multinational study reports

Institute protests proposed bumper rule delay

Insurer also files criticism of bumper rule delay

March 29, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 6

Underride hearing leads to call for rulemaking

Adams reopens passive restraint issue

Institute submits underride petitions urging to get rulemaking underway

IIHS crash test research demonstrates car-into-truck underride problem and solutions

Carter warned that wage and price control may undermine consumer protection

Examples of wage and price council's role in rulemaking

1976 Status Report index available

Claybrook nominated for NHTSA administrator

Court questions FHWA on certification acceptance, states ability to enforce own highway standards

Michigan students rally behind helmet law

March 15, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 5

More damage, injury claims in smaller cars, HLDI study shows

Transportation secretary plans April passive restraint hearings

Citing unsuccessful programs, researcher charges alcohol programs must meet undergo rigorous evaluation

Drivers 'favor' 55 mph, but don't drive it

NHTSA declares GM 'Opel' fuel systems defective after 3 year investigation

Hearing on moped regulations scheduled with hopes of uniform standard development

DOT sets public meeting on air brake standard

NHTSA official presents helmet law arguments

Update: NHTSA says catalytic converter not "unreasonable' hazard, Truck and bus goals, Insurance discount

March 2, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 4

NHTSA again proposes bumper rule delay

Motor vehicle crashes cost us $37.5 billion in 1975, government study shows

Australian belt user deaths analyzed, side impacts and roadside hazards main problem, researchers say

REPRINT: 'Automotive News' Give the lady a chance (NHTSA appointment of Joan Claybrook)

NTSB cites ineffective post-crash highway maintenance and requests program review

Highways deteriorate as the Federal Highway Administration continues without state standards

FTC holding used car hearings, comments expected on proposal requiring dealers to provide car history

English research confirms Injury Severity Score

Outgoing DOT head leaves reorganization plan

Senate commerce committee gain's safety responsibilities, oversight of all NHTSA programs

Helmet law repeals bring more deaths, NHTSA says

REPRINT: 'Federation of Insurance Counsel Quarterly' T. J. Hooper and the air bag (article on air bags and refusal to change)


Ford view of air bags: two faces

February 14, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 3

Australian government charges automakers lack true commitment to vehicle safety

New Transportation secretary pledges to rethink air bags

Citizens for Highway Safety recommend top priorities to realize true safety improvement

Virginia retains helmet law despite efforts to repeal

Michigan Supreme Court upholds helmet law

NHTSA to fund consumer participation in rulemaking and defect hearings

NHTSA formulating confidentiality guidelines during rulemaking process

Maryland adopts uniform VIN system

VESC schedules VIN hearing

GAO asks Congress to open driver register to FAA to keep bad drivers on the ground

February 3, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 2

Outgoing transportation secretary's agrerment with auto makers falls short of passive restraint goals

What DOT wanted. . .and what they got for passive restraints

NHTSA seeks ideas to upgrade belt standard

Quoted without comment: statements showing safety philosophy from new DOT secretary

REPRINT: 'The New York Times' The air bag decision

In effort to force standard, House introduces passive restraint bill

NHTSA proposes titling rules to prevent thefts

Update: Highway engineer responsibility

FHWA bans use of timber barricades in roadway work zones

Trees elected HLDI board chairman

January 10, 1977 |Volume 12, Number 1

HLDI releases loss data for 1976 cars

NTSB official: highway engineers must be made accountable

76's largest recall typifies pros and cons of NHTSA

National Transportation Safety Board reorganized

Correction to spinal cord injury book

Knapp chosen IIHS board chairman

Burn deaths for children decrease, perhaps due to more wearing pants, study says

Reports detail Australian belt experience