December 15, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 20

IIHS book release: "The Costs of Spinal Cord Injuries"



Motor vehicle injuries, Hospital admissions, Societal costs,

Direct costs, Indirect costs, Demographic trends, Patient

mortality, The permanently impaired

Spinal cord study: survival rates for injured determined

REPRINT: 'HSRI Research University of Michigan' Investigating free-fall impacts

December 13, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 19

Transportation secretary says no passive restraint standard but acknowledges effectiveness

Comments: Displeased with decision

Auto company reactions

Restraint decision: belt use increase 'unlikely'

Ford, GM air bag costs estimates found 'excessive'

Auto makers liable for protrusion injuries, court rules

Roadside hazard results in $4.95 million jury award

Speed limit enforcement rules tightened, states must demonstrate methods of 55 mph compliance

Omission: Reprint credit

DOT urged to prevent helmet law repeals

School buses to be checked for carbon monoxide hazards

Update: Bus brakes, Film award

November 30, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 18

GAO criticizes FHWA for safety program flaws

REPRINT: 'Wall Street Journal' Saga of the air bag, or the slow deflation of a car safety idea

1972, 1976 GAO findings: little improvement in highway safety

FHWA official urges engineers to have a 'professional moral responsibility' to highway safety

Advisory panel urges moped study

Standardized symbols proposed for vehicle controls


Update: Fuel economy

November 2, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 17

Criticizing slow action, House suggests NHTSA become independent regulatory agency

NHTSA responds to House criticism

DOT refutes AAA air bag allegations of air bag failures

Public briefings set on how to use Federal Register

IIHS refutes Peltzman criticism that safety rules encourage dangerous driving

Pennsylvania pre-sale approval safety rule struck down

Restraint system film wins top award

Virginia construction hazard suit settled, improved construction zones ahead

Update: VIN petition denied

NTSB urges development of criteria for rail grade crossing closure

Ford seat brackets defective, court rules

October 12, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 16

Final arguments for passive restraints submitted, ruling expected before end of year

In compared frontal crashes, bags better than belts, study finds

Lives saved by bags, belts not entirely same lives

Estimates of maximum belt use

DOT citizen's advisory committee called to review passive retraint proposals

Air bags 'least objectionable', Motor vehicle manufacturers association public poll shows

Air bags support passive protection already present

Public comments to DOT shows most support belt use, but doubt enforceability

Nationwide insurance provides cost data on passive restraints

Objections raised to mandatory optional restraints

Summary, "a critique of the benefit/cost analysis accompanying the announcement of the august 3, 1976 DOT public hearing on motor vehicle occupant crash protection."

Air bag crash deployments in high mileage cars

IIHS recommendations on passive restraints

September 23, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 15

Police officers can serve role in reporting roadside hazards

FHWA agrees to revise construction zone safety rules

Clarification: photo caption

IIHS crash tests help spur new upgraded fuel system

NHTSA considering new VIN rule

NHTSA offers, then cancels speed limit proposal

Court upholds NHTSA tire standards

NHTSA hotline out of order, alternate number provided

Update: School buses, occupant protection, Federal motor vehicle goals report, Quebec belt law

August 30, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 14

New VIN system explained in detail, could be model for nationwide system

What the VIN systems require

Crashes, deaths not necessary for defect finding, federal court rules

Vehicle safety standards work, GAO reports

NHTSA annual reports available

REPRINTS: 'Institute of Traffic Engineer' Costs of roadside hazard modification

Renewed call for removal of traffic hazards on highway

NHTSA issues motorcycle gas tank cap warnings

Motorcycle helmet laws: Eight states have repealed law since congressional elimination of state penalty

Update: Bumper rule

August 17, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 13

Transportation Secretary Coleman questions auto makers, consumer groups insurers, and researcher before deciding on passive restraint requirements

Former federal motor vehicle director Haddon comments on government's role in safety effort

Documentary film on restraint systems released

For and against passive restraints

National survey: New car buyers prefer automatic increased crash protection

Belt non-use to be expected, motorists should be able to recover money for injuries, courts say

Air bag cost, weight data demanded by NHTSA

Professional stunt people testify for air bags

July 26, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 12

Advisory council urges passive restraints

Transportation secretary asked to supply missing documents in occupant protection docket

Criticism of Ontario belt study refuted

Auto makers seek to preempt state VIN rules through NHTSA

Update: Nationwide hotline

NTSB investigates train-truck crashes

July 8, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 11

HLDI releases loss reports

-Injuries (HLDI I75-1)

-Horsepower (HLDI A-6)

-Seasonal variations (HLDI A-7)

-1976 models (HLDI R76-1)

-HLDI data

Passive restraint law to be introduced

NHTSA given fuel economy authority

Task force seeks heavier trucks

NTSB reports on trucks, RVs, licensing, bridges; recommends examination and upgrading of standards

Truck driver training rules proposed

NHTSA publishes performance booklets

June 28, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 10

Ontario belt use down sharply, belt law 6 months old

U.S. belt use remains low, researchers find

Transportation Secretary Coleman outlines occupant protection options

Auto makers to push for belt use laws

Motor vehicle administrators liable for improper licensing

Update: More public meetings on highway standards, FHWA seeks comments on certification acceptance

June 7, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 9

Transportation secretary delays passive restraint decision

GM 'reconsidering' air bag option

Auto theft task force, 990,000 vehicles stolen in '75

Longer bus brake exemption period proposed

Attorneys cite dangers of helmet law repeal

REPRINT: 'American Journal of Public Health' Motorcycles and public apathy


-Closing date for moped docket

-Catalytic converters

-Court refuses to halt brake standard

-Public meeting on highway standards

-NHTSA Administrator nominee announced

-Reports on vehicle goals issued

-Roadside hazard study wins award

Quoted without comment

Truck advisory panel opposed

GM fined in defect case

May 19, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 8

Child crash injury conditions anaylzed

NHTSA: 'Ford control arm not defective'

Update: Catalytic converter meeting, President signs highway bill


Court rules 'state 'certification acceptance' improper

Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety considers changing 'hours of service' rules truck and bus driver and related staff

May 3, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 7

Fatality rates reduced, auto safety regulation working

Congressman urges passive restraint standard

Uniform VIN requirements adopted

NHTSA administrator nominee reported chosen

DOT, NHSAC seek mandatory belt use laws

Industry seeks advisory panel on truck standards

Ford recalls trucks and buses for suspension defect, control arm case still pending

DOT briefing: how air bags and seat belts complement each other

Safety board issues recommendations for buses

DOT sets regulation review policies, cost information required

Update: Supreme Court upholds constitutionality of safety act penalties, FHWA circulating hazard information, Manufacturers object to bumper rule

REPRINT 'American Bar Association Journal': The Law and roadside hazards

April 12, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 6

Canadian belt use law brings mixed results, with older drivers complying more than young

Highway act to suspend DOT penalty authority

Kansas repeals helmet use law

NHTSA outlines action on 'long overdue' rulemaking topics

-FMVSS 302 - flammability of interior materials

-FMVSS 203 and 204 - energy absorbing steering assemblies

-Exterior protrusions

-FMVSS 213 - child seating systems

-FMVSS 105 - hydraulic brakes

School bus manufacturers seek standards delay

House panel asks for performance comments on NHTSA

1975 Status Report index available


March 19, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 5

Air bag opposition 'causing needless death'

Passive restraint decision expected soon

Bumper-rule benefits eroded by parts prices

Air brake rule firmly set, no changes for next 2 years, NHSTA says

Marihuana detection process simplified

FHWA relaxes supervision of state highway projects

South Dakota repeals helmet use law

Update: NTSB needs expert on board, Hazard probe sought

DOT advisory panel gets new members

March 3, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 4

New study helps establish priorities for roadside hazard correction

NHTSA issues new bumper rule

Gregory resigns from NHTSA

DOT, Virginia sued over highway hazards

Truck stopping distances increased

New halt sought on air brake standard

Government to investigate crash part prices

NHTSA chief predicts helmet law repeals among states

Skid measurement guidelines issued

President requests minor increase in safety spending

Update: Maryland cracks down on drinking truckers, Ontario belt law amended

February 18, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 3

Belt effectiveness is not as high are reported, IIHS analyzes data

State officials don't want DOT powers weakened

Revision of safety standards proposes with greater state autonomy

Highway safety experts urged for NTSB

DOT developing consumer participation process

NHTSA seeks price, weight data on no standard scenario

Standards set for bicycles -- proposed for cyclists

NHTSA issues 4 school bus safety standards but disregards own recommendations

Air brake standard undergoes court action

Ford refuses to recall Capris, NHTSA says they are defective

February 3, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 2

Pressure, builds for passive restraint decision

House schedules hearings on NHTSA

Oversight and Investigations chairman demands timetable on NHTSA rulemaking

DOT proposes consumer representation plan in response to President's call to increase consumer involvement

Transportation secretary announces states will not lose federal funds despite noncompliance

Senator criticized for proposal eliminating motorcycle helmet requirement

Alcohol involvement in tractor-trailer crashes studied

Report examines breath alcohol procedures

NTSB studies fog pile-up causes, recommends changes in vehicle lighting systems

Fire in bus prototype prompts standards proposals

Emergency medical services grants available

Low-cost systems developed to eliminate crash fires

January 12, 1976 |Volume 11, Number 1

1975 cars: 'substantial increase' in losses, HLDI report shows

'Exposure' as used in HLDI reports defined

Two-door autos experience greater losses

Longer stopping distances proposed for trucks

Official explains vote against mandatory belt use

Correction: Highway safety construction funding

Update: neck injury susceptibility, Ontario mandatory belt use law