December 23, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 21

House and Senate versions of 1975 Safety Act would cripple safety standards

House bill: Helmets, no; belts, yes

Helmets and individual rights

Senate, House differ on safety construction

Highway safety program standards (as published by DOT)

Virginia issues roadside hazard warning

Hood intrusion standard delayed for some vehicles, postponement denied for cars

Center seeks fuel tank investigations

Commercial drivers 'at extra risk' on the job

December 10, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 20

Chrysler limits recall to police cars, does not include general public

Ford covers weak vehicle components with 'secret warranties' paid only to persistent, 'obnoxious' customers

Ontario passes safety belt use law

NHTSA developing belt use standard

Rollback of truck weights urged

IIHS film receives international award

Update: NHTSA opens moped docket

Appeals in seatback defect case


Measuring safety program effectiveness brings calls for valid scientific evaluations

NHTSA issues report on state program implementation as part of a three phase evaluation of programs

REPRINT 'Columbia Journalism Review': Is it time to bury the holiday death watch?

November 24, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 19

Government considering moped use standard

Moped mishaps mar NHTSA demonstration

State helmet noncompliance threatens DOT authority

Interagency task force releases draft reports, supports use of air bags

GM agrees to recall 140,000 trucks, penalty to be decided

One year suspension of air brake standards proposed for buses

Should truck weight increase be suspended along with brake standard?

Manufacturers split over heat warning devices

More auto makers cite heat, odor, and smoke as warning system

Council to hold hearings on defects and recalls program

DOT ask for more safety money, less for vehicle safety programs

School bus seats may have saved lives

NTSB cites multiple causes in van deaths

BMCS proposes to make tire chains optional

November 5, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 18

Helmet laws reduce fatalities, study reports

Carbon monoxide fatalities reported, Chrysler conducts recall, further NHTSA action urged

Senator asks immediate action on passive restraints

Calls grow for catalytic converter warnings, GM to issue nationwide warnings

Center ask NHTSA to help get defect answers from automaker

NHTSA contemplating bicycle rack rule

Update: NHTSA consumer hotline, electrical system comments

Controversy continues over federal test facility

Bumper injury rumors false, NHTSA says

NHTSA issues new public petition rules

Expanded defect reporting requirements proposed

October 10, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 17

Energy policy for better fuel economy could lead to smaller cares and more deaths, says study

NHTSA denies petition for belt, crash test performance standards

Automakers say side door strength standard brings about designs that don't allow for best protection

Dealer proposes 'ethical car'

Proper role of benefit-cost analysis examined in creating safety standards

President Ford appoints safety committee members

A small population is key to DOT incentive grants

NTSB releases two N.J. Turnpike crash reports

NHTSA initiates consumer hotline

September 30, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 16

Studies question adequacy of belt automatic adjusting and locking mechanism

For California residents automakers preparing catalytic converter warnings

GM says warning system for converter overheat unnecessary, citing light smoke, odor, and poor drivability as its unique warning system

Defect reported in some Plymouth Furys

Court upholds safety act of 1966 despite Ford's constitutional challenge

NHTSA replies to school bus critics

NTSB: upgrade rollover tests to include buses

Update: a brief follow-up on earlier Status Report articles

-Motorcycle helmets

-Speed limits

-Air brakes

Center seeks action on steering assembly rule

NHTSA proposes cost information rules for those automakers that oppose federal standard

Committee rejects belt law that encourages uniform traffic rules

Seven motor home models fail tests; two recalled

NHTSA asks comments on electrical system safety

Task force studying vehicle efficiency goals

NHTSA issues truck-camper warning

NHTSA delays light-truck belt rule

NHTSA upgrading child restraint booklet

September 15, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 15

Motorcyclists wage anti-helmet drive

Helmet law constitutionality well established

DOT completes Utah sanction hearings on helmet use, must now decide whether or not to penalize

Constitutionality of new defect law challenged

Court qualifies definition of 'defect'

Federal Highway Administration says accusations of failure wrong but offers same recommendations of accuser

Air brake requirements delayed

Pennsylvania safety equipment rules challenged

Safety belt rule temporarily extended

DOT should take more leadership role in replacing 32,000 unsafe bridges

Highway safety spending increased

August 14, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 14

Catalytic converters may be 'potential fire hazard'

DOT may penalize delinquent states without helmet laws

Bills would alter DOT penalty authority

'Very substantial' increase reported in 1975 model claims, sub compacts fare poorly

School bus seat proposal still flawed

House, Senate disagree on safety funds

Crash recorder being developed

Senate approves funds for defect test center

Manufacturers must issue defect notices in Spanish too, says NHTSA

July 30, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 13

Highway proposal may allow states to redirect funds to non-safety projects

Countermeasures to reduce losses urged for tractor-trailers

House lets truck weight increase stand

Congressmen criticize school bus proposals

Simple emergency room procedure shows alcohol in trauma victims, say researchers

DOT implements permanent 55 mph rule

ABC News schedules special on autos

Governors upset by federal guidelines to prove 55 mph compliance

FHWA deficient in safety supervision

NHTSA creates service to locate uncorrected recall cars

New guardrail retains trucks, buses

NTSB reports on California bus crash

July 9, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 12

Motorcycles, tractor-trailers most lethal, study shows

Data shows lethal dangers to car drivers in car-truck crashes, say researchers

More delay proposed for air brake rule

Few children found in proximity of air bag deployment, shows study


Current standard rapped: Better flammability standard urged

NHTSA belt and crash performance standards urged

NHTSA prohibits 'meat-axe' hoods, issues windshield intrusion standard

NHTSA tests confirm fuel system hazards

NHTSA issues tire quality rule

Small-state bias shown in DOT grants

June 18, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 11

Passive restraint meeting held, signaling long rulemaking process

Senator, NHTSA disagree over public meeting requirement

Passive restraint requirement urged by highway safety experts

NHTSA reopens school bus standard comment period

Volvo warns belt data misunderstood, studies don't draw definite conclusions

May 12, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 10

Few children protected in cars, 93 percent travel unrestrained or improperly restrained, shows survey

Child restraint handbook revised

Belt use in Puerto Rico

Belt use among drivers remains low, researchers find

Air bag test plan 'interesting but won't delay NHTSA decision

President questions air bag cost-effectiveness

NHTSA seeks detailed passive restraint data

New neck injury data published

DOT advisory panels get new members

Swiss enact safety belt use law

NHTSA withdraws hydraulic brake rule for trucks, buses, and multipurpose vehicles

April 28, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 9

GM may abandon air bags

$1.3 billion dollars available for highway hazard removal but only 8 percent used

Center for Auto Safety develops system to chart hazard removal efforts

Correct parkway roadside hazards, safety chief says

DOT officials alerted to new books critical to highway safety

Vetter named to NHTSA post

DOT implements 55 mph limit

Scandinavian laws' effectiveness on drunk driving 'unproven'

NHTSA publishes consumer data, halfway through current model year


Upgrading of steering assembly rule planned

April 11, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 8

IIHS tests show cars already on the road satisfy bumper requirements proposed for 1977

BRIEFING: NHTSA's April 4 public meeting on bumpers

Insurer calls for 10 mph bumpers

More unrepaired vehicle damage data urged for cost-benefit analyses of bumper designs

Bus proposal weaknesses prompt query

Comments divided on brake rule delay

Bus crash probe prompts call for stronger rules

NTSB officially separated from DOT

NHTSA sitting on speedometer, speed ceiling rule

Correction: Nissan submitted comments favoring bumper roll back

March 31, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 7

DOT's 1980 bumper plan 'already being met', IIHS tests show

Auto makers react to proposed bumper standard, preferring rollback

NHTSA ignores own school bus research, fails to heed warnings of possible standard loophole

NHTSA to publicly discuss passive restraint data

Massive air bag test plan suggested by President's council

All safety standards should be passive and modify the environment not the person, says IIHS VP

'Millions' of defective cars remain on highway, says federal report

Recall data dissemination planned

Coleman new transportation secretary

1974 Status Report index available

March 14, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 6

DOT drops plan to legalize weaker bumpers

BRIEFING: NHTSA bumper hearing


-Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses

-Economic impact


-Congressional intent

-Part prices

-Car price

CHRONONLOGY: The rise and fall of the 2.5 mph bumper plan

NHTSA issues consumer damage information rule

NHTSA schedules hearing on hydraulic brake standard

February 21, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 5

IIHS calls DOT weakened bumper proposal 'worse than no standard at all'

Insurers demand data used for revised bumper proposal

Weak bumper rule's economic basis 'flawed'

Sen. Magnuson asks for report on private meetings

REPRINT 'The National Observer': The five-mile-bumper

Auto industry reps say new brake rule no safety benefit and is inflationary, IIHS protests at hearing

GM liable in camper deaths

February 14, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 4

NHTSA rebuked for ignoring research findings, delaying improved safety standards

UAW president said his comments on emissions and safety misunderstood

Ford supports modified five mile per hour bumper

President Ford trims request for safety funds

NHTSA administrator asks insurers about 'air bag discounts'

New HLDI reports on auto loss and collision coverage available

February 5, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 3

Hearing set on plan to weaken bumper rule

NHTSA accused of 'prejudging' bumper rule

REPRINT "Advertising Age" editorial: Economy woes no excuse to forget our environment

Vehicle fires increasing, study finds

Several congressmen seek repeal of 'bigger truck' measure

Federal council bases fuel economy improvement on projected weight limits for safety features

NHTSA sues GM over two defect investigations

3M study questions reflective plate conclusions

Rep. Moss to head House investigations unit

Belt non use may limit monetary awards, court rules

Hydraulic brake standard delay - public comments sought

January 21, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 2

NHTSA proposes major roll-back on bumper rule, again cites economy as reason

REPRINT Los Angeles Times editorial: Tinkering with protective bumpers

Senate committee chairman says bumper standard is not cause for poor auto sales and a rollback is 'grasping at straws'

UAW calls for study, not moratorium on emission and safety standards

DOT proceeds with truck brake rule after sharp criticism against delay

Paccar truck manufacturer files suit to overturn brake standard

Industry effort shifts to stall hydraulic brake rule

IIHS testimony prompts reopening of Ford defect investigation however NHTSA skirts 'basic issues' raised

President Ford will name Coleman new DOT secretary

January 10, 1975 |Volume 10, Number 1

New book shares legal strategies to combat roadside hazards

A brief summary of "The Law and Roadside Hazards"

Chapter 2: Federal-aid highway act

Chapter 3: Highway safety act of 1966

Chapter 4: Federal domain roads

Chapter 5: Related regulatory legislation

Chapter 6: Pendent jurisdiction

Chapter 7: Government negligence

Chapter 8: Negligent private parties

Chapter 9: Negligence and liability

Chapter 10: Standard of care

Chapter 11: Statutory duty

Chapter 12: Public nuisance

Chapter 13: Remedies

Chapter 14: Defenses

Appendices: Evidentiary background