December 20, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 23

Road loss data compiled during energy crisis but no predictions

Truck makers seek delay in brake rule

DOT pushing belt use laws

Mandatory child restraints urged

NHTSA urged to require auto maker crash data regularly

Document shows Ford conducted extensive fuel tank tests

Dangerous gap seen in vehicle safety design and speed capability

Safety group to challenge NHTSA no defect control arm finding

State Farm VP Morrill commended by DOT

DOT to inventory all rail-grade crossings

REPRINT: 'Catholic Digest'- Is your car safe from carbon monoxide?

November 27, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 22

Increase in small car sales lead to increased injury say researchers

NHTSA to allow public hearing when 'no defect' investigations determined

NHTSA Breath test standard ignores expert recommendations

Researchers foresee much improved bumpers in new model year

NHTSA action requested on proposal to supply VIN# for recalls

Neck injury study completed, may affect test dummy construction

Center for auto safety says sewer grates hazardous to cyclists

U.S. sues company for repeated defect recall violations

Wilson leaving NHTSA

CORRECTION: The 'editorial' was a 'column' — Driving Records of Liscensed Race Drivers

DOT annual report sent to Congress

November 12, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 21

NTSB says fuel system plan needs additional tests

Fire hazards in American products highlighted in ABC News special

Ford must pay damages in crash fire, decides jury

Five states protest DOT request for safety improvements

Auto makers seek safety standards for multipurpose vehicles

Physicians push bus bill

Fatality rise forecast if safety programs not strengthened during energy crisis says NHTSA official

Tofany to head National Safety Council

October 30, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 20

Auto makers, insurers split over bumper rule

-Insurers' comments

-Manufacturers' objections

DOT's proposed speed control not enough to help consumer, says insurance group

NHTSA hit with complaints about safety belt on ignition interlocks

October 17, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 19

DOT says 45 states have unacceptable highway safety plans

Review reveals discrepancies in DOT state safety approvals

GM slashing air bag production plans

NHTSA to expand publicity of defect investigations

Defect repair rate improved in test project

Mandatory belt laws gain acceptance abroad

Support growing for administrative adjudication of traffic offenses

October 5, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 18

1973 models: claims less frequent, higher cost

A check of NHTSA staff parking lot revealed circumvented safety belts

Race car drivers cited for traffic violations more often than average motorist

Auto makers contest fuel system rule

NHTSA says VW's 'thing' must meet standards

NHTSA may seek consumer information deadline delay

Kielty joins IIHS

Defect found in cadillacs, GM balks at recall

NHTSA sets used car inspection standards

September 10, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 17

DOT fuel system rule 'unacceptable' and is 'consumer abuse', says House chairman

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. 301

Widespread unrepaired damage to cars hints to commonness of low impact crashes and need to reduce damage

Corner damage predominates unrepaired damage despite manufacturer claims

Wilson acting as deputy NHTSA administrator

NHTSA task force presents timeline for information act compliance

Panel suggests new category for minor traffic offenses in order clear court overload

Whittaker joins IIHS


August 13, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 16

Congress cuts NHTSA spending

Leach joins IIHS

GM infant carrier sales soar

Allstate deflates GM air bag study, says study flaws discredit results

Study shows casts doubt on the 'habitual offender' citing previous violations do not predict future offense

August 1, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 15

NHTSA opens bumper rule discussion to public, a first step towards final standard

GM plans air bags in some 1974 cars

Southwick joins IIHS

Highway safety funds bill in House and Senate for vote

Six year investigation shows indifference to highway hazards

Senate commerce committee chair urges full funding for NHTSA

Gregory nominated to head NHTSA

July 10, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 14

GM wants to delay air bag policy indefinitely so that it can try other protection systems

Gilman joins IIHS

Child car seat ruling offers no protection for infants

NHTSA lifts mini-car safety rule exemption, new mini-cars must meet standards

State-by-state survey shows roadside hazards abound

NHTSA urged to drop belt alert systems on buses, focus on more practical measures

June 25, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 13

On heels of IIHS tests, NHTSA promises new fuel tank standard

Quoted without comment: Volvo says machine should conform to man, not vice versa

NHTSA may drop speed control plan, considers cost efficiency

Puerto Rico first with mandatory belt law

School bus maker hits DOT for delays in safety rulings

University survey shows Puerto Rico citizens receive less effective federal vehicle safety services

Ford predicts small car boom

Gelles joins IIHS

June 15, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 12

Wide variations found in auto crash claims

DOT's experimental safety vehicle program under fire for drift and little results

'Cars That Crash and Burn': Crash fire hazards film available

NHTSA urged to re-establish passive restraint deadline

McQuie joins Institute

May 29, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 11

Fuel tank designs expose passengers to fire hazard in a crash, tests show

IIHS summary of results for 1973 moderate speed front-into-rear crash tests

DOT fuel tank standard: six years in planning but still no action

May 7, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 10

Congressional report criticizes NHTSA compliance test program, cites misguided spending and delayed action among issues

NHTSA finally proposes standards for used vehicles

Consumer groups ask standards to apply to light trucks and vans

Two-year Status Report index available

April 24, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 9

House, Senate pass roadside hazard removal measures

Senate comments/quotes regarding roadside hazards

House endorses mandatory safety belt legislation

Auto industry spokesman attacks federal highway safety priorities, says standards go beyond what public will support

Highway improvement spending overshadows vehicle safety spending by many millions

Head restraints work, studies show

Murphy nominated to NTSB

House committee considers first major revisions to safety act since 1966, working on far ranging safety bill

NHTSA keeps 'no start' rule for 1974 models, requiring front seat passengers to buckle up before engine can start

April 9, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 8

NHTSA issues new test dummy specifications for air bag tests

Pressure mounts on NHTSA to drop 'no start' rule for passive restraints

NHTSA makes second try on tire info rule-- require performance labels

Auto safety center lauds GM child car seat ads

Loss reduction data available from federal agencies, summary list of agencies and offices

NTSB opposes, Congress rejects request to lift truck size and weight restrictions

Wilson acting NHTSA chief

Missouri officials angry over Cutty Sark whiskey billboards that seemingly encourage drinking and driving, threaten to revoke sales license

Fog-related crash study prompts NTSB to suggest ban on truck traffic in heavy fog

March 26, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 7

1973 imported cars crash tested, perform no better than American cars

DOT plans to shuffle NHTSA funds

Since no rollover tests for buses exist, NTSB says people are guinea pigs in bus crash

NTSB issues fifth call for restraints in buses

Analysis shows National Safety Council defensive driving course does not produce better drives as claimed

CLARIFICATION: Status Report headline "12 million defective vehicles Recalled this year" should say "12 million recall notices sent this year"

March 12, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 6

12 million defective vehicles recalled last year, the biggest year yet for recalls

Defect search program turns up collapsing exhaust pipes

NHTSA opens four, closes seven defect investigations

NHTSA tightens defect letter rule requiring more information for consumers

Firestone says new defect notification rule infringes Constitutional rights

National magazine finds four key areas of US highway safety neglected

Auto makers split on NHTSA VIN requirement proposal

February 26, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 5

NHTSA proposes bus seat standards

DOT agencies drop opposition to dual licensing, allowing commercial drivers to continue even with personal violations

NHTSA head leaves to lead motorcycle 'image' effort

Pennsylvania tally shows more people died in crashes with fixed roadside hazards

February 12, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 4

President Nixon withholds $13 million in safety funds

Mandatory recall bill gets Nixon administration backing

Safety council pushes for warnings on liquor labels

In effort to assist stopping distance between trucks and cars, NTSB says apply aviation know-how to truck brakes

Anatomy of a recall campaign

January 31, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 3

IIHS 1973 model crash results - needless damage found despite improvements

Vehicle rental association admonishes rental agencies on careless safety belt maintenance

NTSB hits New Jersey on lax licensing practices, again

Vehicle radiators producing extensive burn cases

January 15, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 2

Ford report documents crash damage to its cars, 55 percent of cars used by public are damaged annually

GM claims seldom damage to car corners so federal corner protection standard should be dropped

'Recalled' child seats seldom corrected, manufacturers say less than 20 percent returned

Tail pipe problems are significant in carbon monoxide deaths

DOT gives states six months to list roadside hazards on federal highways

Researchers develop methods to analyze energy absorbing devices that can apply to more than just bumpers

EXCERPT: DOT 1968 alcohol report summary

-the role of the heavy drinker

-drinking teenagers and social drinkers

-parallels to alcohol in relation to other forms of violence

-time of day and day of week

-countermeasures and their efficacy

-implications for other means of reducing injury and death

-the dearth of research

Siegfried heads IIHS board

January 3, 1973 |Volume 8, Number 1

Researchers explore pedestrian deaths, safety campaigns do not change pedestrian behavior

South Carolina doesn't enforce its bumper law due to state AG opinion of federal preemption

Drivers with multiple violations face license suspension or revocation in 15 states, more states likely to 'habitual offender' law

High concentrations of aggressive behavior hormone found alcoholics

Highway Loss Data Institute formed

IIHS establishes film loan program