December 20, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 24

NHTSA extends rollover compliance by giving automakers option to meet new roof standards instead

Study shows lap safety belts and energy absorbing steering columns reduces driver injury in a crash

California asks Congress to allow state to keep its bumper law even if federal law is passed

Fuel leak study yields interesting results, encouraging examination of entire fuel systems

NHTSA seeks ban of substandard tires sales, citing those marked for off-road use still end up on public highways

IIHS releases "Too high a price", a film urging use of technology to save lives on the road

December 6, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 23

NTSB urges underride protection standards

In largest motor vehicle recall ever, GM recalls 6.7 million vehicles to modify motor mounts

Recall bill introduced in Senate, bill requires manufacturers to pay for safety-related defects in addition to notifying consumers

School bus safety drawing Congressional support, three bills recently introduced

Tests show many model cars still incur costly damage despite new NHTSA bumper standards

Study shows side window ejections up, raising questions about passive restraint equipment

Wear and tear of safety belts studied, most substantially weaker within 3 years

November 19, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 22

Special issue: 1972 low-speed test results

Senate passes, House studying damage bill

November 16, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 21

Tests show dangers of small or "economy" cars

In brief: Small and large car impact tests

Crash test shows need for hood penetration rule

November 1, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 20

NHTSA amends bumper rule for some cars citing difficulty to comply

Test speeds for each model year FMVSS 215

Safety council conference yields recommendation to use fact base information for promotion highway safety themes

National Safety Council tables decision to support mandatory belt use legislation

DOT youths advisory group rebukes agency, calls for increased federal funding and stricter drunk driving laws

Vermont emergency medical shows great improvement in one year

Public split on speed control for police cars

NHTSA requires 'take-home' safety information for consumers

NHTSA studies Michigan's lower traffic death rate for clues

Oesch joins IIHS

NY repairman awarded highway safety award for anti-booby trap effort

NAIA, NHTSA vow to fight drunk driving

NHTSA announces public meeting on tire grading

October 18, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 19

FCC ordered to review public service announcement rule which may affect auto ads

NHTSA calls for independent tests of lower control arm parts

Article reprint from 'Parade' magazine: How good is the "balloon test" for drunk drivers?

DOT makes experimental safety vehicle program information available to public

National Driver Register information to remain restricted denying states and FAA DWI data

Federal bumper standard revised increasing impact speeds for 1974 model cars

October 4, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 18

Study on safety belt use shows unexpected behaviors

DOT gives two-year delay on air bag requirements

Introducing air bags to the public without proper testing could have lasting results

Two state standards, student transportation and accident investigation, under review by Congress

Buying tires may become less confusing under NHTSA proposed tire quality grading rule

DOT announces advisory committee members

September 20, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 17

IIHS study reveals head restraints' effectiveness

Small car safety standards under fire as R. Nader rails against VW bug and bus

Nader threatens legal action against NHTSA for withholding vehicle safe defects from public

Nader alleges 13 safety defects

Pre-arrest testing for drunk driving now allowed in seven states

Rosenstein joins IIHS

September 7, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 16

NHTSA overhauls vehicle standards to emphasize overall performance over individual parts

Latest draft of vehicle standards would end 12 current regulations

NHTSA pressed update announcement on Ford lower control arm investigation

As legislative sessions close, only five of 37 states pass bumper bill laws

DOT allocates $75 million in matching funds to states for highway safety

Insurance questions DOT preemption of state bumper laws

NTSB urges better driver education programs

Private safety organization issues child restraint information with concerns as NHTSA lags behind

August 16, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 15

MD to institute safety requirement recommendations for school buses

New bill would require all buses and trucks to permanent record device

NHTSA reassures states after panic over federal funding

Nader criticizes NHTSA's actions on crash-damage information

California bumper law enacted: may escape preemption

Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety proposes 'no-tampering' rule for all interstate commerce vehicles

NHTSA budget approved, agency to receive $105.9 million

Toms confirmed as NHTSA head

NHTSA gets research office

July 26, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 14

NTSB urges DOT to step up pedestrian safety measures

Call to implement Keel-Hauling test ignored for 10 years

New effort sought in Ford control arm investigation

NHTSA test center certain as funding bill enters conference

Lead researcher sees danger in only attributing drunk driving to problem drinkers

DOT expands alcohol safety program

DOT signs $1 experimental safety vehicle contract with Ford

State Farm releases "You're money's worth of car", a film on crashworthiness that uses IIHS footage

July 12, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 13

DOT ends underride prevention efforts citing requirement costs

Comment: Underride foes use same weak argument as those against roadside hazards

NHTSA weakens safety belt warning rule

NTSB urges liquid oxygen cargo tank rules

Editorial: Safer at a lower speed

NTSB highlights biggest challenges to highway safety including truck-car 'mixing'

Public service radio series on roadside hazards now available

Insurance industry urged to support loss prevention programs

N.C. study finds no link between crashes and driver violation history

Former Allstate insurance chair named to head DOT advisory council

Official fears 'nationalization' of highway safety undermines state progress

June 21, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 12

DOT amends bumper requirements in attempt to strengthen rule

DOT offers alternative to property damage bill

NTSB again urges occupant restraints for buses

Clarification- book "The pavers and the paved" by IIHS staffer Ben Kelley not available through IIHS

June 7, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 11

Disposable breath testers unreliable, study shows

State group recommends chemical test for drunk drivers

NHTSA opposes Hart 'bumper bill'

Research Librarian Davis joins Institute

NHTSA says industry weak on defect notifications

Auto insurers in unique position to advocate for highway safety

DOT vehicle test site chosen after five year wait for funding

NHTSA announces consumer affairs and public information secretary

May 24, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 10

Auto makers: bumper rule too tough, ask for delay in requirement implentation

Amendment introduced for slightly tougher bumper rule

Gov. Mandel signs Maryland bumper bill

Correction: Average low speed crash repair costs

Senate panel told roadside hazards should be publicly marked

NHTSA seeks state help in halting sales of unsafe tires

Wet pavement hazards concern House subcommittee

GM hedges on defect data request

Time extension for firefighting vehicles to meet safety standards proposed

Insurance company launches radio campaign on highway hazards

Institute film "...In the crash" wins award

Writer Michael Hartford joins IIHS

May 10, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 9

Institute tests show DOT's latest rear bumper standard offers less protection than before

1971 low speed crash test results

Auto makers continue passive restraint fight, request judicial review

Passive restraints defined

The generations split: younger support speed controls while older do not

NHTSA appropriation hearings on '72 FY budget opened

April 26, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 8

DOT's newly issued bumper standard to have a wide range of ripple effects, meanwhile DOT is being challenged on its claim that the standard preempts state law

Permitted damage: Despite new standards areas such as windshields and trunk and door hinges are not included

Requests for energy managing bumper ignored by DOT

DOT rule's impact on states: dispute brewing

AMIA warning: auto lobby will use weak DOT standard to quash stronger bills now pending

Unit prices for crash replacement parts found to vary greatly

Auto safety group urges GM to share new car defect data and asks DOT to expand its rule on defect reporting

Despite limited power, NHTSA seeks better defect reporting

Following its investigation to a 29 car pile-up, NTSB sees hazard in mixing trucks and cars on road, makes recommendations to increase safety

NTSB youth advisory committee backs speed control measures, agency suggests lowering NHTSA proposed max speed limit

NTSB urges new dangerous cargo guidelines, offers new framework in place of current system

Eiswirth joins IIHS research staff

IIHS official commended

April 12, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 7

DOT to no longer fund safety career programs

National advisory council backs bill allowing DOT to set standards to reduce property damage

Maryland is second state to pass bumper law, requires vehicles to withstand low impact crashes

President's task force on highway safety urges state incentives, better data

NTSB repeats recommendations for bus passenger restraints and improved signage on divided highways

Nixon nominates new NHTSA administrator

NHTSA extends comment time extended on speed controls

NHTSA proposes motorcycle brake standard

Burkhardt joins IIHS

March 29, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 6

DOT revises and weakens its stance on passive restraints

Nader asks DOT to explain postponement

Deployment speed:

Public splits with car makers, supports NHTSA on speed control

Fiat says speed limitations illogical citing bored drivers and faster cars are safer cars

FL court says pre-arrest blood-alcohol tests constitutional

North Dakota adopts limited pre-arrest test law for suspected drunk drivers

AMA gets new president

Three states refute DOT safety 'report card' rating

Despite more states introducing bumper bills, getting them passed proves difficult

'Minimum damage' bill introduced in House

Hertz, Avis asked to share defect data with NHTSA

Nixon 'revenue sharing' plan to include safety funds, allowing states to use as they see fit as opposed to pre-designated safety funds

Vermont study says state emergency medical service inadequate, 25 percent die of survivable injuries

Reitz joins IIHS staff

Correction: Average crash cost for 1970 sedans

March 10, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 5

Institute low speed crash cost test how pattern of damage seems worse than previous year

NHTSA maintains disproportionate car-truck air brake rule

Braking Rules: stopping distance, dry vs. wet, and "lockup"

Correction: clarification on car repairability bill

Dry vs. wet:

'Lockup' prohibition:

Time extension rule for comments to NHTSA changed

Passive restraint deadline postponed

Nat'l Association of Fleet Administrators support speed control, bus owners want exemption

March 1, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 4

DOT says 19 states fail on highway safety standards, same number as last year

DOT safety ranking system and how the states rank

DOT establishes task force to restructure state safety standards

Federal bumper bills requiring damage-resistant front and rear ends introduced in Senate

Four more states consider strengthen bumper bills, 20 total states now considering

Scientist, AAA criticize DOT bumper plan, says plan decreases overall vehicle safety

Sen. Edward Speno, New York safety advocate, dies

Auto insurer says auto makers and insurers share same interests and asks to work together in loss reduction effort

President requests $175 million for highway safety, an $80 million increase

Insurance group urges NHTSA to adopt auto speed control rule

Rep. Blatnik questions federal pace of improving hazards in highway design and construction

NHTSA tightens defect reporting rules for manufacturers

Court upholds regrooved tire regulation

Consumer information program improved, requiring manufacturers to provide "take away" information for comparison shopping

Locks and latches standard change proposed, to include motor homes and campers

February 15, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 3

NHTSA writes weakened interim rule

Licensed Beverage Industry ads mislead public, says Transportation Secretary Volpe

California tackles alcohol ignorance problem, begins campaign to educate CTSF begins campaign to inform CA residents about existing laws

Five more states consider tougher bumper bills

NTSB studies earthquake damage in CA to assess road and bridge strength

Stapp awarded distinguished service medal for research in crashworthiness

NHTSA establishes committee to involve young people in highway safety crusade

Nader helps pen an "action manual for lemon owners", teaching consumers what they can do when they buy a defective car

Ralph Nader releases makes public letter of criticism sent to Ford

Congress shifts traffic safety responsibility away for state governors, weakening highway safety acts, says MI state traffic safety organization

Helicopter rescues prove successful

February 1, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 2

Auto makers say NHTSA standard on bumpers too stiff

Many states push the issue and introduce better bumpers requirements

IA and PA issue broad loss reduction program proposals

SC state council scores 'muscle cars'

Safe child seats difficult to get, Congress considers issuing warning to consumers

Should FAA review traffic violations before issuing flight certificates?

Study says crashworthiness at 60 mph reasonable goal

January 18, 1971 |Volume 6, Number 1

'70 Highway Act creates NHTSA and strengthens safety program

Congress continues NHTSA funds despite SST dispute

Baton Rouge receives award for breath-test program

Student law group SMASH submits 'bumper standard' proposal to NHTSA

Canadian survey: most would pay for harder-to-damage cars

Transportation Secretary details staff use of test cars

Safety countermeasures urged for trucks, buses

MacKay named chairman of Institute board

Federal efforts target on four fronts on drinking and driving

Education -HEW-DOT compact

Funding--20 more projects

Research -$300 million in new act

Advocacy-Women's forum

Benefits of safer breakaway sign posts and other safety devices imeasurably save lives

NHTSA issues/proposes new standards on flammability, roof strength, etc.

Blickstein joins IIHS staff