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115 models win 2012 Top Safety Pick

The list of Top Safety Pick winners is longer than ever this year, with vehicles in nearly every size category IIHS evaluates earnings accolades. From minicars to sedans to pickups, consumers have a record number of choices among 2012 models.

December 15, 2011

Hybrids have lower injury odds than nonhybrids

The odds of being injured in a crash are 25 percent lower for people in hybrids than people traveling in the nonhybrid versions of the same vehicles, a new HLDI study indicates.

November 17, 2011

IIHS releases new brochure on motorcycle ABS

Riding a motorcycle is safer when the bike is equipped with antilock brakes. "Motorcycle ABS: Why you want to ride with it" explains how antilocks work and why they’re important.

November 10, 2011

Top Safety Pick goes to 5 minivans

The 2012 Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Grand Caravan, and Volkswagen Routan join the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna in the Top Safety Pick ranks. Two others, the Kia Sedona and the Nissan Quest, fall short on rollover protection.

November 1, 2011

More booster seats get top marks

A good fit is easier than ever to find when shopping for a booster seat. A record 31 seats have earned the Institute’s Best Bet rating because they correctly position a safety belt on a typical 4 to 8 year-old in almost any vehicle.

October 13, 2011

Compatibility among vehicle types improves

SUVs and pickups aren't the danger they once were to car occupants in two-vehicle crashes, a new IIHS study shows. Thanks to a voluntary agreement by the industry, the front ends of SUVs and pickups line up better with those of cars.

September 28, 2011

Escalade tops list of thieves' favorite vehicles

The Cadillac Escalade is more than 6 times as likely as the average vehicle to be targeted by thieves, the latest HLDI analysis of insurance claims shows. A version of the Ford F-250 pickup comes in second.

August 25, 2011

High-tech system on Volvos is preventing crashes

A HLDI analysis finds that Volvo's City Safety feature prevents about a quarter of the common low-speed crashes that happen in everyday commuter traffic. The study is HLDI's first real-world look at a new crop of advanced crash avoidance technologies.

July 19, 2011

Most drivers favor red light cameras, survey finds

Two-thirds of drivers in 14 big cities with longstanding red light camera programs support their use, a new IIHS survey indicates. The strong public support confirms that red light camera opponents, while vocal, are a minority.

June 30, 2011

New crash tests: Small cars improve

Small, fuel-efficient cars have made big strides on safety. Six of 13 small cars recently tested by IIHS earn Top Safety Pick awards, and none got a poor rating in any of four tests. The new tests include some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available in the U.S.

May 26, 2011

First roof strength tests of large pickups

The Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra are the only large pickups to earn good ratings for roof strength from IIHS. Three other trucks didn’t do as well in the test of rollover protection.

May 12, 2011

Volt, Leaf are 1st electric cars to earn top safety ratings

The Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf have earned Top Safety Pick from IIHS in the first U.S. crash tests of mainstream electric cars. These fuel-efficient vehicles have the same safety engineering as gas-powered vehicles.

April 26, 2011

Underride guards on big rigs often fail in crashes

New crash tests and analysis by IIHS demonstrate that underride guards on tractor-trailers can fail in relatively low-speed crashes — with deadly consequences. The Institute is petitioning the federal government to require stronger underride guards that will remain in place during a crash and to mandate guards for more large trucks and trailers.

March 1, 2011

Red light cameras slash fatalities

Red light cameras saved 159 lives in 2004-08 in 14 of the biggest U.S. cities, a new IIHS analysis shows. Had cameras been operating during that period in all large cities, a total of 815 deaths would have been prevented.

February 1, 2011

Good IIHS side ratings translate into fewer deaths

Drivers of vehicles that perform well in the Institute's side-impact crash test are much less likely to die in a real-world left-side crash than drivers of vehicles that do poorly, a new analysis finds. The study includes only passenger vehicles with side airbags, demonstrating that airbags, while crucial, are far from the whole story in side crash protection.

January 19, 2011

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