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Impact of the graduated licensing program in Nova Scotia

Mayhew, Daniel R.; Simpson, Herbert M.; des Groseilliers, Manon; Williams, Allan F.
Journal of Crash Prevention and Injury Control
October 2001

New drivers, especially young ones, have extremely high crash rates. Contributing to this problem is the common practice of allowing a quick and easy path to unrestricted, full driving privileges. Many jurisdictions are considering a new form of licensing called "graduated licensing" to address this problem. The primary objective of this evaluation of the program in Nova Scotia, Canada, was to determine if there was a significant decrease in road crashes following the introduction of the graduated program. This study looked at drivers 16 and 17 years of age as well as all beginners regardless of age. The results of the study indicate that the graduated licensing program in Nova Scotia did significantly reduce the number of crashes and casualties. The program benefited not just young drivers but for all new drivers there was a 19% decrease in the collision rate.