2016Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
February 16NHTSA-2015-011949 CFR 571.108 Lamps, reflective devices, and associated equipment; 49 CFR 571.111 Rearview mirrors; 49 CFR 571.126 Electronic stability control systems; 49 CFR 571.208 Occupant crash protection; 49 CFR 571.214 Side impact protection; 49 CFR 571.216 Roof crush resistance; 49 CFR 571.226 Ejection mitigationIIHS supports proposed NCAP upgrades concerning pedestrian protection, crash avoidance features, and moderate overlap testing but questions replacing frontal and side impact dummies and using VIN information for crash avoidance features
2013Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
March 13NHTSA-2011-014849 CFR 571 Federal motor vehicle safety standards; 49 CFR 585 Phase-in reporting requirementsIIHS supports establishment of federal motor vehicle safety standard to set minimum sound requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles as required by the Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act (PSEA) of 2010
2002Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
October 23Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance BoardDraft Guidelines for Accessible Public Rights-of-WayInstallation of traffic signals on pedestrian crosswalks at all roundabouts to replace less safe and less efficient stop sign-controlled intersections (comment)
August 19FHWA-2001-1115923 CFR 655 Traffic operationsProposed revisions to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices concerning supplemental plaques for right turn on red and signs for photo enforcement (comment)