• December 22, 2010

    Tiny Wheego Whip fails side crash test

    A recent side crash test of the 2010 electric Wheego Whip shows why low-speed vehicles like the Whip shouldn't share the road with regular traffic.

    Volume 45, Number 13
  • May 20, 2010

    Low-speed vehicles don't belong on roads

    More and more, low-speed vehicles and minitrucks are being allowed on public roads next to larger, faster-moving vehicles. New crash tests show why this is a terrible idea.

    Volume 45, Number 5
  • October 22, 2008

    NHTSA rejects faster, heavier golf carts

    Federal regulators have rejected petitions to increase the allowable weight for low-speed vehicles and also launch a medium-speed-vehicle class.

    Volume 43, Number 9
  • April 6, 2002

    Souped-up golf carts hit the streets

    Neighborhood electric vehicles are becoming more common because of environmental incentives, but it's dangerous for these glorified golf carts to mix with regular traffic.

    Volume 37, Number 4