2013Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
February 19NHTSA-2012-017749 CFR 563 Event data recordersIIHS supports proposed requirement to install event data recorders (EDRs) in light vehicles and to standardize and expand the list of data elements EDRs must record to increase their usefulness in highway safety research
2004Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
August 18NHTSA-2004-1802949 CFR 563 Event data recordersProposed installment and use of event data recorders in all passenger vehicles including minimum data requirements (comment)
2003Agency/Docket No.Standard/partTopic
January 13NHTSA-2002-1354649 CFR 563 Event data recordersContinued development and installation of event data recorders in motor vehicles (comment)