To get a learners license you must:
Have a minimum age of 151
Before getting a license or restricted license you must:
Have a mandatory holding period of 6 months
Have a minimum supervised driving time of 50 hours, 10 of which must be at night (none with driver education)
Have a minimum age of 16
Restrictions during intermediate or restricted license stage:
Nighttime restrictions midnight-6 a.m. secondary enforcement
Passenger restrictions (family members excepted unless otherwise noted) no more than 1 passenger younger than 19 secondary enforcement
Minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted:
Nighttime restrictions 12 months or at age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 17)
Passenger restrictions 6 months or age 18, whichever occurs first (min. age: 16, 6 mos.)

1In Nebraska, 14 year-olds who live 1.5 miles or more from school and who either live outside or attend school outside a metropolitan area may be issued a learner’s permit (called an “LPE permit”) and a limited license (called a “school permit”). The LPE permit authorizes supervised driving for the purpose of preparing for the school permit, which allows driving to and from school independently or anyplace else while supervised by a parent or guardian.