North Dakota

To get a learners license you must:
Have a minimum age of 14
Before getting a license or restricted license you must:
Have a mandatory holding period of <16: 12 months; 16: 6 months or until age 18, whichever comes first
Have a minimum supervised driving time of <16: 50 hours; ≥ 16: none
Have a minimum age of 16; 15 for a parent requested restricted license1
Restrictions during intermediate or restricted license stage:
Nighttime restrictions The holder of a restricted license may only drive a car belonging to a parent or guardian and may not drive between the later of sunset or 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.
Passenger restrictions (family members excepted unless otherwise noted) none
Minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted:
Nighttime restrictions until age 16 (min. age: 16)
Passenger restrictions none

1In North Dakota, driver education is required for license applicants younger than 16.