To get a learners license you must:
Have a minimum age of 141
Before getting a license or restricted license you must:
Have a mandatory holding period of 6 months1
Have a minimum supervised driving time of none
Have a minimum age of 162
Restrictions during intermediate or restricted license stage:
Nighttime restrictions 11 p.m.-4 a.m.
Passenger restrictions (family members excepted unless otherwise noted) no more than 1 passenger younger than 21
Minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted:
Nighttime restrictions until age 18 (min. age: 18)
Passenger restrictions until age 18 (min. age: 18)

1In Arkansas, 14 year-olds can drive with an instruction permit after passing a written test. After passing a road test they are eligible for a learner's license. Unsupervised driving is not permitted by holders of either the instruction permit or learner's license. The combined holding period for the permit and learner's license is six months.

2In Arkansas, applicants for an intermediate license must be 16 and must be crash/violation-free for six months. Licensees younger than 18 are prohibited from transporting passengers who are unrestrained.