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IIHS research bibliography

IIHS has been conducting research for more than 50 years. Papers published in copyrighted publications such as books, journals and conference proceedings are available upon request, but their contents may not be redistributed or republished without consent of the publishers. Unpublished and noncopyrighted reports are available for download, and their contents may be redistributed and republished with attribution.

  • Women's issues in highway safety: a summary of the literature

    Ferguson, Susan A.; Braitman, Keli A.
    Research on Women’s Issues in Transportation: Report of a Conference. Conference Proceedings 35; Volume 1: Conference Overview and Plenary Papers

  • Responsibility of drivers, by age and gender, for motor-vehicle crash deaths

    Williams, Allan F.; Shabanova, Veronika I.
    Journal of Safety Research
    December 2003

  • Trends in fatal crashes involving female drivers, 1975-1998

    Mayhew, Daniel R.; Ferguson, Susan A.; Desmond, Katharine J.; Simpson, Herbert M.
    Accident Analysis and Prevention
    May 2003

  • Injury risk and seating position for fifth percentile female drivers - crash tests with 1990 and 1992 Lincoln Town Cars

    Powell, Michael R.; Zuby, David S.
    Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
    July 1997

  • Traffic accident involvement rates by driver age and gender

    Massie, Dawn L.; Campbell, Kenneth L; Williams, Allan F.
    Accident Analysis and Prevention
    February 1995


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