Adaptive cruise control

A related feature to forward collision avoidance is adaptive cruise control, which is typically marketed as a convenience feature. As with regular cru. . .

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive headlights help drivers see better on dark, curved roads. The headlights pivot in the direction of travel based on steering wheel movement an. . .

Blind spot detection

Blind spot detection uses sensors to monitor the side of the vehicle for vehicles approaching blind spots. In many systems, a visual alert appears on . . .

Front crash prevention

Front crash prevention systems alert the driver when the vehicle is getting too close to one in front of it. Most systems precharge the brakes to maxi. . .

Lane departure warning and prevention

Lane departure warning and prevention systems use cameras to track the vehicle's position within the lane, alerting the driver if the vehicle is in da. . .

Park assist and backover protection

Park assist and backover prevention systems help drivers park and back up. Rear object detection systems use cameras and sensors to help the driver lo. . .

Crash avoidance
in action

The animations at left illustrate how some increasingly common advanced crash avoidance systems work. Watch them to learn how sensors, warnings and, in some cases, automonous braking or steering work together to assist drivers in a variety of risky situations.

Crash avoidance features by make and model

Crash avoidance features are rapidly making their way into the vehicle fleet. Six of the most common new technologies are forward collision warning, autobrake, lane departure warning, lane departure prevention, adaptive headlights and blind spot detection. Use the dropdown menus below to find out which models come with which features.

Information on the availability of features comes from the manufacturers. For forward collision warning and autobrake, this may differ from the information contained in our front crash prevention ratings, which is based on IIHS autobrake tests and National Highway Traffic Safety Administation criteria for forward collision warning.

Front crash prevention ratings can be accessed from our main ratings page.

More information on crash avoidance research is available in the automation and crash avoidance topic area.

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