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Booster evaluations for 2013

Parents should avoid buying the boosters on this "not recommended" list. These are seats that don't provide good belt fit — the main job boosters are supposed to do. Some boosters can be used in both highback and backless modes. For those seats, the "not recommended" warning applies to the mode or modes indicated.

If you already have one of the seats on the not recommended list, don't throw it away. Any booster seat is better than none at all. But take a look at the belt fit, and if it's not doing a good job, replace it when you can with one that works better.

  • Safety 1st All-in-One

    Available in highback only

    Tested model: #22178

    Results also apply to: #CC045

    Not recommended
  • Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite

    Available in highback only

    Tested model: #22465

    Results also apply to: #22456/22195/22187

    Dorel Juvenile Group has issued the following safety recalls on this convertible model: Models built from May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2009, involving the harness locking and release button. Registered owners will receive a free remedy kit; all others should email DJG at harnessadjustment@djgusa.com or call 1-866-623-3139. Models built from July 20, 2010 through May 18, 2011, belt path installation arrows are wrong and could result in the seat being installed incorrectly. Dorel will send new labels to registered owners, for more information call 1-877-675-2355.

    Not recommended

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